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It’s Friday.. whaaat?

What on earth is going on this week? I seemed to have blinked and missed it.. there are a few pros and cons to that..

actually they are all PROS!!

A- I have been doing detox week.. I’ve spent most of the week in a headachy mess.. and yet I can see by my Fitbit report I have actually been REALLY busy..

Monday home day, arty day, house work day, 7,575 steps.. failed.

Tuesday I walked down town and brought stamps and  easily hit my 10,000 step mark. 10,946 steps. (7.45 kms)

Wednesday Squishy and I walked intentionally… not just the day-to-day stuff we went out of the house and walked.. and yes I have lost my condition because I am now again unfit..10,029 steps 6.8 kilometers.. that’s a long way!

Thursday Again we intentionally walked.. and good timing too we made it home before the weather turned bad.. and I had to force myself to finish my 10,000 steps.. 10,036 steps and I fell into bed exhausted..

Then Suddenly it’s Friday and I’ve not been blogging.. I’ve been doing art, and I’ve been detoxing so I guess it’s all good..Today was the first morning I didn’t wake up with a headache but I have a sore spot between my shoulders and my Star Son is always saying “Let me massage your shoulders” (which I hate!! I’ve always hated my shoulders and neck being massaged maybe I was hung in a previous life?!) and he’s good, so this morning I showed him where it was paining me and he worked his magic.. it’s gone! I do believe my son has found his calling “physio to the stars (And his Mum!)” think of the money I’ll save!!!

I came on here to write a totally different post, and this one unloaded, sometimes that happens… so I guess I’ll be back later to write the one I sat down to write.. about my visit with the Proverbs 31 woman.. this has been an entertaining week!!


This is my art journal with a piece I did last week. I hate it when you do good stuff in your art journal and no one can see it.. so I recreated it onto a board and I think it’s even better, but I prefer the first one for the colours. On the left is the Art journal version, on the right is my first of “50 by 50”


I am super impressed with those praying hands! 


Yesterday’s breakfast, I am a bit over quinoa!

A day in the life of….

Us while in St Leonards.

Down here everything is pared down and simple, we wear our old comfortable clothes, if they get dirty, wet or scruffy, we don’t care we wash them or throw them away. No fashion rules down here, the prerequisite are “warm” and “dry”

We also eat simply as well.. So I usually let Star Son chose the menu. Invariably it will feature  chicken nuggets. This week we ate chicken nuggets and chips cooked in the oven two nights in a row, we didn’t plan that, the second night we were going to walk into town and buy ourselves dinner at the chicken shop, but it poured rain most of the day and was dark by 5:30pm, and since we have no car, we decided to eat in again, which meant more chicken nuggets and chips.

Yesterday was Friday, and the Bloke was coming down after work, so we cleaned house, vacuumed floors and prepared for his arrival and then decided since we had some form of sunshine we’d go for a walk.


                      Fitbit spits out these stats for me, which I love, we walked A LONG way!

We went to the Edwards Point Reserve, which is a track in the middle of no where that leads to some lighthouses, if we had started earlier we might have made it, but we left here at 2:00pm and by the time we got to the walk, it would have taken us three hours return to walk it, by then it would be dark, so decided not to attempt it, on the way in we walked the track through the bush, on the way back we walked along the beach, mostly, some of the beach was cut off and we had to venture in land, but mostly it was a beach walk.


          Here is Star Son, sitting on a “Moonah tree” they grow in weird and wonderful shapes.


    Here is Star Son under a Moonah tree!

I have done this walk before with “Squishy” when he woke up early one morning and I needed to keep him quiet so The Blokes could sleep, so I bundled him into his pram and we set off for a walk, a wrong turn lead us to “Edwards Point reserve” and we did some of the walk, until the path got too small and bumpy for the pram to go any further. But Star Son had no idea where we were going and I think he didnt trust me not to get him lost. Alas I am good with direction, so all was fine, he loves to take “Selfies” and so that’s what we did, normally I hate to have photos taken, but I am of the opinion now that, I should actually be in some of the photos I take, so go for it…

Walking along the beach, through the bush and just aimlessly wandering is good for talking, so we do,our best chatting when we are out there alone, he teaches me to skip stones and we talk about all kinds of stuff.

Then the weather started to change for the worse, so we headed home, had a nice warm shower and settled in to wait for the Bloke to arrive.

I also managed to get a little bit of art done, which always makes me happy, so that and the big long walk, makes for a happy Mumma, despite the fact that this morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and cough, again, third time this winter already!


One of the pieces of art I am doing for Tam’s Lifebook 2013 Tam Edition.

Art and stuff

Quick catch up, I’ve been out of the loop again, my Star Son has bronchitis, and while I thought he’d be “Ok for school” on Monday he really hasn’t been ok. So he’s had this week off school which is not ideal because he has school holidays starting on Friday, but that means he’s been sick for the last 12 weeks! Since the school term is 10 weeks long and he got sick on the start of last school holidays! Then yesterday I spoke to a lady (The Pastors wife) who I have started going to Bible study group with and I was telling her and she said it’s taken her 6 months to recover from Whooping cough then Bronchitis and then Pneumonia which put her in hospital..her advice was “don’t mess with it, let him stay home and recover” and in short I feel validated now for being a “Neurotic mother” when I was lecturing the men of the household about doing sport training in the cold weather..I even started to doubt myself and think maybe I was over reacting.. but now the DR and a friend have said the same thing.. I was right.. nah nah nah!

So Star Son has been home, laying around on the couch or his bed and eating and drinking and taking his medicine and slowly the cough is lessening, at least he’s not complaining about chest pains and telling me “Muuuum I’m having a heart attack” So while our daily routine has changed somewhat, and I wasn’t having Squishy because Jasmin was home from work, I did manage to get some art done! Yay!!


This piece if I am honest with you, I didn’t enjoy. I struggled to sit and watch the clip and I struggled with the doing, not because it was too hard but I wasn’t in love with it.. it’s called “Celebrating Heart connections” progress photo.


Finished piece which in the end of all the classes we bind them into a book, hence the title of the year long class “Life Book”

It took me three days to get this one done I just couldn’t get in to it.. so when I finished that I moved onto “Quirky birds” right way the name of class excited me. Someone suggested that I skip the ones that I didn’t like but I refuse to do that! Specially since my good friend Carrol gifted me the course.

So here’s the start of “Quirky Birds” we had to make an accordion fold book..


Close up of one of the layers I did, with home made sprays… I didn’t have a chance to go shopping so I made my own sprays with Acrylic paint and water.. and the blue “rose” is a piece of curtain fabric I used as a stencil. Also I was gifted some inks from a friend who was moving overseas so I thought I’d experiment with those as well.

IMG_2081Another part of the four piece panel Also used some of my water soluble crayons on the edges to blend in a bit more colour


Long view of the panels… so what happens is it folds up into a kind of book and each of the panels you paint a “quirky bird” I’m hoping to finish it or at least work on it some more today!

Last week I stepped out of my comfort Zone in a huge way. I’ve been doing art since 2008 when I started doing pastel lessons and most of the stuff I’ve done I’ve kept for myself. I did a lizard for my cousin and I did a piece with the Disney princesses for my daughter’s 18th, and recently I did “Pugalicious” for my Mother-in-law but I don’t do anything with my art I file it all away, until I got brave and painted  a piece of “Australiana” for my good friend Terri who lives in the USA. Ever since I started pen palling with Terri she has been fascinated with Kangaroos and so recently she went out of her way to find me some Christian stickers to use in an art group I was in with Bible art journaling and Terri sent me a care package which I was really grateful for so I decided to paint her a kangaroo in return and then I got the courage to post it to her with a 10 page letter.

This morning on FB Terri reported that Kevin Kangaroo had arrived safely and she loved him, which made me feel good because the background is Orange and I think Orange is a love it or hate it kind of colour, personally I LOVE IT!! Then I got notification that Terri had commented again, s I went to look and this is what I see..

“No worries. See? He already is framed and jumped right into place in my peach bathroom!

Not only has Kevin arrived he’s already on her wall! I am so relieved!! and now I can officially say I have a piece of art in America! It’s a kind of nice feeling!! Actually another American friend asked me if I would paint more and sell them, which would be another nice thing because It’s on my bucket list “to sell one piece of art”

How is your Wednesday? is this week going slow for everyone else?

More ICADS to share..

I’ve been off sick last week with a cold that went to my chest, so I just spent the sick time quietly doing art, no need to talk or use my sore throat, it was lovely.. and as a result (the only GOOD thing to come from being sick) was that I got some lovely art done… sadly no blogging, sorry I’ll try to be better this week..

This is the background collage for a piece I’ll share soon, why I’m showing this is because one of my penfriends does lovely envelope art and I promised her I would use her envelopes in something of mine.. so in this piece I used two.. the right pink in the middle saying “G’day Mate” and the green square and the right yellow and orange pieces are all snippets from Terri’s envelopes… which went on to become this…

our “Mantra and Spirit Animal” class with guest teacher Martice Smith 3, on Sunday Mornings 2 The koala had significance to me at that moment and I’m glad she chose me even though my painting of her didn’t really do HER justice.. Koala stands for according to this site.. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/symbolic-meaning-of-koala-bears.html

The symbolic meaning of koala bears speaks of connection, protection and memory because of their original affinity to ground dwelling life. As burrowers, koala’s shared a special connection with the earth. Aboriginal wisdom recognizes this relationship. Certain Australian myths claim koalas were first earthy clumps of grey clay and slowly crawled from their clay-bound lives in order to bring sacred wisdom to humans. They were also said to teach humans how to climb trees in order to gain a broader view of the grand world in which they live. This is also symbolic of memory.

If you’ve been reading my log for any time you’ll understand my journaling and photo taking etc, I am the “Memory keeper’ for our family unit.

it also says…

Those who resonate with the koala, and share a totemic bond with this fascinating creature will share many common attributes. Koala people are naturally likeable. Friendly, amicable, and content to ‘go with the flow.’ People with koala totems are also protectors and nurturers. They look after their tribe, showing keen interest in their society, and willing to help others in need. They do this casually, with aplomb. Koala people don’t force change, they have scads of patience. Where most people try to shove reform down the throats of society, koala people introduce gentle adjustments into society and take a “wait and see” approach.

Those who share the koala as their totem have calm, contended demeanor. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with some friends who share close connection with their koala totems, and just being in their presence has had a calming effect on me. If your totem is the koala, you likely put people at ease just by your mere presence. Observe this in your surroundings. Have you ever entered a room charged with high-energy (stress, anxiety, etc) only to experience the room settling after your arrival? That’s the effect you have on others. The down-side to this, is that others may have a tendency to suck you dry. They see you as a stabilizer, somebody who is “all together” and often people will rely too heavily on your amiable nature

My Bloke always says to me “Sheila you have the patience of a Saint” I don’t know about that but yes I do have patience, all things in their own time… and I have patience with our babies too because they need to learn to grow and learn from repetition so when I sing the wheels on the bus 47,000 times a day and then see a hand movement or catch the odd word coming out of their mouths I know I’m winning… slow as it might be! Yes I have patience for “MOST” things… there are of course other things I have less patience with people who talk Sh*t are a classic example!

I have also been told many times about my “calming” influence. I just wish I got to sleep for 20 hours a day like a koala!

Back to art….

ICAD day 12- Parsnip and Kiwi.. loved this one.

ICAD day 13- Plum and Blueberry.

Day 15- New Week, this week we are using “Collage” anything found… the Prompt was “Route 66”

Day 16- Greeting Card- I wasn’t in the mood, so I just threw something together to “get it done”

Day 17- Wabi Sabi- I had no idea what that even meant, thank goodness for “google” LOL

Also new for this week is Bible study is back and e are doing the Book of Proverbs, which I really like, today is day 4, it took me a few days to get back into the routine, so I have decided next time the “group” have a break I am not going to because I lose my momentum and then it takes me a week to get back into the flow of my morning pages.

In my art class “Sunday Mornings 2” I did..

Our final class was this one called…

“Wonderfully made” by guest teacher  Jeanette Montero, I used Psalm 139:17
“How precious to me are your thoughts God! How vast the sum of them!”

So that brings us up to today.. I am now officially finished the “Sunday Mornings 2” class with Mindy, and I will get started on my classes with Tam’s Lifebook, that were gifted to me by good friend Carrol.

Also today, in fact right as I speak, 9;12am, my daughter Amber is out doing her driving test, she left at 7;30am to do one more driving lesson pre test.. fingers crossed that she passes because my Bloke has found her a car, through one of his work colleagues. I know I have told you all before but I am SO very proud of my daughters, they are so much more than I ever was at their ages, so much more outgoing, lively, adventurous and open to new things, by the time I was Amber’s age I’d only just gotten my license but I never and still don’t drive, where as she is excited by the thought of having a car and being able to go! Also by the time I was Amber’s age I had been married 4 years and had two small daughters, and a house mortgage, so I think I like HER way better. The one thing I promised myself when I had my girls was “they will never turn out like me” and they surely have NOT!! So that is one parenting goal I have met and succeeded on.

I hope your Thursday is full of adventures..

Busy Art Day

I’m sick (again) I started off with a head cold it’s gone into my chest.. I’m sore from coughing, and my voice is husky (the Bloke likes it that way!) but it means I can’t talk loud or yell, the children LOVE that!

Today, my eldest daughter arranged for Squishy to stay home with his “Dada” and give me a rest, so I put my “rest day” to good use..


First of all I did this double page spread for “Sunday mornings 2” we had a guest teacher called Kimberley Hope..

it’s called “God is God” The lyrics of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. I love how it turned out.

Next I worked on my ICAD cards, http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2015-index

 I’ve gotten a bit behind so I’ve spent an hour or two catching up.

Day 8– Prompt was “Cherry and Grapefruit”


Day 9– “Carrot and Lemon”. I loved this one.


Day 10– “Eggplant and Ginger”- I liked this one too.


But then I did Day 11– “Lime and Mango”.. I think this is my fave for today!!


So that caught me up with that project…

Yesterday I did art too.. in between babies


This was also from “Sunday Mornings 2” and this was called “Resurrection

I also did another one


Shonna Bucaroff was the guest teacher and I call this one “Praise Him”

And that babies were so good and let me get some art done.. and they were so quiet so Amber went to check and them and this is why….


They decided to be “Artists” like Grandma the only difference being Grandma doesn’t use the walls! (yet!)

So we had to scrub the walls and made Sweetpea help…


She thought it was very amusing to say the least!!

It certainly was a fun day!! I’ve had Star Son home Tuesday and Wednesday he went back to school today, and he has a curriculum day off tomorrow… go figure!

How is your Thursday??

Busy Cleansing day…

Every so often you need to have a clean out… sadly I’m one of those far and few between people… I tend to hide it.. out of sight out of mind.. of course that never works really does it? You open a cupboard or a drawer and it’s all sitting there looking at you… awaiting your attention..The last twelve month or actually even longer probably close to two years have been a constant shift and upheaval in my house..

April 2013 we found out that BOTH girls were expecting babies and that BOTH sperm donors had done a runner… lessons learnt about the men we choose… but that’s a whole other story.. I never saw those babies as anything other than the blessings they are “God never gives us more than we can handle” so many clichéd  sayings got pulled out ranging from pity to support and all kinds of things in between and yet I knew deep down that God also doesn’t make mistakes. So I took on the challenge. Amber was living at home at the time so we didn’t have to do too much, we got the baby basic supplies and settled in. Jasmin was sharing a house with friends and so we got all the supplies she’d need and waited for the days to come. I went to all the DR appointments and the Ultrasounds and birthing classes.

I was with Amber when Sweet pea made her grand arrival, I got to hold her first because Amber was not in such a good shape and the Nurse handed me this tiny bundle and said “Here Grandma look after this!” and I did for the first two hours I didn’t let her out of my sight, and that was when the song “Sweetpea” popped into my head and I sang it to her. that was also the time that I spoke to God and vowed that I would never let anything happen to this small girl. Anyways I am getting side tracked, the house and the “stuff” got re-arranged and piled into what was formerly my “Art Studio” spare furniture and spare stuff, just got dumped in there.

Then when Sweetpea was 6 months old, She and Amber left home.. and for a total of two lonely , quiet, weeks the house was clean and it was quiet and suddenly really empty… then along came Jasmin with tales of woe and not enough cash and not coping with sharing with housemates who did NOT have a small baby and so The Bloke suggested that she and Squishy move in for a while to save up some money and get her own place. So more house shuffling, bedrooms got changed, the Study became a nursery and Star Son went into the bigger down stairs room, he’d been waiting to get into that room for the past few years. So there was suddenly two households worth of furniture and spare furniture that had nowhere to go.. so where did it go? into “the junk Room” AKA Formally known as the art Studio.. and all thoughts of art went out the window.

Baby Proof gates were installed to keep crawling rug rats from two flights of stairs and then one day I realized even if I wanted to do “art” there was no room in there to move.. Jasmin and Squishy stayed 6 months, money was saved, a new relationship was started and she was ready to go, but before she even had time to go, suddenly Amber and Sweetpea were back home.

She’d been living with a lying, cheating backstabbing so-called “friend” and as I have since said to Amber “If that is your friend I’d hate to see your enemy” I get a tearful phone call one night and that set alarms ringing, and I told her “come home for a few days, you need a break” so suddenly it was two daughters, two grandchildren and a kitten, all living at home, and more stuff got crammed into the junk room. Two weeks later Jasmin said “I’ve had enough I’m outta here” and they left, while Amber declared “I’m never leaving home again!”

So now almost another 6 months have gone by, we seem to do things in 6 month blocks.. and finally I am getting the junk Room emptied.. and today I went down there for an hour and I decluttered and I cleaned and I opened windows and I played my music loudly and I had a great time! Sometime you just need to do that! I can’t take all the credit, I had some special helpers.. Sweet Pea and her Hippo Hilary came to chat and draw and dance.. that’s about the only “artistic” thing that happens down there these days!

So Yesterday I told you about the ICAD challenge.. which is “Index Card a day” one small piece of creating, with or without a theme.. so here’s whats happened so far..

The other good thing that happened today was I asked Amber to sort somethings in Sweetpea’s room which was formally the study/library, and she was motivated so she kept cleaning, her whole room, vacuuming and all, so then we decided to vacuum the whole house..it lasted about an hour, and then Cyclone Squishy Sweetpea came through and now no one would ever notice what’s been done.

June… I’m back!

So after having the last week off wallowing.. and really not achieving much…. maybe I was over tired and needed that break, whatever I am back and since yesterday was the start of WINTER (in Capitals because it’s my least favourite season) I decided that I needed to do something to turn this “funk” around.. so I’ve decided ( I usually decide this at least once a year and fail miserably) to “embrace winter” No I will never like the cold, I don’t particularly like walking in the rain, occasionally I’ll jump in the really deep puddles but only if I am close to home so I can get home and changed into warm dry clothes quickly… there is nothing about winter I like! There’s not even any colour in winter…it’s all white, grey, or shades there of…and don’t even start me on the subject of snow.. I’ve been three times in my life and hated it each time… and yet on my Bucket List I have this “spend a weekend at the snow” I figure I’ll go with my Bestie and her husband who LOVE snow and skiing and snow boarding, none of which appeals to me, BUT maybe if I go with them, their enjoyment will be contagious and I might “enjoy” myself… probably I’ll stay at the bar with the fireplace and fire gaze the weekend away!

Anyways… this year in my “attempt” to “embrace winter” I’ve got some challenges lined up…

First of all, I heard about a book and website called “1,000 Gifts” here’s the link.. http://onethousandgifts.com/ “A dare to live fully right where you are” I heard about it last month, but I like to start things at the start of the month, so I started yesterday… the idea is each day we list 3 things and she even gives us prompts… and if you’ve been visiting my blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I LOVE prompts!! Sometimes they start off my writing and it might go it a totally different direction but it started me.. that’s all I need sometimes a kick-start!

So here is this months prompt list!

Yesterday which was the 1st of June.. was 3 gifts orange

My reply was.. Mandarin, (Squishy loves his baby oranges!) Sweep Potato which I cooked for dinner and Sunrise.

So basically each day you list three things that make you thankful..”I can do” that, yes even I can do that!!

Then I discovered another thing that I “can do” it’s called ICAD which stands for “Index Card a day” and this lady uses one Index card a day and does a small piece of art! You can find out more here: http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2015-index so I decided that I want to do that and maybe just maybe I can combine the two.. multi tasker is me!

So I “plan” because I am late starting this one.. to start doing them today and “day one ICAD” will be orange and I’ll make a list or use found collage pieces to decorate the card, the beauty of this challenge is it’s small.. Maximum size = 4″ x 6″ So I went and brought a packet of plain white cards, I did this last year but sadly I got side tracked in my “winter wallowing” and never did the challenge, so I have been using them for those little bits of left over paint, or the odd stencil I wanted to test or different background things,,, have a look at some I prepared earlier..

IMG_1902 IMG_1901

See the green background with white Ivy… that was left over paint and  gesso to make the ivy 3D.. and the grey with circles was me testing a theory.. never mind, they are starters for this years ICAD! I had 28.. and the goal is to do 61, so I am on the way! The website provides prompts.. like for example day one was “Chevron” so I have a chevron stamp I could incorporate that some how or I don’t have to use it at all.. she also gives prompts for techniques and mediums to use.. lots of ideas in this site!

The challenge is about the DOING and not the
It is the process of creating each day that matters.

An annual creative challenge
Facilitated by Daisy Yellow
Buy a pack of index cards
♥ draw ♥ doodle ♥ write ♥ collage ♥
♥ paint ♥ haiku ♥ stamp ♥ stitch ♥
61 DAYS : 61 CARDS

Taken from the website: http://daisyyellowart.com/icad/icad-faq.html

What’s the secret?

Each individual index card creation represents your conscious choice to do one creative thing over the course of one typical day. And to repeat that choice daily for two months. And when you choose to make time for creative play, you create a habit. You choose to infuse life with art and creativity. But let’s step back. Just take it one step at a time, one card at a time. The challenge is a creative kick that can spark your imagination. There are 1000’s of cards completed each year. The creative energy just might change your life. But you won’t know unless you try.

So my friends be prepared to see things happening on this blog, surely even I…. “Worlds greatest procrastinator” can do THESE challenges!! anyone want to join me? it could be fun you know! we could encourage each other.. actually somewhere I read she said to put the amount of cards (61) in a small pencil-case with basic supplies so you can take it with you and work when you are waiting at sports training or  games or at appointments or something where you have down time.. I kinda laughed at that “what is down time? I wish I had some of that” even as I write this I have one child trying to climb up my back because he wants me chair!!

Wish me luck… just out of interest… what are your THREE things for June 1st??

“3 gifts Orange”

Tell me below I am interested to see how everyone else saw Orange!

Super Sunday..

Funny, I don’t normally like Sundays… and that’s because it’s football season and it’s usually cold.. today however I had a change of heart.. the sun was shining and not only that it got up to 21 C which is beautiful, and meant that I didn’t need y jacket or my hat and I was comfortable. Sadly our “Star Son’s” football team lost, the first of five games, so it was bound to happen and now we know who our contenders are. The boys played their hearts out but on the day the other side was just a bit more polished… on the down side, he got injured when he got bowled over and then stomped on.. although the other team member did stop to see if he was alright.. and so that proves they had some sportsmanship… but what Mum wants to sit on the side line and see her child sprawled on the field and the runner and first aid running out to him… I tell ya it’s all I can do to sit still and know that they’ve got him covered.

So that game ended on a low, another kid got carried off the field also from our team, he got an elbow to the head and was taken off field. So no theme song this day, and as for Will he came home and soaked in a hot bath and got his leg bandaged and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, yes there are dents in his shin, where the opposition person stood on him.. ouch, it’s already bruising.

On the way to Football, (The Boys leave an hour earlier to check in and warm up) So today Us girls walked down later, we decided that we should let Scarlett walk some of the way, in the hope that she’d get tired and get into her pram and got to sleep. I suggested to Amber “She won’t even make it to the end of the path, so it’s all good” wrong Grandma, just wrong! Not only did she make it to the end of the park, up the next street, (I carried her across the busy roads) and down another street and then through the oval… we stopped her when she fell and face-planted the concrete path. We forced her in the nicest way we could.. with her kicking and screaming to get in her pram and 20 minutes later she was asleep..


Almost to the end of the park.. she’ll get tired soon…

IMG_1769Not a chance Grandma!

Which now begs the question.. what have I started? every time I want to go down to the shops am I going to have to let her walk part of the way? maybe I have unleashed a walking monster.

After Football, and once Star Son was cleaned up and resting we had to go visit my Mother-in-law at her Care facility. Wll opted not to go because his leg was too sore. We stopped on the way and brought her some small bottles of drink for her room fridge and some profiteroles, a little treat and off we went to visit her.

Once we’d sampled the profiteroles, Rob asked her “Do you want to go for a drive? it’s a lovely day” and of course she’d go anywhere with Rob, so we decided to take her to the neighborhood where she grew up.  Tanny was born and raised in “Altona” a little seaside suburb in Melbourne..

You can read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altona_Beach or here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altona,_Victoria

So we went to where her house “used to be” and it’s been torn down and some housing units built there, they lived one street back from the beach, so we were able to find a parking spot right at the beach and get out and go for a walk.


Altona Pier. Mother and Son.

IMG_1773At the end of the Pier.

Tanny’s a bit wobbly on her feet lately so Rob likes to keep her close and safe, I thought it was kind of cute how when they are walking he walks with his arm around her and today she walked with her hand tucked into his back pocket… almost like a dating couple.


On the way back to the Car.


I love how Tanny tucked her hand into Rob’s back pocket!

I was joking with Rob when we got home, I should have stayed home, I felt like I was intruding as Rob would tell Tanny about how he remembers being a little boy and going to stay with his Grand Mother “Henny” and how they used to go to the park opposite the beach and climb the trees. And I especially loved how Tanny cannot remember what she had for breakfast but she was able to tell us in detail about how she was running on that pier and got a huge splinter in her foot.


Tanny and Rob with a Brass Seahorse Sculpture.

It made me kind of sad to think that one day that could very well be me.. Tanny is only 40 years older than me, and one day I might be in her place I wonder if my children will be as loving and gentle and supportive as my Bloke is towards his Mum.

Every time we go to visit she tells us how proud she is to walk down the hall with her family and she said “I would like to be able to shout, look these are MY people


Brass Quid Sculpture


Brass Seahorse Sculpture.

Little things like today that people take for granted, just walking in the autumnal sunshine, enjoying the last bit of warmth before Winter digs in, little things like hopping in the car and picking her up, little things that we take for granted mean so much to my Mother-in-law.. so I’m happy to share my “date days” with my Mother-in-law because it costs me nothing and means the world to her.


Brass Crab Sculpture.


Brass Shell Sculpture.


Brass coral eating fish sculpture


See! I was there.. just wandering behind taking the photos.


And on the way home we went to a supermarket and found this new chocolate.. it’s having a very mixed reaction on Facebook, in our house Will, Scarlett and I loved it, Rob’s not convinced and Amber hated it… no accounting for some people’s tastes!


And finally… here are some of the hand-made stencils I made last night, for the new course with Mindy Lacefield called “Sunday Mornings 2”

I hope you have a great Sunday!!

Day five… going strong!

So in my effort to “do some art” I’ve made myself a little challenge… Dr Phil always says “it takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit” I can hear his Texan accent as I type.. I love Dr Phil and I always have since he first appeared on Oprah.

So today is day five.. and I got a few bits’ n ‘pieces done, kind of like art housework..some paint splashed on some blank pages for future backgrounds, looking up images to make into stencils for the Mindy Lacefield course “Sunday Mornings 2” and sorting websites into easy- to -find categories.. like “art to do” simple enough.. I even got another lesson on Udemy done..

So today was “Acrylic paint” day and although I’ve used it a lot of times I’ve never actually done a useful lesson.. oh ooopps OK I lied.. I didn’t mean to I forgot.. My whole landscape course was done in acrylics, I once complained to a friend about how much I didn’t like the landscapes I get bored with them, so she said well why don’t you use them for something else? Like what I asked? Not really following her.. so she suggested paint the landscape your teachers needs you to paint and then add a nice Bible quote or biblical piece to it and make it “God’s art” Ahh.. Ok, I see what she means and in fact there’s a nie quote about stars which I might use for last night’s watercolour piece. She had a point and Pastor Frank agreed, I can turn this into “God’s art” anyways I haven’t started yet..

Today Squishy was home with his Mum who was still not well.. and so the house is so much quieter and cleaner with only one small person to cater for and her Mum was home so it lets me off the hook, as long as I put down my “fun tools” and play with her occasionally and the good thing is with acrylics there is always “a waiting for something to dry” time when playing is just right.

So today I painted a Cherry… I know right, I kind of thought “How lame, one cherry” but then I got into the lesson and do you realize how many shades of red there actually are in a cherry? I lost count and some I didn’t have so I made it up as I went along, but hey, it looks amazing and I’m happy to have it.. I am thinking I might add a banana and a slice of watermelon and call them “Kitchen Art

Today’s instructor was Will Kemp from the UK, so it was fun listening to his accent, you can visit Will here: http://willkempartschool.com/


Setting up, we base coated the canvas with a burnt umber and white mix, to “warm the piece up” who knew?!


Many, many shades of red, and even the stem had four different shades on it..

When I looked I didn’t see those colours UNTIL he pointed them out..


ta da!! I’m happy with it and even more impressed with how awesome it looks in the photo.


I painted mine on an angle it wasn’t quite big enough but it looks funky like this!


Last night’s water colour and today’s acrylic with their certificates of completion!! happy happy!

My next class on this site is going to be

Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners

Basically is means Japanese patterns, such as the beautiful patterns on Kimono and other Japanese items.. I have a thing about “Japan” have I mentioned that in previous posts? I’m not sure I have. One day I want to go to Japan, I have a Japanese penpal and I have also hosted a few Japanese exchange students and one teacher and I just love all things Japan, I even have my own Kimono! I’ll be back with photos when I have started that course.

You can find out more about courses you might like to do here: https://www.udemy.com/courses/