Another Facebook group? Not another one!!


*sigh* yes I joined another Facebook (FB) group…
There should be a “FB groups Anonymous” group, you know where you stand up and say “Hi. My name is Kim, I am a FB group addict, today I sinned, I joined another group” I am not trying to be a smart alec, just sometimes I think we get sucked into these things almost like a whirlpool, you see one, you join, make friends (All good) then that friend tells you about a group they are in, you go and look and decide that you REALLY need to do that as you join, make another new friend, meet some mutual friends and Oh I am in this group…. And uh oh! Added another group to my list! Then it takes you like 3 hours each morning to skim through your groups, like everyone’s art, reply to comment on yours, join discussions and bingo its lunch time! Then when an alert goes off someone has posted in your group, you “just have to” log on and see what they say! It can be exhausting.. Then!! You have to make time to do that bible study, or that Face for the faces drawing group, or post something in the Christian home makers group and then I feel all dejected because, well, I didn’t get to do any organisation lists or can any fruit! Actually I would like to learn that and one lady even bakes bread, I am exhausted!

But let me tell you.. I found the most perfect group for me.. Get this…
Three of my passions in one!!
Art, Journal and bible… Huh?? I hear you asking.. How does that work??
Let me tell you, you’ll wanna join soon!
I just found out there was a bible especially made with extra wide margins and it even has lines to your writing (notes on sermons and other verses etc to read) so it stays neat. Well someone somewhere decided that she would draw her scripture, verses or whatever into that space!! Brilliant!


See that 2inch wide margin! Watch what will happen!
So then someone Shanna Noel started this group, correct name is “Journalling Bible Community” a month ago.. There are now 1,572 women me included in the “closed” group… Wow!! So I saw a mutual friend post on her feed about a new group she’s in and the new bible she’d brought and how pretty it looked. I’ve  mentioned how I like “pretty” I am a Libran we are famous for our love of pretty, shiny things and harmony!
So I joined the group, followed a friend then shouted out to all my Christian friends and a few have now joined, and I went to and looked for the “journaling bible” seriously its called that!!


See! The band clearly says “Journaling bible” I loved it already! And the fact that the colour scheme is Raspberry Chocolate… I am a chocoholic!
So I was waiting patiently for my journaling Bible to arrive and watching in the group some of the beautiful work that is being done, if you want to look go to and type in “art journal bibles” they have a pinterest site! Then I started thinking, “I cant do that! i am not that good!” But I think that I am being lead, Pastor Frank said to me he thinks that with my love of Art maybe I need to combine the two and then suddenly this site shows up! Who am I to argue?!
Monday my Journaling Bible arrived, it smells so good, fresh and new and the pages are so clean and fresh, I love that most about a new journal, no one has opened it and touched it just me!!
So today I got some bargains stickers and some rubber stamps and some fancy washi tape, now I just have to get up enough nerve to start working in it!
Watch this space!!

Look!! At the end of a chapter we have a half page to play with… Imagine the goodness we can do!!! I am so excited!
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