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Camping without internet

So we love camping no new revelations there but what surprised me recently was how angry l found myself getting when we went to a remote spot with very sketchy internet. I was able to put my phone down and walk away until….

I look over and there’s the Bloke playing his Clash of Clans game!!

So l quickly grab my phone to see if l can post photos yet and no! I don’t have any access.. he had some but l didn’t.

So l grew angry. And then l grew sad because how angry l got at not having internet, l shouldn’t be so reliant on it.

We were in a lovely deserted part of wild Tasmania we had a camp greeter we named her Ethel and we saw a wombat and it was peaceful and quiet and l was getting annoyed at having no internet.

I thought she was going to sit on my lap!
Ethel is a Bennett’s Wallaby

It dwelt on my mind “Oh l must text this person” or “I’ll go and write a blog post” or “l wonder if my carrots have grown in Township!” Silly trivial things. So in the end l refused to turn on my phone.

The weather turned bad and got windy so we decided to leave l could have KISSED those weather Gods!! We moved in land and had internet and all is again right with the world… for now!