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Day 4- Life..

April 2019- my 17 year old son was playing football and hurt his knee. Hurt is an understatement he did the trinity of Knee damages, his ACL, his MCL and his Meniscus it couldn’t be much worse. That simple fall in the first 20 minutes of the first game of Football for the season. Seemingly innocent and yet.. here we are almost two years later dealing with that bloody knee!

The first time (yep l said “First time” it’s getting worse!) there a blog on my page somewhere about the horror, l still feel sick when l think of it and all the emotions of those six months come back easily. He ended up having three different surgeries and then got Golden Staph blood poisoning. Horrific!

He had a pic line in his arm to deliver drugs straight into his system, he had weeks in the hospital and then six more weeks at home with “Hospital at home” nurses in every.single.day!! As a result he missed time off school and was unable to finish his final school year, another crushing blow.

April till August we dealt with his #bloodyknee as we all fondly called it. MRI’s, surgeons, Dr’s, blood tests, X-rays, heart scans, my poor boy had them all and l was with him every step of the way. My husband would drop me off at 7.00am and he’d go to work and then get back at about 6.00pm we’d supervise his dinner (or go buy him something to tempt him to eat!) and then leave at around 8.00pm and drive 45 minutes home. We were all wrecked!

Finally he was off the crutches and almost walking normally, he’d gotten a temporary job with The Bloke’s company to make himself some money and decide what his next steps should be. He decided he’d like to be a Builder and so we found him a man who was willing to give him a trial and he started working. We wondered how his knee would hold out and the answer was.. it didn’t!

In April 2020 his knee collapsed on him and he came hobbling home, it swelled up it was hot and l was more vocal this time! The first time l let my husband and my son and the football coach make decisions l didn’t agree with THIS time l did not! I called the physio and got him in l told him “l think he’s done it again” all three of them tsk tsk’ed me and said “it’s probably nothing!” Until the Physio started working on it and l saw his face fall and l knew!! He was in X-ray pretty soon after. He saw the Surgeon the next day!

This time he had torn the ACL because the Surgeon suggested that the graft had been weakened by the infection. So immediately blood works were done to make sure there was no Golden Staph present and he was booked in for surgery in March.

And then Covid came! Star Son gave up his dream job because his knee buckled as they were carrying a window and he almost dropped it! Surgeries were cancelled and then he was downgraded to “Elective” and he ended up having to wait until October 2020. And due to very strict covid conditions we had to leave him at the door to hobble into the hospital and be admitted for surgery, all by himself!! That was the hardest day of my life waiting to hear how it went. The surgeon called us to say all had gone better than expected and he would be gone in two days. My husband was his nominated visitor so he went in and sat with him for only an hour and we face timed so l could see and speak to him. I was in the car in the car park!

So from October until today he’s been back and forth for appointments and physio. He started his dream job he’s doing an apprenticeship with my Son in law as a builder and because his boss (our son in law) has followed the drama every step of the way he understands about the appointments and physio and everything needed for Star Son to heal. Today he had an appointment with physio who said he’s doing really good and a bit above where he should be. Then he saw the surgeon this afternoon he is also happy with his progress and so for now we can breath a little easier.

We went out for lunch to celebrate we had to kill a few hours between appointments.

Lunch here!
Lentil Burger and Wedges
Labyrinth at the hospital, with the constellation “the Southern Cross”
Every time we come here l walk the labyrinth and pray for good results!

As parents do we ever stop worrying about them? I think the older they get the more worried l am. Then of course you become a Grandparent and the level of worry goes up a notch!!

NaBloPoMo February day five… attempted disaster..


Thursday, February 5, 2015
Tell us about a dish you attempted to make that ended in disaster. Have you ever re-attempted the meal?

Oh this is a good one… one of the children was having a fund-raising event at school and she was in charge of a large cake and cup cakes. So I had spent ages making the cakes and left them on the stove top to cool…. someone let the dogs in and our Golden Retriever “Avalon” came inside and smelt something yummy.. and a few minutes later when we came back to check on the “cooling cakes” we found the Golden girl standing up on her hind legs at the stove, she’d eaten half the large cake (the bit she could reach!) and a few of the cup cakes..  needless to say the Girl child burst into tears and yelled and screamed. My Bloke ended up going to the supermarket to buy cupcake mixes and I had to start all over again!

The Next day she made $25.00 for the “Cystic Fibrosis” fund-raiser so it all ended well.

The Daily Post… the daily prompt… Tick Tock..

Wronged Objects

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

I would owe an apology to a clock.. not any clock but a Ansonia.. What do I know about clocks? Zilch would be the short answer, but my Husband is obsessed with clocks. We have a few in the house one room has three. So it wasn’t until our Grand children came along that I appreciated the clocks, because my Grand daughter Sweetpea is also obsessed with clocks. She will look at the largest of the clocks which is a “Woodcock” made in Melbourne, it used to hang on the wall of a pub that my Bloke’s grandfather used to work in and so when he retired they gave him the clock! It has a pendulum and a very loud but soothing “tick tick” so as we are changing babies on the dining room table (it quickly became a change station!) they would lay there and look at the clock. As soon as Sweetpea was focusing on things we introduced her to the clock and she giggled. It soon became a game when we knew that Sweetpea was coming to visit we would make sure the clock was wound up, and we would take her over to say hello to the clock and listen to her giggle. Now she is 13 months old and we ask her “Where’s Grandpa” she turns to the clock and points to the clock. Now she’s added a whispered “tick tock tick tock” when we ask her “What does the clock say?” She loves clocks!

So back to the Ansonia, it’s been sitting on my Mother-in-law’s mantelpiece for as long as I’ve been visiting there but I’ve never seen it work. When Sweetpea was visiting  her Great Grand Mother one day, the Bloke asked her “Scarlett, where is the clock?” and she looked all over the room and found the Ansonia sitting on the mantelpiece and she giggled, every time she went there it was the same thing. Tanny (My Mother-in-law) thought it adorable how she associated The bloke with clocks since it’s his great love. So she told SweetPea that one day she would have the clock (since it had been promised to the Bloke anyways) fast forward to three months ago and My Mother-in-law moved into a Nursing Retirement village and we had the job of emptying her home and relocating things so that we could rent her family home.

The Ansonia was still sitting on the mantelpiece and my Mother-in-law said “Please take the mantle clock” So I said to the Bloke “Take the clock and put it somewhere” So we brought it home and put it on the dresser.. and I hated it.. it’s very ornate and over the top and just not my style.. he said “Let’s leave it here till Mum comes to the Baby’s party and then we will put it away” so he proceeded to wind it. I’d never seen it wound or heard it before, it chimes too but he turned the chimes off his Mum said she never wound it because it was “too loud” yes it’s loud, but sometimes when I am home all alone it’s comforting.


This is from the Ansonia website.. http://www.antiqueansoniaclocks.com/Ansonia-Model-0751.php

It’s not exactly the same as our clock, the painting on the cover glass is slightly different but the casing is the same… it’s “ornate” and here is what the website says about it…

Catalog Description:

C.1880, Ansonia Clock Co., “Parisian’, walnut parlor clock, restored. This is a decent clock in running order, but has incorrect single barrel pendulum (should be double), has incorrect minute hand and top, center finial is turned to match the other 2, and should be as pictured in the Ansonia catalog (looks OK); original dial is excellent; would be $450 if correct; Height 23′

So no, I am not going to sell it and I am going to apologize to the Parisian Ansonia clock because my Grand Daughter loves it… she crawls to the cupboard pulls herself up and stares at the clock. She sits there and watches this clock tick..

Some people will things to their children and Grandchildren, we have already decided that ALL the Clocks are being “Willed” to Sweetpea.. She is our “time keeper” I just love that she has picked up this fascination from her Grandpa and she’s only 13 months old. And when it’s quiet and she is sitting calmly you can hear her whisper “tick tock tick tock

 Dear Ansonia Clock,

I am so sorry I judged you unfairly. I thought you were ugly and I put you on display “Just” to please my Mother-in-law. But I was won over the day she came to visit and saw you sitting proudly among her things, her paintings, my father-in-law’s pipe holder (another “ugly piece”) and the reaction my Mother-in-law had at seeing “her” clock on display was priceless, You belong here where you are being used and appreciated and listened to and giggled at. We welcome you into our family and I am sorry for making a hasty judgement against you.


Me xo

NaBloPoMo…January.. habits.. same movie every month?!!


Friday, January 16, 2015
Similar to yesterday, if you had to watch the same movie every single month for the next 10 years, what would it be?

I think once again I would go with “Gone with the wind” for the same reason as yesterday. I am a HUGE Scarlett O’Hara fan and I just adored the way Vivien Leigh played her. each time I watch the movie I see something different, maybe I’ve read something about the history and I notice that in this viewing, or maybe I focus on a different actor, whatever but I have seriously seen this movie so many times I wore out the first set of Videos (back in the Day!!) so I brought it on DVD and I just love it. No one else in my family are interested in the movie so it’s my “Me time”

The other movie that I love and could (and have) watched over and over is “Bridges of Madison County” my bestie best friend Deanne and I discussed this movie yesterday after her neighbour insisted that Deanne read the book because she “cried and cried” as did I and still do whenever I see the movie. Yet, my cousin Lee, can sit on the couch next to me and not even see what I am crying about, Deanne said she didn’t think the book was “that good” I wonder then if perhaps Deanne’s neighbour who “cried and cried” and I who have bawled each time I see the movie, have had different life experiences from Deanne and Lee (my cousin) Maybe something in our past has given us a deeper connection with this movie that has made us more emotional about the movie, either way, every time Francesca (played by Meryl Streep) makes the heart wrenching decision NOT to leave her husband and run away with Robert Kincaid (Played by Clint Eastwood) I still yell at the TV “GOOOOO with HIM!!!” Every Time…

Imagine how different her life might be…

Have you seen “Bridges of Madison County“?? If so do you relate in any way that makes you emotional or are you of the “it’s NOT that sad” gang??

NaBloPoMo- December Joy… Zentangling in Heavenly Silence…

Under the suggestion of my new friend Prior at: http://priorhouse.wordpress.com/

This post has also been submitted to Kan as part of her “Joy is…“Series, you can find out more about Kan at her site here: http://kanwalkwilltravel.com/2014/12/10/wk-20-joy-is/


Today I did my second Zentangling Class… this one was Renaissance Zentangling. Again at the Abbotsford Convent. I swear I get the most calm sense of peace there, all the stress seems to melt away and it’s so quiet, I could easily live there.

Our teacher is Beverley and you can find out more about her here… http://www.atangleintime.com/

We made a new friend Elwyn who is from NZ and was staying in our Suburb so we drove her home. Always good to make new Arty friends, Also Bec was a repeat student she did the first class with us last month and we are now “wordpress friends”  I think Zentangle is a great example of “JOY” I know I felt a lot of Joy while we were doing our tangles and all you could hear was our breathing. It was deadly silent and so relaxing. After looking after very active babies most days Silence is not something I hear too much of…

Now let’s see what today’s Official prompt is…Oh well see there you have it.. there are no prompts on the weekends… So Abbotsford Convent is my JOY!!!

NaBloPoMo December is Joy… Pen-pals! and NOT feeling sad.


I’ve written about Pen pals somewhere in my blog I just know I have and it’s funny because they give me so much joy. On my worst days a letter will come and sometimes I’ll rip it open and read through it and then if I am inspired I’ll reply right away, or I’ll carefully fold it all up and put it away until I have time to dedicate to it.

Some pals you click with instantly and others are a slow drawn out affair, and others still, no matter how hard you try, there’s no connection there.

Through NaBloPoMo, I have found a blogger who was writing about Snail mail… read her post here: http://myantidepressantlife.com/i-love-the-swirl-and-swing/

In the bottom of her post “Lady J” said this “Do you still write letters? What’s your favorite part about sending or receiving them?” So of course I had to reply to that. I wondered if “Lady J” realized what a can of worms she was opening, suddenly everyone wants to be pen-pals with her. I think it’s awesome and I hope that she finds some new life long friends as I have my first pen-pal is in Germany and we are still in touch regularly, We have been pals for 12 years. WoW!! So I received an email from Lady J and I will be sending her mail. I am hopeful that we will have enough in common that we want to write to each other again, because I don’t have a pal currently in the state of Oregon.. maybe soon I will!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Who do you like to be with when you’re feeling sad?

Today’s journal prompt is very apt to the Pen-pal discussion, because when I am sad, I take myself away and I write, I usually have time to concentrate on my pen-pal letters, when I am sad I retreat to my bedroom and journal and “get over it” this could also include spending time writing letters because seriously by the time you reply to all the things your pal has written you’ll soon find yourself feeling much better.

I always try to skim over the sad parts, and if the particular pal wants more info she’ll ask me and I’ll tell her but by then whatever made me sad in the first place has ceased to matter so it’s all good.

NaBloPoMo 2014- Remembrance

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Tonight I am posting flowers for two special women. Happy Birthday Mum Today was my Mother-in-law’s birthday. Each year we think of her and say “Happy Birthday Mum or Nanny” and she’s gone, but every time that Genista bush out the front flowers I am reminded of her. Mum Hamilton had this bush in her garden and when you would walk past it, a waft of candy scent would follow you, I loved that bush, so when we moved into our new house, the first Christmas we invited “Mum and Dad Hamilton” to come for Christmas. It had the potential to be uncomfortable, this was my EX in Law’s sitting across the table from my NEW in Laws, but it was a great family day and it somehow helped the kids to feel more settled with all their parents (My ex Husband was also here) and Grand parents, I think that was probably one of the better Christmases I’ve hosted. My Mother-in-Law gave me a Yellow Genista (also known as Broom) GENISTA Yellow Imp (Little Imp) (Yellow Broom)http://www.benaranurseries.com/productinfo.asp?ID=44930. Just like this one!! I planted it proudly and I love the smell of it. There’s nothing to do to kill it, it’s like a weed just keeps on keeping on. “Mum Hamilton” I have been calling her that from the time I was 17 years old. I learnt a lot about being a wife, and housekeeper and Mother from my Mother-in-law, I also learnt about things I didn’t want to be or do. When her son and I separated we fell apart for a while and I swore that I would never get close to anyone again, it hurts too much when you lose them. One day we had an argument our first and last and I swore at her, this woman I have been calling “Mum” for all those years, and we were both shocked and she said “I don’t deserve that” and I quickly apologized because she DIDN’T deserve that but also I didn’t deserve what she was saying to me. We agreed that if she wanted to keep seeing her Grandchildren and be a part of their life-like I wanted her to, she would have to get over what had happened and learn to accept me. For a few months it was like walking on egg shells but eventually we got back to normal. When the children and I moved up here about 40 minutes away, Nanny and Pa would make the trek for birthdays and Christmas and Easter, and the children saw their Grandparents when they were with their Dad. Nanny got dementia and went down hill quickly, soon, not remembering any of us. When Nanny died we were asked to wear color no black wear her favorite Blue, so I had a dress with blue flowers and I had remarked when I brought it “Oh look it’s Nanny’s favorite color” so I wore that dress in remembrance of a wonderful Mother, Mother-in-law and Grandmother. Happy Birthday Mum, watch over the Grandchildren and now Great Grand Children for us xoox

The World just lost a beautiful soul. The Second wonderful lady I want to remember is my Sister-in-law Lindy’s Mother-in-law. Florence Bridge. I met Florrie at one of Lindy’s Christmas gatherings, most years we would go to Lindy and Peter’s house for all the important things, and Florrie and her Husband Reg would be there. My Children grew up calling Florrie “Grandma Florrie” because their cousins did. Florrie was a beautiful gentle lady, and always took the time to talk to everyone and get to know us all. One year we mixed things up a bit and went to Reg and Florrie’s house in Bacchus Marsh and had Christmas lunch there and after lunch we sat around chatting, both Florrie and Mum Hamilton were crazy mad gardeners and had beautiful gardens, I wish I had gotten that off them! There was a discussion about a book, and I am an avid book lover so my ears pricked up and they were talking about a book that Florrie had written of her family and her life, she had made them into spiral bound books for each family group. She let me have a look at it and I started to read it. When it came time to go, I didn’t want to stop reading so Florrie graciously allowed me to take her book home and finish reading it. Have you ever picked up a book and started reading and you cannot put the book down?  I haven’t very often, maybe 2 or 3 books in my life time. Maybe it was because I knew Florrie and Reg personally and therefore when they spoke about Chad, Peter and Andrew, I knew them too. But this book was spell binding, from Florrie’s earliest memories until a recent time, who knew that she had lived such a life. I finished the book late that night and I rang Florrie the next day and we chatted for two hours about her book, we laughed at bits and we cried at bits, and I was just stunned to think, that I had known this gentle women for years and she was so much more than we ever knew. I said to Florrie “I wish I could lead a life half as exciting as yours, and write it all down for my children” I just loved the legacy that she had created. By reading Florrie’s book I could hear her voice in the words that were typed on the page. Florrie’s advice to me was “Go back to the very earliest memory you have and start writing, and write and write and keep on writing, don’t stop, and then one day the little things will be important and you will be able to pass that onto your children” So the very next day I went out and I brought a blank note book and I settled myself down and I started writing…that was seventeen years ago and I have not stopped. I have highs and I have lows and I have sad pages and happy ones, and I have journals for travel and journals for camping and I have journals for each Grand baby, and now I also have art journals, and I write every silly little thing down because Grandma Florrie told me to. I have not seen “Grandma Florrie” for a number of years because I divorced Tony and lost contact with my sister-in-law Lindy for a while and then we found each other again, just in time for my nephew’s 21st birthday and Grandma Florrie was there! What a sight for sore eyes. She didn’t remember me but that was alright I remembered her and hugged her because I had missed seeing her for so many years. In June Grandma Florrie turned 95! WOW!! What a good long life she has led. After a quick illness she passed away yesterday 19th November, and I don’t know her religious beliefs if she had any, but I am sure that She and Mum Hamilton are now in Heaven gossiping with God and making beautiful gardens. Sleep peacefully Ladies, and they truly were Ladies until we meet again.

Day Three The Daniel Plan and Day Twelve Salad Challenge.


Hump day. Halfway through the week, and I’ve made another day of temptations and overcome them all.

Tonight we had the Sunbury Womens group Gathering and everyone brings a plate to share and there are always yummy things like egg lettuce sandwiches and pies and sausage rolls and tonight even drop scones with Jam, and I didn’t have a single bite of anything.. but those egg lettuce sandwiches were calling me names!

breakfast- Banana and Chinese tea

lunch -Meatloaf salad ( also counts for Day 12 of the salad challenge)

dinner -Corn Tortilla with meatloaf and salad, I really couldn’t be bothered, and the corn tortilla tasted like cardboard so I didn’t eat it.

I had a really goo water day 1800 mils not quite as much as I needed to but oh well, more than yesterday. I had more energy until about 2.00 pm and then I slumped, and had an afternoon nap. I thought I was doing really well and had avoided the headache but nope, about 6:30 pm it showed up. And now its 8.22 m and I am so ready for bed!! I know it’s my body detoxing all the bad stuff so I’m OKwith it because I know it’ll pass!

Time to go and do my bible studies.


Meatloaf salad with roasted pumpkin and carrots. Lunch day 12!

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 26- Almost Over and Singing in my head!




Monday: Mosaic Monday – make a photomasiac to show and write about
Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday – tell us about yourself
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – post a photo and no words
Thursday: Thankful Thursday – write about what you are thankful/grateful for, Throwback Thursday
Friday: Friends on Friday – write about another creative you admire, Flashback Friday
Saturday: Some/Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday
Sunday: Sunday Snippets (started by {tinniegirl}) – My week in photos… A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story


Almost Over… Day 26 already and I am so proud of myself for keeping up every day journal-ling and blogging two challenges. I am finding all kinds of things to blog about, I think there has only been two days were I was stumped.. so I reverted to a journal prompt… whatever works I say as long as you journal/blog!

When I signed up I secretly wondered if I would keep going, life gets busy in our house, but I have made myself a little routine and I am happy with it, I am even going to do another month of blogging/journal-ling. I saw some where  NaBloPoMo ( National Blog Posting Month) who knew?!

What is NaBloPoMo?  http://nablopomoguideunofficial.blogspot.com.au/

NaBloPoMo stands for “National Blog Posting Month.” The goal of NaBloPoMo is for participants to write a post a day for an entire month.

Although November is the biggest month for NaBloPoMo (with prizes and everything!) people are invited to take up the challenge of writing a post a day during any month.

To help inspire bloggers, NaBloPoMo assigns a theme for each month, and also offers daily writing prompts, but these are optional. Bloggers are not required to write on a specific month’s theme or a specific day’s writing prompt. Any post about anything at all counts.

For additional information including the rules, and how and where to sign up, please see the NaBloPoMo FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions.)

I think I will give it a go. I am enjoying my blog, and I think they offer prompts and things as well.. I guess I’d better go do some more research!! OK. so I can blog here and link to Blogher.com or I can just blog here and be done with it.. but it’s kind of fun blogging with others and I love prompts.. you don’t have to use them. Here is the latest blog prompt (They only do prompts Mon-Fri)
Friday, October 24, 2014
If babyhood is spring and young adulthood is summer, which age do you consider to be the start to the “autumn” of life?
I would consider 50 to be the start of “Autumn” I say that because in our 20’s we are busy (some of us please no take offense!) trying to find our life partners and settle down, some of us are still partying and some of us are establishing careers. In our 30’s we are usually raising one or more or a passel of children and life goes speeding past in a blink of an eye. in our 40’s, careers are settled, children are mostly grown or over the infancy at least. So sometimes (well for me anyways) by the time I got to 45, it was all good, we are happily nesting in the house we now own, our children are all grown or on the way and are settled in jobs, in their lives and suddenly we start thinking about “Me” a bit more.. coffee with the girls, art classes etc etc. I have just turned 47 yrs old, I am a Grandmother of three and still raising a 12 yrs old. For me personally I say “bring it on!” I can’t wait to be 50 and Autumnal it has always been one of my favourite seasons, the other is Spring. I feel that when I get to 50 I am grown up!

So did you read yesterday or Friday’s post? I am sick, boy am I ever.. last night during the night I decided to talk to God since I was feverish and couldn’t sleep and I remember asking him “What do I need to do to be better?” and he said (or did he?!) “You have pneumonia and you need to go to hospital” I am really sick, I have not been sleeping, and I have been really feverish, but I think also maybe I was hallucinating as well. Because by the time I woke up this morning, every part of me hurt, my ribs from coughing, my chest from the “pneumonia” and ever other thing inside and outside of me, funnily enough even my hair hurt! So I stumbled my way to the bathroom to find painkillers and water and came back to bed and my husband asked “How are you hun?” I very clearly told him ( but remember I have no voice so it’s squeaky and alternating croaky) “I thought the ambulance would have been here by now” he was like “huh?” I said “I have pneumonia and I need to go to the hospital, people die from pneumonia” he grunted at me “You wish!” and rolled over. That’s it no sympathy… I dragged myself to the shower. It took me 3 hours to feel 1/2 way decent.
I noticed yesterday in the car and then again today as we went down to help pack my mother-in-law up (she is moving into a “retirement home” because she refuses to go to a nursing home so we all call it a “retirement home”) when I have no voice with which to sing, all the good songs come on the car radio.. so in the last two days my head has been having a great old sing along, and the rest of me has been deathly still and silent. I hate that! I love to go in the car and have singalongs with my husband and son… but with no voice it’s impossible. My daughter loves to tell everyone how she comes in and hears Mum singing Eminem’s song “Cleaning out my closet”  at the top of my lungs. Two of her friends thought that made me a “Cool Mum” I think it makes me brain washed, but I like to sing, I’ll sing anything and usually badly.. except today and yesterday, no singing.. I think however, after last night hallucination I have turned a corner and I am on the mend… please let it be so!!
I really did not feel like going to my Mother-in-law’s today, I felt worse than death warmed over but I drugged myself up and off we went. In the end I am glad I forced myself to go just like I am glad I got out of the house yesterday and I forced myself to go on the picnic on Friday, I cannot wallow in self pity if I am out. Today was not about me, today was about my Mother-in-law who will soon be 87 years old, she is getting forgetful and slightly dementia riddled and so finally she has been convinced to go into “a retirement home” because she told my husband, her son, “Oh a nursing home? no way I would never go there!” So we all call it the “retirement home” and on her visit there last week she burst into song and they have all declared that they can’t wait for her to move in! Today was for my Sister-in-law who does everything for her Mum, all her banking, all her medical appointments and a gazillion other things, she is struggling with the decision and even thought we ALL know it’s the right choice she is feeling the stress. So I went and helped to pack suitcases and sort clothes and it actually helped me to feel better. On Wednesday my Bloke will take his Mum to her “retirement home” and settle her in, it’s going to be a huge step for everyone.
It’s been a weekend, it’s been busy, and it’s been yucky, the weather has been nice, but we’ve been too sick to care. On a brighter note though, I did manage to get a piece of art work finished.. Shonna is at http://twistedfigures.ning.com/ and she recently had a five week FREE course on Christian art which was so popular over 400 participants, she’s decided to make a whole community of Christian artists and do lots more of it. So today I worked on Week 2- Get Outta the boat! its based on Matthew
I am not a huge fan of abstract but I do like to be fair and give everything a try, so no paint brushes were harmed in the producing of this art piece.. it was all done with a credit card as a paint scraper! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!! and now it’s time for more drugs and bed… hopefully I won’t wake up waiting for the ambulance in the morning!

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 14- Two weeks down..




Monday: Mosaic Monday – make a photomasiac to show and write about
Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday – tell us about yourself
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – post a photo and no words
Thursday: Thankful Thursday – write about what you are thankful/grateful for, Throwback Thursday
Friday: Friends on Friday – write about another creative you admire, Flashback Friday
Saturday: Some/Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday
Sunday: Sunday Snippets (started by {tinniegirl}) – My week in photos… A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story


Talkative Tuesday… tell us about yourself..

Now really… what women doesn’t like that offer?!

Today I had an appointment with “Priceline” they were offering “free” blood testing to check on Cholesterol and Sugar levels and Blood Pressure, as well as weight and height…So I am thinking to myself I’ve got this in the bag because we eat fairly healthily compared to some people we know, and yes currently I am carrying some extra weight due to “winter” it always happens each year ad then about Spring when the weather starts to warm up and I can get out of the house ( I HATE Winter, each year I try to make a pact to HATE it less but it usually fails, I am just not the Winter sort of person) the weight usually starts to move. So I went to this appointment this morning feeling positive, that didn’t last long.. Different scales resulted in a different weight than I would use at home AND I never weight myself with ALL my clothes on, so I didn’t like HER numbers..it showed (As I suspected) that I am over weight.. no surprise there. Next she did my Blood Pressure, I have never had high r even elevated BP ever, not even when I was pregnant with the children, today it was 136/ 99 so she suggested that my BP was high and possibly I should monitor that for a period over a week and see if it was a one-off or if it’s becoming the “norm”? and if it is then I will possibly need to take further action… As if I just keep a Blood Pressure machine at home?! So I asked her “Could the fact that I just walked down here 2.3 kilometers in 15 minutes have made a difference?” I mean I am not usually in a hurry but the wind was cold and the sky was grey and threatening rain so I hurried to avoid getting Chase wet in his pram! She agreed that could have affected the results a little… so I’m maybe not too worried about that number. Next she pricked my finger and tested my blood for Glucose and Cholesterol, these two numbers interest me and usually each year in January I go to my GP and have all the blood testings done so I can start the year off on a good note. My Father developed type 2 Diabetes in his early 50’s and she tells me “this type is not hereditary, it’s more life style and dietary” which in his case it was. BUT having had two Gestational diabetic pregnancies I am at a higher risk of developing it, so I try to keep a close watch on that number.

Usually I know that by loosing even 3- 4 kgs it makes a difference to my numbers, so I am not sure why today’s numbers surprised me seeing as I am carrying a few extra kgs. My Cholesterol numbers were 6.23 ( the nurse works at a leading Melbourne hospital and says “we don’t usually worry until it gets to 6.5, but yours is starting to creep up”!) So I don’t like that number and the  Blood Glucose was 5.9 and she said she wasn’t too concerned but again it’s creeping up. I asked her did she think that these numbers could be part of the reason why I am so tired? and she said “there are many reasons why and to start to rule any of them out I should go to the GP for a full blood work up” so I guess I am doing that sooner rather than January. So now I am tossing up this question in my head… Should I go and do the blood work now and get the numbers… and then lose the weight, OR Start losing the weight and then go get the numbers done?! many questions to ponder. My husband and family are like “go now!” and probably I will just to shut them up!

On a positive note though.. since I had to go down town and so my daughter Amber met me and we did some shopping so visited a few different shops, I did more walking than an average down town trip.. so today according to my “Fit Bit”  I have done ( as of 8.26 pm) 15, 744 steps and that equates to 10.89 kilometers, I am pretty happy with that! Apparently I need to aim for 10,000 or more steps 5 days per week… now I have my “Fit Bit” on I am sure I will… also now the weather is fining up it makes it much easier to get out and walk!

In the meantime… no more white bread, no more white flour, no more white rice  and no more white potatoes. That helps! Maybe I’ll start sharing some of my Bodytrim recipes with y’all!