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My “Get up and Go”… got up and left…

And why is that a good thing?

Well for me that means that whatever was bothering me has also gone.. not following.. let me elaborate!

Earlier in the week I posted  This… about being in a Funk. How I deal with “funks” or “moods” is to clean… cleaning is mindless work, so while your hands are busy you can let your mind work through the crap that is bothering you..

Hold on!! I’m not a medical person, so please don’t take my word for it, I am just sharing with you what helps me!

I am a typical Type 2/ Libra we don’t share well unless we want to.. so I am by now, pretty good at hiding how I feel most of the times.. there are times when the family will know “somethings not right” I do one of a number of things.. I hibernate (currently I have not been out of the house except on the weekends for 2 solid weeks.. some days I don’t even get as far as the letter box!) I cry (sometimes they just escape!) or I clean! now I don’t mean clean as in wash the dishes I mean clean as in rip everything out and scrub and polish and discard and repack.. kinda like the Pantry episode from here, except that wasn’t a “cleaning” of my choice.. but it helped to serve a purpose.

When the children were little and I started “Cleaning” they would all look at each other and ask.. “What did YOU do?” they’d all shake their heads and then turn to the Bloke and ask “Who pissed Mum off this time?” I can’t yell and scream or swear when I am mad, it just isn’t in my nature, well, except  for this “incident” but I truly believe that was shock speaking!! So if I can’t yell, or scream or swear how else is a girl supposed to get the “Crap” out that threatens to overwhelm us? I clean!

It started Saturday night for me..I wanted so bad to sit and howl and yet I knew that if I did that The Bloke would want to know why and I can hardly decipher the “Why” myself so I picked up the sugar soap and a bucket of hot water and a sponge and started washing the hall way walls.. of course you know once you’ve started you can’t just stop in one spot you need to do the doors and frames and whatever else is “in the line of fire” which included in my case the Children’s bathroom, where I got down on hands and knees and scrubbed the toilet floor and thoroughly scrubbed the toilet which I kind of think is unfair I NEVER use that bathroom ever! So while I am scrubbing and tears are leaking and I am fuming, I am working through it.. next in line was the laundry! by then all that crying or maybe the sugar soap fumes… yeah let’s say it was the fumes.. had worn me out I slept well that night.

Sunday we had football… so in the afternoon I found something else to clean, because the “Funk” wasn’t over or even anywhere near being over… so I put some stuff away in my room and made a mental list of “Stuff” to do to keep busy!

Monday- I swept and washed all the floors it was a “baby free” day,and I spent the afternoon doing Art, another “get lost in the moment and don’t think about whats bothering you” kind of chore, but it’s a fun chore!

Tuesday- I got all the laundry caught up and scrubbed the back deck and did my Ensuite, more fumes, more tears and more silently wailing “this is NOT fair”

Wednesday– the “Pantry Incident” happened and so I de-cluttered and sorted and scrubbed.. one of my Facebook friends said “you missed a spot” in the pantry, it was in fact a screw head, I scrubbed so hard I went through the laminate.. Shhhh don’t tell my bloke!!! I covered it up with shelf liner he won’t notice! But then as I cleaned the pantry I started noticing other stuff to clean so I made this list!’


To do list for the rest of the week.

So then it’s Thursday I had Squishy so I knew I’d be pushing it to get this done and in fact I didn’t get it done.. I got the cupboard fronts done, and I had a special helper…


Until he decided to eat the sponge

So I had to let him go… and eventually I too gave up. When Brett picked up Squish about 12.30 pm I had the Choice…

Work through the list or have a nap or do some art… guess what “ART” won!!

So that in itself tells me that the “funk” is slowly disappearing..

IMG_2334  IMG_2335

These are two of the Art Journal pages I got done yesterday, there is also a third apparently I didn’t take a photo of it..

Prompt # 6 was “Patterned Paper and Markers” I used an old book page! and Prompt #7 was “Brushes” so I went out of my comfort zone and did a still life, using my Caran D’Arch water-soluble crayons! For me there’s something about drawing that clears my head.. I’m so busy concentrating on “this line goes up to here and then joins that line but on a weird angle, and then there’s this bit that kinda goes nowhere” my mind is so busy I haven’t got time to worry about whatever made me in a “funk” funny how I only just realized that, I NEED to draw more!! Prompt #8 was “numbers” no photo of that it was pretty boring.

So that brings us to today, and I must confess before I went to sleep last night I prayed my hardest that God would give me a rest from this “funk” help me work it out and get past it because my back is KILLING me from all this cleaning and my hands have split from the hot water and sugar soap, I’m so not good with rubber gloves! This morning I woke up with the worst headache, which means it’s going to be a “doing nothing kinda  day


Oh and on the Subject of cleaning.. I did the Fridge on Friday (Last week) there was a horrible smell I took everything out cleaned all the fridge and put it back together only to discover three-week old rock melon makes a VERY awful smell… Do NOT try this at home.. trust me please!

Trouble with this spotless fridge is every time I open it to get something my heart skips a beat like “Oh My Gosh, we have no food we’ll starve” it’s so not true and I’m not even sure where that thought comes from, the freezer is full of goodness!

We are such a wasteful family. We buy stuff and then it goes out of date and we throw it away, or in the case of the three-week old rock melon we leave it.. yuck! I think I am going to start practicing being a “Minimalist

adjective: minimalistic
  1. 1.
    relating to minimalism.

in this case “Less is more” except my friends when it comes to “Art Supplies” because there is no such thing as TOO MUCH in art supplies!!

And if someone dares to suggest such a thing.. walk away because you don’t need that negativity in your life!

Speaking of which… my art journal is calling me, I am NOT doing one extra ounce of cleaning today and I DARE anyone in my house to call me out on it!!

“My Get up and Go got up and left” …*sigh* it feels so good to be back to me!

What a day!

This morning I thought I had my whole day planned..

I thought I would get up, do a few chores and then spend the rest of the day doing art.

I thought that I would make an effort to catch up on some artist projects,

So what really happened was… 8.00 am Star Son yells at me “Get out of bed!!” I go to make his lunch for school, he’s going through a “Saladas-with-vegemite-and-cheese” stage, which means one must make them daily or they go soggy and yuck!

So as I opened the pantry to get the Vegemite I thought “What smells in here?” and no sooner had the thought popped into my head but the answer soon became apparent…

The Bloke (who denies it vehemently, but then so did the Star Son) must have gone to put away the Soy Sauce after dinner a few nights ago, we had home-made friend rice with steamed dim sims. As he’s been “helping me” by clearing the table he’s knocked over the said Soy Sauce and OMG-OSH! what a mess I was faced with at 8.06 am! The smells was yuck!

It had spilled out of the bottle and filled one shelf with yuck, then run over the side of the shelf and hit the next shelf beneath which in turn had overflowed to the shelf beneath and pooled in a shopping bag and dripped onto the floor.. YUCK!


Big Mess!

So once I got Star Son organised for the day I started cleaning… no breakfast for me the smell was making me ill! I spent the next hour and a half clearing out the pantry, “in for a pound in for a penny” so they say.. if I have to clean one shelf why not all 6 and while I am at it I’ll check the use-by dates… OOPS!


All out of date.. what a wasteful family.. some were 2012!!

So I shared the Cereal with the birds in the front yard! why not they might be hungry for some coco pops and honey wheats!

IMG_2311 IMG_2312

Shelf before… the liner was stuck to the mess…    Shelf afterwards, Bicarb soda and Vinegar removed the worst of it.

But as I was sorting and practicing “discardia”, I found some treasures too…


a tin of chocolates and a Bottle of wine.. I ate the chocolates for breakfast the wine is MINE on the weekend!

The trouble with cleaning is, you feel so proud of your efforts after you’ve finished you want to keep going.. well, rest easy friends I didn’t!! but I made a list for the rest of the week!!!


If I break the “Big Jobs” into “Bite sized pieces” I don’t give up half way through!!

I did however sweep and wash the pantry floor, and then I cooked dinner, at 11.00 am I had dinner in the “Dream Pot” cooking ready to be served when the Bloke gets home.. Win win!!


Dream Pot and recipe book, by 11.00 am Dinner was cooking away!

I had Squishy this afternoon while Jasmin and Brett went to a funeral and he was already sleepy when he got here, so once we had some snack and he got sleepy I put him to bed and then I went too.. I didn’t sleep though, I did get my Bible study done and watched some of my TV shows before Squishy woke up. Then after his Mum and Dad collected him, I finally got some art done.. this day feels like it’s been going forever, I am tired… and its only 5.28 pm  *yawns*


Today’s prompt (Challenge #5) was “Movie Night” so I kept the colours simple and let Marilyn be the “Star” of this piece!!

Busy Cleansing day…

Every so often you need to have a clean out… sadly I’m one of those far and few between people… I tend to hide it.. out of sight out of mind.. of course that never works really does it? You open a cupboard or a drawer and it’s all sitting there looking at you… awaiting your attention..The last twelve month or actually even longer probably close to two years have been a constant shift and upheaval in my house..

April 2013 we found out that BOTH girls were expecting babies and that BOTH sperm donors had done a runner… lessons learnt about the men we choose… but that’s a whole other story.. I never saw those babies as anything other than the blessings they are “God never gives us more than we can handle” so many clichéd  sayings got pulled out ranging from pity to support and all kinds of things in between and yet I knew deep down that God also doesn’t make mistakes. So I took on the challenge. Amber was living at home at the time so we didn’t have to do too much, we got the baby basic supplies and settled in. Jasmin was sharing a house with friends and so we got all the supplies she’d need and waited for the days to come. I went to all the DR appointments and the Ultrasounds and birthing classes.

I was with Amber when Sweet pea made her grand arrival, I got to hold her first because Amber was not in such a good shape and the Nurse handed me this tiny bundle and said “Here Grandma look after this!” and I did for the first two hours I didn’t let her out of my sight, and that was when the song “Sweetpea” popped into my head and I sang it to her. that was also the time that I spoke to God and vowed that I would never let anything happen to this small girl. Anyways I am getting side tracked, the house and the “stuff” got re-arranged and piled into what was formerly my “Art Studio” spare furniture and spare stuff, just got dumped in there.

Then when Sweetpea was 6 months old, She and Amber left home.. and for a total of two lonely , quiet, weeks the house was clean and it was quiet and suddenly really empty… then along came Jasmin with tales of woe and not enough cash and not coping with sharing with housemates who did NOT have a small baby and so The Bloke suggested that she and Squishy move in for a while to save up some money and get her own place. So more house shuffling, bedrooms got changed, the Study became a nursery and Star Son went into the bigger down stairs room, he’d been waiting to get into that room for the past few years. So there was suddenly two households worth of furniture and spare furniture that had nowhere to go.. so where did it go? into “the junk Room” AKA Formally known as the art Studio.. and all thoughts of art went out the window.

Baby Proof gates were installed to keep crawling rug rats from two flights of stairs and then one day I realized even if I wanted to do “art” there was no room in there to move.. Jasmin and Squishy stayed 6 months, money was saved, a new relationship was started and she was ready to go, but before she even had time to go, suddenly Amber and Sweetpea were back home.

She’d been living with a lying, cheating backstabbing so-called “friend” and as I have since said to Amber “If that is your friend I’d hate to see your enemy” I get a tearful phone call one night and that set alarms ringing, and I told her “come home for a few days, you need a break” so suddenly it was two daughters, two grandchildren and a kitten, all living at home, and more stuff got crammed into the junk room. Two weeks later Jasmin said “I’ve had enough I’m outta here” and they left, while Amber declared “I’m never leaving home again!”

So now almost another 6 months have gone by, we seem to do things in 6 month blocks.. and finally I am getting the junk Room emptied.. and today I went down there for an hour and I decluttered and I cleaned and I opened windows and I played my music loudly and I had a great time! Sometime you just need to do that! I can’t take all the credit, I had some special helpers.. Sweet Pea and her Hippo Hilary came to chat and draw and dance.. that’s about the only “artistic” thing that happens down there these days!

So Yesterday I told you about the ICAD challenge.. which is “Index Card a day” one small piece of creating, with or without a theme.. so here’s whats happened so far..

The other good thing that happened today was I asked Amber to sort somethings in Sweetpea’s room which was formally the study/library, and she was motivated so she kept cleaning, her whole room, vacuuming and all, so then we decided to vacuum the whole house..it lasted about an hour, and then Cyclone Squishy Sweetpea came through and now no one would ever notice what’s been done.