My Jellies..

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” ~Welsh Proverb

Grand babies…
So who would have thought I would love being a Grandmother so much!
Amber started it, she was 21 and one month. She was spending a week at the caravan with me and was violently ill. I was joking and asked “Ha, ha, you’re not pregnant are you?” The colour drained from her face and she stuttered she didn’t know. A few hours later the test result was positive and suddenly no one was joking anymore. Oh My! I was going to be a GrandMother. The person she had been dating was no interested in her or the pregnancy, nut as far as we were concerned that was his loss.
Amber had some very vivid dreams while she was pregnant and one of them was she had triplets, she gave one to my cousin, one to Jasmin and we kept one, because Amber was still living at home during this time. We had been having this discussion about her dream and how she had given Jasmin the baby and she had forgotten she had the baby and had left it behind while she was shopping. So we were laughing and Jasmin drove into the driveway, she came in the door and right away I could see something  was wrong, so I joked with her
“Where’s the baby?” Well the colour drained from her face and she stuttered…
“Wwwhhat Baby?”
“The triplet that Amber gave you, did you leave it at the shops?” I asked laughing.
Jasmin dissolved into tears and pulled up her sleeve to show me a bandaid where she had obviously had a blood test. I gasped and asked
“What’s wrong?” She cried harder, and then it hit me…
“Are you pregnant?”
She nodded her head and cried even harder.. oh My!!Within two weeks I was about to become a Grand Mother, not once but twice.
Baby Scarlett (Amber)

Baby Chase (Jasmin)
All it took was to see these first Ultrasound Images, blurry and wriggling, tiny little blobs, that was all it took for this woman to be totally hooked, it really was love at first sight!
The two girls and I were able to do most of the hospital appointments together, and it was only 2 weeks difference in the due dates.
Amber had a nice easy pregnancy, luckily neither of the girls got Gestational Diabetes, which I had with Amber and Will.
Jasmin suffered, torn stomach muscles, horrendous morning sickness that lasted all day and even included a trip to the hospital to go on a drip. Her back hurt, her feet hurt, she didn’t enjoy her pregnancy one.little.bit!
Amber went into labour 3 days early and didn’t even know it, apart from the flu symptoms and backache, so we made her go for a check up anyways. Sure enough she was 7cms dilated. Jasmin was not convinced and stayed to see how things progressed.
Scarlett Olivia arrived safely at 11:45pm on 21st of November 2013.
Amber had a hard time and so this tiny bundle was handed to me and I sat there and just stared at her, so hard to believe that this tiny scrap of human was the daughter of my daughter, I had become a Grandma. It was one of the happiest days of my life!

Jasmin became an “Aunty” and I became a “Grandma” and Amber became a “Mum” and all of our lives changed. Welcome to the world Scarlett Olivia!
Two weeks later…
We were back at the Bacchus Marsh hospital again, Jasmin had to have a C-Section because “Jelly bean” or “Cheeky Monkey” was breech. So exactly two weeks later on Thursday 5th December 2013, Chase John was delivered, he was well and truly stuck, his head wedged firmly under his Mum’s ribs and ended up needing forceps as well as the c- section.
Again Grandma got first cuddle and proudly cut the cord, he was HUGE! And right away he was talking, grumbling and chatting away. He had the biggest darkest eyes and dimples and Grandma’s heart skipped a beat! True love!

Thursday 5th December 2013- Jasmin became a Mum and Chase John joined our family, adding another branch to the family tree
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