I am type 2… what about you?

I keep thinking, “I should blog about this” but some days I have trouble even remembering my own name letting alone doing a blog.. last night or rather this morning 12.45 am trying to go to sleep with my overfull mind, I remembered I hadn’t done that day or rather the day before’s bible study.. sheesh!

So what is “this” that I should log about? it’s called “Dressing for your truth” now before I tell you more about it I have to confess I have NEVER been “in fashion” and by the time I get there it’s moved on to something else. I am fortunate that I have to twenty something daughters who like to pass their hand me downs to me before they send them to the charity shops, so occasionally I’ll luck it in and find something “in fashion” BUT for me “it’s all about comfort”, and that statement there was a big clue!

I am an APPLE shape.. which simply means that my upper body is round like an apple.. I have big boobs and I have a tummy.. sadly that comes with having four babies.. and it’s all good I can hide those things and I do and I have been doing so for years. I am not one of those “if you’ve got it flaunt it” type of girls because God made me for my husband not to show it off to the world.

Living for Jesus :)

Thank you Pinterest!

Fashion does not usually cater for the “bigger” women and if it does it’s so expensive, I don’t bother. So I’ve been going along happily on my own.

When I turned 40 I decided to get a Stylist to “Make me over” that was an exciting and highly embarrassing adventure and expensive too.. So I paid for a stranger to come into my house, she went through my wardrobe, threw half my clothes away and then showed me how to use the few that were left, then the second part was we went on a shopping trip with her and she picked out all the clothes to suit me and made me try them on and explain why and how to wear them, I liked that I didn’t like the bill at the end of the trip. That was 7 yrs ago and I have been following her instructions for the most part, occasionally an “illegal” item will slip in, but usually if I am honest it sits in my wardrobe and only gets dragged out occasionally..  What the stylist didn’t tell me was about hair except that mine was “All wrong” it was hacked short at that time, and she said I should go see her hair stylist, which I did NOT because just the address of the salon screamed “too much money” I am what is politely called “Frugal” or if you are less polite I am a “tight ass” I hate spending money on “Stuff” if you give me a choice between “Stuff” and “experiences” I’ll chose the experiences every time.

So now here we are 7 and a half years later and my wardrobe is “comfortable” there is a a few “dresses” that are for special occasions which are hidden in the back, but mostly leggings, jeans and comfortable clothes. I hate clinging clothes. I hate fussy clothes that I have to worry about washing specially or things that the Grand babies are going to ruin with chocolate covered hands. it’s just not me.

I can’t even remember how I came across the course for “FREE” which if I am honest is what made me sit up and take notice.. the “FREE” bit. but it was a course on how to “profile your type” and then dress your truth.. and as I watched the Free lesson with Carol Tuttle I found myself talking to the screen, “yes! that’s me.I do that!, I have that!! I know! Oh my.. is that why?” and then I thought I’m going crazy talking to my ipad.. and then one night before sleep, I was finishing up watching on of the  videos and I turned to my husband.. now he is the one who looks at me every day, he knows all my weaknesses, my flaws all that makes me, well, me! and I turned to him and said “Bloke look at me!” he turned with a worried look and I asked him “What shape is my face? what shape are my eyes? are my eyes “hooded”? do the fine wrinkle around my eyes head downwards? is my nose a gently curving s shape?

He was like “WHAT THE…..?????”
So I explained it to him, and he had a good long close look.. it was like being an insect under a microscope, but I needed his honesty because I was torn between two types, and I’ll come back to that later!!

“Yes!” said my Bloke “You have an oval face, I CAN see the elongated ovals, I can see the “S” shapes” and Yes! your fine lines do head downwards.. why what does this mean?” I’ll bet he regrets asking that question now!!

So I spent the next hour explaining all about “profiling and types” and decided that he was type three.. and showed him what type three means, yes! I saw him examine his own hands! Which is kind of cool because Carol Tuttle is a type three with a type two husband, My bloke and I are the opposite,But Carol has made it work all these years so I am in good company!

So we both agreed that I am a “type 2” what does that mean?

Here are the words that are related to type two’s….


Blended Careful Classical Comfortable Composed Conscientious Consistent Courtly Delicate Demure Detailed Dignified Diplomatic Dreamy Elegant Ethereal Exacting Exquisite Fastidious Fine Finesse Finished look Flowing Fluid Gentleness Graceful Harmonized Heavenly Innocent Intricate Inviting Lavish Lovely Luscious Luxurious Meticulous Modest Muted Mysterious Neat Particular Penetrating Picturesque Placid Pleasing Poised Prudent Quaint Queenly Refined Relaxed Retiring Romantic Semi-formal Sensitive Serene Silky Simple Soft Soothing Suave Subtle Sumptuous Sweet Traditional Warmness Well-groomed Wise

When I read those words I checked them off, if I “thought” they applied to me or if I’d heard someone else say them about me, and the ones that I doubted I again checked with my Bloke.

Detailed” is a huge one, I fuss way too much with “details” in all aspects of my life! “diplomatic” is another one.. my Bloke says “You have the patience of a Saint” because I can see more than one side of an issue and work out a way to please everyone, mostly. “pleasing” also works in there. “dreamy” has been a word that has always been with me! “traditional” yes! I am one of the very few “Stay at home Mum’s” I’ve known.

Another thing that is typical type 2 is the “drape” of clothing, a dead give away, nothing in my closet is “stiff’ everything “drapes” and that is something the Stylist taught me.Then there were patterns and types of fabric we should choose. And again I found myself cheering when Carol showed us I LOVED them all.. although there were some I doubted that I could wear until I SAW how they were putting them together.

When the week-long “free course” came to an end.. find it here: I was left wondering “What else am I missing? and how do “I” put all this together” so I brought the course! Now what did I say earlier about me being “a tight ass” so it wasn’t an easy decision but then I thought “If I keep going out buying (impulse buying) more clothes I am not going to wear I am wasting MORE money than this course cost”, plus I wanted to know what if anything I WAS doing right. So I considered it an investment in myself.. because when I am confident then I am happier for my whole family to be around.

This week my “colours” card came in the mail.


Front of card shows “type 2 colours”

IMG_2090back of card tells us about design line, Fabrics, Pattern and colour

Plus a mini card to take shopping with you! Which now lives in my phone cover for easy access.

First step was to “Dress your type for 30 days” plus we had to clean out our closet. so remembering I am a “tight ass” I hate to throw things away, I verge on “hoarding” and I LOVE to make piles, One of my catch phrases is “Ohhh I can use this for something“, and my type three husband is always wanting to “declutter” both of these things are classical of our types, who knew?! When Carol told me this I was cheering, “YES!! I AM a type two!”

So I got rave and took in some trash bags and started at one end of the wardrobe and I picked up each piece of clothing, I asked myself “Do you love it?” “Can you wear it every day?” “Can you wear it with anything else?” “Is it the right colour group?” and finally “How does it drape for you?” suddenly I had three bags full of stuff…honestly the hardest thing for me was removing the “blacks” as a “bigger woman” I was always led to believe that “lack was slimming” what they didn’t tell me was it washes out my skin, shows up my wrinkles and makes me look drab! Only type 4 can really wear lack confidently enough. Shoes were also my crutch, I buy them, never wear them and leave them there for “Some day” well not anymore, they all went, the ones that I wasn’t 100% “Comfortable” another one of my catch words! went.. goodbye to pinched toes!

I also did all my accessories, jewelry, hats, scarves, makeup, it all went! And here I was “dreading it” and in fact I sighed a huge sigh of relief to know “I am not going to have to wear stuff to please anyone anymore except my “type” funnily enough about 80% of my wardrobe was the right style, some of the colours were “a bit off” but guess what? we can RE FASHION clothes to suit us! YAY!! I don’t have to spend a fortune either. So no need to rush out and buy a new wardrobe full of clothes, I have spare hangers and more drawer space. There is only now “one illegal” outfit left, Which is Black and White, because my second cousin is having a “Black and White” theme 21st birthday party and I HAVE to wear it. but then I will dye the Lace top a different colour and continue to wear it, Lace is not only allowed but highly encouraged!

So I have done a little bit on shopping online (Ebay continues to e my favourite)


A cream lace shirt to wear over a camisole and a crochet cream lace sweater

I also brought myself a pink leather jacket for winter and it’s even got some slight ruffles as suggested.. I am so excited to start putting some of the new things together. I started wearing my “type 2” out of my wardrobe, but my hair is all wrong, there is not terribly much I can do with it until it grows out a bit.


Cream jacket was spot on, and the blue paisley top also, the scarf I am not loving but I will adjust, and practice some scarf tying styles.

Also I need to buy silver jewelry,at the moment I am loath to give up my gold jewelry, so I figure if I dress type 2 in everything but my jewelry I’m ok.

Then somewhere along the way, I started to doubt my “Type 2ness” and I watched the whole series again, I was almost swayed to “Type 1“, until I realized that we have a “Secondary type” and what a relief that was for me, because I didn’t want to give up “Type 2” but there are things in “Type 1” that call to me also, but I felt that my Face profiling spoke more than the things “I liked” so I now know I am “type 2 with a secondary type 1” so I can add little pops of those brighter colours and glittery things that I love and use that as my “type 1

Dress your apple shape

This is one of the “type 2” outfits I found in Pinterest, So I am excited for the warmer weather because I HAVE stuff like this.. no they are NOT lack tights they are Navy blue or maybe Charcoal which is allowed.

"apple shape + bright winter color" by rachaelpainter on Polyvore

Here is an example of another type two outfit! I love it!!

Thank you to Jolynn Friesen over at :

For reminding me to write this post.

So has anyone else done this course? what type are you??