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September 29- Something fun

September 29 – Something fun.

Something fun!

This could be a tricky one, because

“Something fun” is different to everyone.

Whats Fun for me, might not be for you

Just like, I love green and you love blue!

“Something fun” for me is, camping!

Although they way we do it- has been called glamping!

It doesn’t matter what you call it, spending time in the great outdoors

Wins hands down from doing mundane chores!

“Something fun” for me is travelling, hopping on a plane,

Or taking long road trips, I’ll never complain.

Seeing the world around me is so much fun!

I can never imagine saying “I’m done!”

“Something fun” for me is being creative.

Whether its art,drawing or crochet, I find it to be very meditative.

When things upset me as they often might,

Scribbling in my journal gives such insight.

Gluing and glittering, slapping on paint,

Art is surely not for the faint.

“Something fun” at times for me can be- cooking

When Im in the mood, whip up a new recipe from a cook book

Or used a well worn recipe its worth another look.

Throw in a glass of wine and get outta my way-

I could work in the kitchen all day!

Then there are days when my “Something fun”

Is more of a laid back boring one.

When the rain is pitter pattering on the roof

I like to curl up with a really good book!

I can get lost in worlds far away, or somewhere much closer-

I can step into the life of a music composer!

My Dad often said “You always have a friend when you have a good book”

And “Never to judge a book by its cover” so I open a chapter and have a quick look!

So my “Something Fun” might to you seem a bore

But for me, reading a book is never a chore!

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September 14- Twirl


I know a little girl,

When music plays she loves to twirl

She spins and spins and never stops

And her favourite dinosaur is triceratops!

I know a little girl,

Who knows all about the planets,

And sings about about how they twirl.

The same little girl watches you tube song in Spanish!

I know a little girl,

Who’s hair has never held a curl,

With big hazel eyes and a knock out smile

She loves to twirl and all the while

She makes Grandma feel sick!

I know a little girl,

Who loves to spin and twirls

It makes her tummy “Fizzy”

(She really means dizzy)

I know a little girl

Who’s sent all our lives in a twirl

And we wouldn’t swap her

for all the gold in the world

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September 10- Protect


Protection its in my DNA,

to love and protect them every day.

Anything I have to do, I would do.

Be a shield, or take a stand

Keep them safe, hold their hands.

Protect the little ones from harm,

Build a safe room in the barn!

Whatever it takes, you see- I’ll do,

To preserve their lives, protect and defend whatever I do,

I’ll protect them with a Lioness Fierceness-

Maybe thats a Grandma weirdness?

These little ones, I love with all my heart,

Protect and defend them, I have from the start!

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September 6th- Bike


Would you rather walk or hike?

Or would you rather ride a bike?

Would you rather jog or run?

Riding a horse might be fun!

Different ways to get from here to there

Cars, trams, trains, busses who cares?

As long as you get where you need to be

Although you’d need a boat to cross the sea!

Electric, Peddle or Motor bike

Up hills and down hills, take a hike!

It doesn’t matter how you get there,

if you ride a bike you’ll need a spare

tyre in case you get a puncture!

Would you rather walk or hike?

Would you rather ride a bike?

There isn’t really any question,

A good long walk aids digestion!

Each night after dinner,

a nice long walk I’m a winner!

Tonight we even saw a hawk!

Would you rather walk or hike?

Would you rather ride a bike?

I’ll choose walking please-

Its something I can do with ease.



And that my friends is today’s #septemberblogfest I am off to work on those missing #29facesonjunk

September 3- Waiting….


All my life I waiting- for,

what it is I am not sure.

Every day I feel as though

there’s something more, what- I do not know.

Waiting for Winter to end,

so then comes spring and again

waiting for summer and warm sunshine

while waiting on autumn for colourful times.

Waiting for something to be finished cooking,

spending my time for recipes looking.

Waiting for the washing cycle to end,

so I can hang out a load and start again.

Waiting for inspiration for some art,

waiting on knowing where to start.

what supplies to use today?

Just let loose and have a play!

Seems to me I spend my life,

waiting for something, Oh! I’m a wife!

I guess thats what my job description is-

Maybe I should have stayed a Ms!


#sketchaton I’ve always wanted to have a try at painting on one these four season paintings. Clearly I needed more practise lol

And then we have #29facesonjunk todays Coffee Bloke! Is on a recycled coffee box. I am amazed at him! I rarely do men, they’re hard! Not telling you women anything new there! But sometimes I just hold the pencil and go along for the ride, and look what fell out of my pencil today!

I was like “Whaaat?!”

He’s good for me! Clearly he’s not technically perfect but it’s not about perfection for me, its about setting a goal and smashing that goal outta the park! And as one art teacher told us “If you want perfection, take a photo!”

I am SO happy with this guy, no idea who he is I found him on Pinterest!

September 2nd- Violet!


An old fashioned name, and also a colour.

Violet as in the flower with the heady scent.

When she was much younger, she spent

6 months living in a tent-

Travelling around the Australian outback

With only the clothes that would fit her in pack!

Violet was one of ten children.

Her Father in the army, her Mother a civilian.

She knew she was different- did our gal Violet

She has always wanted to be a pilot!

Her head was always in the clouds,

She preferred solitude, not crowds!

She whistled at birds, and talked to the dog

She carried around critters and had a pet frog!

Some say she was crazy, and it might be so-

But everyone smiled as she passed to and fro.

A lovelier lady you never did meet.

She lived on the corner of my street.

Violet, an old fashioned name and also a colour.

One of a kind, there will never be another

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#sketchathon #kickinthecreatives #blogfest

2 of #29Faces

Day two of all my September challenges is complete!

Two pieces today!

I forgot to tell you in yesterdays post about the newest challenge I am doing. I find when I schedule myself to do something I tend to get them done. So each day in my journal is a check list of things I want to get done at the moment it looks like this….

  1. Bible study 15 minutes (with a little box that I can tick off as its done)
  2. Drawing- 15 minutes
  3. Water- 3 x 800mls= 2.4 litres
  4. 10,000 steps
  5. Shedding the weight Meditation
  6. Read at least one chapter of current book.

So it seems silly to some people but for me if I don’t hold myself accountable I will put these things aside, and so what if I don’t read a chapter of my book? Well, I won’t finish it and then I wont hit my end of the year reading goal “Read 40 Books

Its been said that if you do a thing for 21 days it forms a new habit, so by scheduling these things and ticking them off I am helping myself create new habits. I am so bad at drinking water, so that is an important one. I also track this on my Fitbit app! Shedding the weight meditation I am doing with Oprah and Deepak Chopra, its to help us change our thinking and to shed the weight by shedding thoughts and feelings that are negative and I am enjoying it, but by the time I have time to sit down and do the meditations, sometimes I am sleepy and cant be bothered, but then I don’t want to look at this list before bed and see that I haven’t checked it off! So I force myself to do it, it ends Sunday and I’ve only missed one day which I did the next day anyways! And the drawing reminder, well, research shows that if you do something for as little as 15 minutes a day you improve at that thing, and who doesn’t want to improve their drawing skills? Bible study is pretty self explanatory as well. I do an in home bible study afternoon each Wednesday but if I don’t do any for the other six days its a bit pointless.

So this week I found a new challenge, my Bloke says “She loves a good challenge” its called the “100 days project” and the goal is to chose anything at all, to do for 💯 days and take a photo and post it on Instagram with the hash tag #100daysproject I figured that while I am doing this art course and posting that online I might as well make it a little bit more exciting by making it a challenge!

Speaking of art… today I finished two pieces, both of which I don’t actually love, but I didn’t avoid them, or put them off, or worse still skip them! I did them and I am moving on!

Lesson 13- Teacher- Toni Burt, Subject- Berthe Morisot. It was a collage piece and I felt like I had gone back to preschool, having said that her face turned out really well and I loved that! I called her “Alice the music teacher” because I used sheet music for her dress and hat and the song was something about April!

Work in progress.. I am super happy with her face which was a limited colour palette in pastels.

I lost momentum with her dress and so just gave up.. isn’t that just what some of the impressionists did?!

Then lesson 14- Teacher- Jun Toyama, Subject- Nicolai Fechin. We used charcoal, I don’t actually mind charcoal its messy but its also nice because you cant be too fussy. We were supposed to use a live model, I didn’t and Im not sharing the photo of who it was supposed to be, it’s disappointing maybe I’ll redo it sometime!

I still need A LOT of practise with my angles! But like everything, practise will help me improve!

So thats me for this Thursday! This also means that I am now officially up to date with “Lets Face it” next lesson gets released on Monday, so that means, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will work on “Soul brush sessions” and “Better drawing bootcamp” both of which are course run by Carrie on her website Artist Strong 💪 both of these course are run Free, so maybe you want to have a look!

I almost forgot to tell you about another challenge on Facebook, its an art group called “Weekend Challenges” each weekend we are given a photo and we have to recreate it as close as we can, or alternatively anyway we want. I’ll probably give that a go tomorrow, watch this space…..