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Big Lap WA 2015- Day 21… Three weeks are already gone.. whaaaat?

I can hardly believe that, it’s already been three weeks but then I look back at my journal and read all the things we’ve done and see the photos and say “Wow we have crammed heaps in” So day 21 saw us at Coalmine Beach in Walpole (remember its pronounced WARpole) We had booked in for the Wilderness Cruise at 10 am and it was billed as entertaining and informative” and it was certainly that.

walpole and Albany 001

Walpole Jetty

Gazza was our host and he surely kept us entertained, full of facts, dates, figures, but sadly with me most of them go in one ear and out the next! Anyways they just got a new floating jetty and a NZ furseal has taken charge of it.. I didn’t get to see the said seal but it was there some where. Gazza joked the “Jetty has the SEAL of approval” because some days they have to close the jetty and use the old when  the seal is sleeping on it. So we found out lots of historical facts and why the National park has a French name (Named after the French man who discovered it) WOW there is the link to find out more..

Part way through the cruise we stopped at a Jetty on the Bellangar Beach and got off to hike up a steep hill to over look a secluded bay and then hiked down to that beach, I just googled it.. it’s called Circus Beach. The Bloke and I did the Hike and Star Son opted to stay back with a group of people. That’s another day I’ll live to regret, my legs were absolutely killing me and here I was mistakenly thinking I was “fit” ha ha! After the hike we were served tea, coffee, milo, or cordial and Gazza’s Mum’s home-made “Tingle” cake.. yum!

That took us till almost 12.45pm we were running slightly late because we waited t the start of the tour for “Monica” who was a no-show and then Gazza have a chat just kept on talking and talking and not stopping talking.

Back at camp we spent a lazy afternoon not doing too much, the serenity have finally started to kick in and this is where things slow down and we get a bit “lazy” so we sight see in the mornings come back to camp in the afternoons and then do not a lot.

walpole and Albany 018

Early Dinner… potatoes cooked in the coals.. mine had Chilli Philly on them

 walpole and Albany 017

Mumma Roo brought Joey by for another visit she thinks we are locals now.

This afternoon Star Son went out fishing with the family in the next camp and he caught two Black Bream, but they were undersized and he had to release them, they also saw a tiger snake swimming and they saw the seal! While Star Son was away we packed up his tent and started packing up things in camp to make an early getaway tomorrow. Tomorrow we are off down the coast a bit more to Albany, lots of history in Albany.

BigLap WA 2015- Day One! Sunbury Victoria to Kingston on Murray South Australia

On the road again! The day started early for me I couldn’t sleep because my head was so stuffy I couldnt breathe so I was awake at 4:30am. Then I realised that the Science teacher had sent through work for Star Son to complete and so we had to print some sheets, so I had to set up the printer at 7:00 am and print pages.

So instead of leaving at 7:00am as planned it was 7:11am and we were off! I had to eat so I could take my “Horse pill” and so we went through the McDonalds drive through and got a McMuffin.

The day started off chilly but improved the further we got away from home, so we noted the rising tempratire and also the fact that we needed the air conditioner on!

After three hours driving we left the roads we knew and took “the roads less travelled” and we understand now why they are less travelled… Some were just horrible, but as we do a trip we follow our progress on the map with a black line and so we shrugged our shoulders and said “Its another black line” actually I think I will change colours for this trip, maybe Blue!!

By the time it was lunch time we had done the “less travelled roads” and come to a familiar place Ouyen, where we had a stretch of our legs, some lunch and a Loo stop as well as a fuel stop, then onto more “Less travelled roads”

One of the “Roads less travelled”lead us through “Murrayville” and look who we found… The Bloke’s Hero.. The Phantom

He had to stop for a photo op and it was on the wall of a PUB no less… his two fave things, Phantom and Beer!



At the Border

These roads finally brought us to the Border between Victoria and South Australia and into desert country. Almost immediately we saw an increase in wild life, in fact we saw 7 Blue tongue lizards, a very wriggly snake crossing the road, a rabbit and the one the most amazed me was in broad day light, like 2:00pm, we saw a fox just casually cross the highway, we were all stunned and amazed. On our last Big Lap in 2013 we had a list of “wild life” we wanted to see, we didnt see them all, like I didn’t see the dingo that Star Son and his new buddy saw, but we sure heard them. I also didn’t see the wild camel or the brumby except the dead one on the side of the road. I didn’t make a list this time but of course I would LOVE to see a dingo in the wild and the brumby and the camel, left overs from last trip and we never saw a snake although we saw plenty of lizards and Star Son had a very close encounter with a wild goanna and a wild emu! it was so funny I was filming at the time! This time we are adding Whales to our list of “to see” we kind of play spotto, and when I saw the snake I yelled so loud Star Son heard through his headphones and was so dispointed he missed it. And of course who could forget our most faqvourite wild life. The Wedgetailed Eagle. We saw a family unit just cruisng over the road low enough to see their pretty under wing pattern.


Wildflowers on the side of the road.

The Bloke estimated that we would arrived at 3:00pm and he was spot on, despite more than planned Loo stops (I tried to swallow my probiotic and it got stuck which is kind of ironic since the horse pill antibiotic goes down so nicely, I ended up drinking half a liter bottle of water to wash it down, needless to say I needed more Loo stops) we arrived here at 2:56pm and were checked in and looking at our site by 3:10pm. We opted for the no power wered sight so we could be water front and it’s so worth it, I am just loving the silence and the darkness there is only one other couple here.


Kingston on Murray

IMG_2723 IMG_2722

Our Bedroom in Tamara and Star Son’s bedroom in Tyler

Once we were partly set up, something we have NEVER done before we went to find the shops, we needed bread and also the Star Son wanted to get some bait to go fishing, at least while he was occupied fishing we were able to finish setting up camp, but I must confess it was not our usual set up and I dont think I’d do it that way again. He thought he had a snag and pulled in his rod to find as he said rather shocked “I’ve caught a rock!,” when we clamoured to see the rock he caught The Bloke realised it was a HUGE fresh water mussel.

IMG_2724 IMG_2725

Star Son caught a “rock” a huge Fresh Water Mussel.

Needless to say Star son was less than impressed. Another couple were fishing near us and they had caught a legal sized Yellow belly (leagal size in these parts is 33cms) other wise you have to throw them back in, so we asked if we could look at it so that we would know if we ever caught one, since all we have ever caught are carp And they are considered pests and have to be killed and not retured to the water, so we feed them to the Pelicans! Anyways as the other couple were packing up to return to their camp they gave Star Son their Yellow belly, which The Bloke has since butchered and will cook tomorrow. Yuck! Think I’m turning vegan!

So now it’s 8:25 pm, I’ve taken my meds and washed the dinner dishes and I am seriously thinking early night, today was beautiful and at 6:00pm it was still 29C and is currently a balmy 21c, I think I could get used to that!

Tomorrow we have a shopping expediation to Barmera because they have a supermarket and we need dish detergent and a new can opener, then it’ll be more fishing and Star Son thinks he’ll go in the pool I think I’ll watch him! Plus we have a date with the fishing couple his name was Ken, he follows our football team The Mighty Tigers and so we are meeting at the camp kitchen to watch the elimination final. What this really means is a lazy relaxing do nothing kind of day in the sun.

That my friends is Day one… Stay tuned for more adventures..

Round up on our Camping Trip..

So its Friday night 9;43 pm and we are at home. These photos were on the camera which needed to be uploaded to the lap top so I thought I’d do one more post on our trip as a final round up.

The weather was perfect, yes the first night was a bit blowy..OK, so Star Fisher Son couldn’t sleep he thought he’d be blown away and came into our  tent, these little things are the joys of camping.

OK, So we didn’t get to go to Menindee Lakes which was our “plan” but we are flexible and plans are made to be changed. Menindee is in full crisis mode and drought stricken and I am glad we did not have to witness that. We have so many good memories of Menindee Lakes last November. We will return one day.

OK, So we didn’t get to do “Free camping” for several reasons 1- The Bloke hurt his hip and could hardly move a lot of the trip, so I didn’t see the point of packing up camp and moving it all across the River and then setting it all up again (Blame me, basically I am lazy) 2- We had “location, location, location,” why move and disturb that? 3- I confess I like Hot showers and real toilets but having said that I WILL GO FREE CAMPING!! (one day!)

The Pluses…

  • I did manage to eat salad at least once a day, most days twice.. yes fruit salad counts!
  • Location, Location, Location… river front and less that a kilometer round trip walk into town.
  • Wentworth is such a friendly little town, it’s clean it’s quiet and everyone was chatty and friendly.
  • Weather- remember when we left home we were all sick and coughing up lungs and wishing for death, yeah that! it lasted a day and then moved on!
  • The Desert- I loooove the desert, it was 4 kilometers from our camp! I went twice!
  • I filled up a journal and started a new one!

We were able to just sit and unwind and relax it’s been a busy and sometimes stressful year and so some days I did little more than sit and stare at the Darling River, and feel the aches, pains and stresses ebb away, I had a list of “to do” things, answer my snail mail, do art, do bible journalling, I was hard pressed to do anything, but forced myself to at least do my mail.. and then the lure of the river kicked in and I sat and stared and suddenly hours had gone by.. I could so easily live there! I am thinking retirement on a houseboat and becoming a “River rat” is in my future!

So that is the end of another great camping trip, w are home again, with excited dogs and a clingy cat and an excited “Charlie boy” and a very cute Grand Son.

I wonder who’s feeding Snow white and the Things tonight?!!

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 31 Finished and 30days digital journal challenge and complete!



Monday: Mosaic Monday – make a photomasiac to show and write about
Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday – tell us about yourself
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – post a photo and no words
Thursday: Thankful Thursday – write about what you are thankful/grateful for, Throwback Thursday
Friday: Friends on Friday – write about another creative you admire, Flashback Friday
Saturday: Some/Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday
Sunday: Sunday Snippets (started by {tinniegirl}) – My week in photos… A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story


Today marks the final day of this Blogtoberfest Challenge and also the 30 days digital challenge. I am so happy and proud of myself for sticking it out. There were a few days there when I was unwell or just plain tired and I wanted to just sleep or die, and instead I made myself do a post. I doubt anyone is reading them but I kept on going!!

Tonights post is brought to you from Willowbend Caravan Park, Darling Street Wentworth New South Wales. Two reasons this tickles my funny bones.

  • We  live in Darling Court and are holidaying in Darling Street on the banks of the Darling River!
  • Weeping Willows are my favourite tree, this park is called “Willow Bend” there is not a Willow in sight, well, as yet I am to see one.

As Caravan parks goes this is very basic, but its crowing glory is the beautiful Darling river which silently lays about 10 feet in front of me. I love riverside camping! We’ve spent the afternoon watching seas eagles glide overhead looking for their next meal, and we’ve had the locals come by for a chat, a white duck I’ve named Snow White she has a crook leg but she has a beautiful nature and her two friends/ bodyguards are teal mallards, they walk by her side they swim one in front of her and one behind her and they watch over her so the pea hens don’t get too cheeky, Snow, came up nice and close and sat at my feet, I fed her some bread and then when I made the salad I gave her lettuce and she quietly quacked her appreciation, she sat at my feet for close to an hour.

We have had a rotten few weeks illness and Mother-in-law worries and so when we got here today and set up we spent the first few hours just sitting, me I napped, I feel like I have lots of sleep to catch up on. Star Son was eager to fish, this time last year he learnt how to fish at Lake Menindee and he’s got the bug, last year he caught a gazillion carp and two undersized Yellow Belly. So today he puts his rod in and within an hour he’s landed his first Yellow belly, it was too small to keep, we took a photo and released it, but now he’s even more keen to start fishing tomorrow.

Rob and I are still coughing our lungs up, so today as we drove here we watched the temperatire gauge get higher, but the time we got here (6 hours drive time from home) it was 37.5 C it was hot!! I told him, within a few days we will be better. We went to the shopping center and brought some lovely juicy oranges, and then sat there and scoffed them, icy cold and very welcome. We will be buying more tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are heading into Mildura over the border back to Victoria and Mildura is famous for oranges and Grapes and wine and most fruits, so we are going to stock up on fresh fruits and spend the week eatkng clean!! Salad challenge starts tomorrow!!

But for now, its bedtime!! I will definately sleep well tonight!!