Time to meet my Family..

My Cousin Lee and I Picnic at Hanging Rock, Jan 2014

My Cousin Lee and I
Picnic at Hanging Rock, Jan 2014

My Cousin Lee loves to tell everyone about how when we were in high school together, I was asked by the Careers teacher “What did I want to do when I left school” I replied “I want to be a wife and Mother”
I do not recall saying that but it makes sense because I never had a career that you get paid to do in my mind ever. Except the time I wanted to be a brick layer like my Dad and was told that “that’s stupid women cant do that!” She swallowed those words soon enough when Dad came marching to the school and gave her what for! “His Daughter could do anything she wanted to do” he said “As long as she makes her mind up!” He even wanted me to become an apprentice with him, needless to say I did not become a bricklayer I liked my soft hands and fingernails too much!

I married my first husband at 19, we had the big white fancy wedding, the same year that prince Andrew married Fergie,I remember I added the huge bow on the back of my dress to be like Fergie! I really wanted to be Scarlett O’Hara and was so disappointed when that style dress didn’t suits me and my budget didn’t allow for it anyways. We did everything the right way, we worked and saved and by our first anniversary we had a mortgage, we worked some more and saved and at 22, in 1990, I fulfilled my role and became a Mother, it was love at first sight when Jasmin Elizabeth was handed to me. Mind you I had gone into the hospital prepared to die, I was convinced I would not make it, and in the end I asked the Dr “Is that it?” She laughed and I named Jasmin “Elizabeth” after that Dr who didn’t let me die.
22 Months later, along came Amber Lynn, and then 2 years after that I finally got my son Jarrah John. Seemed to me life couldn’t get much better…
How wrong could I be?  Life has a funny way of taking you at your best and shaking you upside down and spinning you around and spitting you out, and suddenly, the “Happily Ever after” was not so Happy and then it was over and separation lead to divorce and I was a single parent with three small children.

Then when you stop trying and think “this is it.. this is my life” things get mixed up and spun around some more and enter stage left Rob “The Bloke” a single parent with a son Kit, two years older than Jasmin. We were “Just friends” and the kids got on well and all was fine until I got gall stones and one thing lead to another and then suddenly we were expecting William.

Then houses got upgraded and kids got uprooted and two families started to co mingle and become one, then in January 2002, William John became the glue that joined us all together.  In February on the 29th day a leap year and Rob’s birthday (he can NEVER forget our wedding anniversary now!) we made it all legal and got married in a grand Mediaeval Themed wedding.

It has not all been sunshine and roses, and we would not expect that, but we have had lots of fun along the way. We like to be together, we love to have parties and entertain and we do it often and usually its themed, people dread my party invites because they wonder “what has she cooked up now?”

We have a simple home, and we like it that way. Check back soon and meet the grand babies!


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