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Art and catching up…

So last week I spent the week at our holiday place, you might recall ( day from hell) I blogged about an incident which I handled badly and then ran away from.. “Good one Kim, way to handle stuff!”

So I packed my art supplies and planned to do all my “Lifebook 2013- Tam edition” classes.. until we got there and I realized that I had left the lap top where the lessons were downloaded at home… d’uh! I had some other bits and pieces to work on so it wasn’t all lost.

My cousin Lee over at That Art Place has released her first online class and so I am her “Guinea pig” I get to test and sample and make sure it all works smoothly. And of she is doing a live demo as her “art teacher” mode I am her “Student”  it’s a win win, because I learn new stuff AND spend quality time with my best friend cousin, did you meet my cousin in the A-Z challenge under “L” L is for if not feel free to go and meet her.

So here is the Parts of her first class “NED” Never Ending Diary that I have worked on so far.



Double Page spread


Some of the sections in week one’s spread.


We are making 8 double page spreads and putting four days in each spread.. then when covered with clear contact we can use a whiteboard marker and then dry erase the notes and re-use it.. hence never-ending diary.


Days 5-9.. I used different washi Tape so to continue the “floral theme”




Close up of the daily sections.

So that got me motivated to get working on my “Lifebook 2013- Tam Edition” when I got back home.. are you wondering about that name? “Lifebook 2013- Tam Edition” each year Tam over at Willowing does a year long art class called “Year Book” and each year she had different guest artists come along and as far as I can gather the year is divided into quarters, and each quarter has a different theme. So Tam has decided that at the end of each year she will re work her portions of the lessons into “Life book… Tam Edition” which are ONLY Tam’s lessons. When she had her big sale earlier in the year a friend of mine Carrol gifted me with LB 2013 and LB 2014, because she thought I needed to get back into my art and if she brought these classes for me I would do them, as indeed I AM!! and I tag Carrol in each one I post so that she can see them.

So here is what I did with Tam and Carrol..

The Lady with the Owl” is my first attempt at 3/4’s face, and I am happy mostly with how she turned out.

So this week hasn’t been a complete waste. The children have not been too unruly.. Amber got her car and so she’s been off driving..




This young lady has had her car since Sunday 5th July and already driven more kilometers than I have in 25 yrs! Good work Amber!

Monday (6th July)  was Jasmin’s 25th Birthday. I really don’t feel old enough to have a 25 yr old and three GRAND babies.. seems like just yesterday I was having her! So I wrote her a nice long sooky post on FB, usually she ignores my posts and doesn’t comment if she does read them… but she actually did this Monday!

From my Facebook page:

Today, 25 years ago, I became a Mother! It was the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done.
25 years ago, my most proudest achievement, my first true love entered the world. Looking into those eyes for the first time, I knew what “real love” was, I knew right then, “This is what they mean when they talk about true love”
She has become everything I ever hoped I would be, she has a career, she has travelled overseas, she has a gazillion friends and she is a most awesome Mother! All the things I never did, but watched with pride as she did them all. This girl child that can talk to me about anything and everything, that knows I am always here for anything she needs me for.
Can you tell I am her biggest fan!
Happy Birthday Jasmin, I love you!
(25- a quarter of a century, I don’t feel old enough to have a 25 yr old!!)

Also on Monday since I don’t have Baby sitting chores I went shopping with My Cousin for the day and we had lunch and spent some quality time. There’s a huge second-hand shop in Australia called “Savers” and so since I’ve recently cleaned out my wardrobe for the “typing” challenge where I discovered I am Type two. You can find out more about that Here, Well I got rid of heaps of clothes, accessories and shoes and makeup, So my Bloke slipped me ” a Lazy $100 to restock” as he put it. Boy did I ever have fun and it was so much easier and quicker and FUN, knowing what fabrics, patterns and necklines etc to look for. I even got shoes and I never buy shoes!! Best bit is.. they are all compatible and I can mix and match them ALL!

Monday night we went out for dinner for Jasmin’s birthday and almost right away we regretted that move with two active 19 month old’s!

My husband and my Star Son sitting on the floor in the corner of the restaurant to stop the “monstars” from playing with the electrical outlets and playing with the white river rocks in this pot plant!!

Brett, Jasmin and Chase AKA Squishy!

In the end for the sanity of us three women and the rest of the patrons we came home for the birthday cake part and to get these monstars into bed!

Lessons learnt there… Birthday dinners will NOW be held at home until they are more “user friendly”

Tuesday I got a penpal letter from fellow Blogger  Trisha Faye and this lovely Memento from Texas!

So it’s been a good week for friends, family, art, and today is officially the last day of the school holidays, although I think there are more than likely a few extra grey hairs (you can’t see them BUT I know they are there!) I have survived.

Tomorrow night we have a 21st to go to for Lee’s Daughter Tahnee, and the theme is “Black and White”, so I am breaking my “type 2” colour palette rules once more before I get rid of the black pants and dye the white top cream! It will be fun to go out and dance and have some fun, It feels like this two weeks has lasted for two months!! on that note… 2 months and 2 days until we leave for our road trip, which was are calling “Big Lap -WA” (Western Australia) I am so excited and even more excited when the Bloke tells me he has started researching, yaya! I’m happy to research but when he and Star Son join in it means we are REALLY doing this!!