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Saturday at St. Leonard’s

Star son has a school friend down with him, Nutty, and so they’ve been out exploring, having chips out of the paper wrapping for lunch, walking to the bakery for breakfast, iced coffee and chocolate eclairs, normally l would make them eat breakfast before they left but l figure it’s holidays “let them be kids!”
The weather has no been very summer like, heavy rain and overcast skies but they insisted jumping off the boat ramp again today so that l could film them in ‘slow mo’ l didn’t even know l had that technology!!!
Trust my sons to teach me something new!

We left them jump once, twice, three times and then the wind started messing with my ears so we stopped them and they are now in warm showers heating up! So here are some visions of our Saturday at St. Leonards.
** first post done on my phone**