Grand Babies.. they put the GRAND into Parents!

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows about my journals.
I journal everything, I have one for camping trips, one for holidays that are NOT camping trips, recently I have a bible journal, get it?

I love journals, so why would I not have a journal to welcome the Babies.

We nicknamed Amber’s tummy “Jelly baby” and then we nick named Jasmin’s tummy “Jelly Bean” so I call the journals (one each) the “Jelly Journals”Inside these journals are things like the pregnancy test results, Dr’s reports and my thoughts about everything. Plus I wanted to document the pregnancies for future reference. So I scribbled everything down and took notes and added baby shower invites and photos of their pregnant bellies.

The goal for these journals is twofold
1- So that these babies will know how much they were wanted and loved right from the start.
2- When the babies turn 21 I would like to have these journals made into books for them as a special gift from GrandmaThen the “Jellies” became Scarlett and Chase and life got super busy, and Grandma whiled away the hours blissfully rocking, feeding, changing, bathing, and loving on these little people, the writing slowly fizzled off. Recently I found the “Jelly journals” and now things are slightly settled I may be able to find time to write more. So I decided that I needed a “Mission Statement”
Here’s what I came up with…

 Motto- “Grandma’s are antique little girls”
Mission Statement- I promise to be a “Hands on” Grandma, this might include but not limited to….
* Never ending kisses and cuddles
* Never ending tickles and giggles
* Lots of story time
* Playing dress ups
* Lots of foods of all kinds including vegetables
* Camping trips to learn outdoor skills
* Grandma date days- which will be fun AND educational
* Volunteering at Kindergarten, school, sporting events, dance recitals whatever
In closing… Grandma is NEVER too busy for her babies.
PS- sometimes we will disagree when I say “NO” but its for your own good and I will always love you!

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