1.a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.
“she moved in with her family”
synonyms:household, ménage; nuclear family;
informal brood
2.”growing up in the bosom of one’s family”

So this is my family page, it had to happen, since they are such a huge part of my life. Our family tree is a little bit wild as we are a “blended family” consisting of two parents and five children.
My husband Rob (also known throughout as “The bloke”) was a divorced single parent when we met with a son Kit.
I was also a divorced single parent with three children, Jasmin, Amber and Jarrah.
Together The bloke and I have our Star Son Will. Bringing the total up to 5!
Its not been easy, this taking of two families and blending them into one seamless family, its still not easy now, there are days when we ask “what are we doing?” But Rob and I made a pledge early into our relationship that we would be a united front and stand together against children who were spoilt, snotty nosed, head strong and sometimes just plain rude! Because, as he pointed out one night, very late while the children were all sleeping and we were trying to solve a conflict between the warring parties, we came very close to separating thinking that we had given it a go and it just wasn’t working, so lets just call it quits, my very wise husband said “We could do that and live in separate houses with our separate children and be unhappy, and then one day those children have grown and moved on and we are in separate houses being miserable because WE are not together” gosh he’s so clever!
So we sat down and made a list of his core values and my core values for raising a family, what ideas he was raised with and what Ideas I was raised with and what Ideas we didn’t want to raise our children with.
Funny thing about making lists, it all becomes clear and guess what? Our lists were VERY similar and so we asked “Why aren’t we living these ideas? Why are we saying one thing and doing another?” That was the night we became a partnership.
After that as the children tried to divide and conquer, they had less power and we started having more power, but it was never about the power struggle it was simply a way to bring four very different children together to live as a happy family and to stop Mumma bear going insane!



3 thoughts on “Family

  1. You gave me a lesson of lifetime, will remember those words(to be used someday,need to get married first 😉 ) ,so sweet of you and Rob 🙂 And my best wishes to everyone for making it all work out 😀

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