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October has begun!

October is fairly busy for us.

We had a lovely camping trip from Thursday 27th September until Monday 1st October.

We had two of our children join us the two eldest ones and three and a half of our Grandchildren.

Squishy is 4, Faerygirl is 2 (going on 21!) Little Dude is 9 weeks old and Belly Babe is still in utero!

Little Dude- 9 weeks first camping trip.

Squishy boy- 5 in December caught the ONLY fish!

Faerygirl know known as Camping Chick! 2 yrs old bathing in a tub!

We had a great time although no internet reception was slightly a pain.

Today and tomorrow l am sitting with my cousin who is house bound while she recovers from surgery.

Today we watched the movie “Victoria and Abdul” it was a great movie! Plus we did some art.

On the subject of art.. I promised you all l would post a flip through of my art journal for missing the last few days of the month in regards to my art.

Now even though the #blogfestseptember is officially over l solemnly do swear to stay in regular touch with y’all… I’ve missed blogging be honest.

This month in #kickinthecreatives

I’ve chosen to do the prompt #OutAndAboutOctober so that means out of my house and sketching in public or somewhere not in my house.

Here are day one and two…

Day one- Ursula our camper before we left Carter’s Beach.

Day 2- Charlie’s house on my back deck technically l was out of the house lol.

Have a great week everyone!

Chat soon.

Round up on our Camping Trip..

So its Friday night 9;43 pm and we are at home. These photos were on the camera which needed to be uploaded to the lap top so I thought I’d do one more post on our trip as a final round up.

The weather was perfect, yes the first night was a bit blowy..OK, so Star Fisher Son couldn’t sleep he thought he’d be blown away and came into our  tent, these little things are the joys of camping.

OK, So we didn’t get to go to Menindee Lakes which was our “plan” but we are flexible and plans are made to be changed. Menindee is in full crisis mode and drought stricken and I am glad we did not have to witness that. We have so many good memories of Menindee Lakes last November. We will return one day.

OK, So we didn’t get to do “Free camping” for several reasons 1- The Bloke hurt his hip and could hardly move a lot of the trip, so I didn’t see the point of packing up camp and moving it all across the River and then setting it all up again (Blame me, basically I am lazy) 2- We had “location, location, location,” why move and disturb that? 3- I confess I like Hot showers and real toilets but having said that I WILL GO FREE CAMPING!! (one day!)

The Pluses…

  • I did manage to eat salad at least once a day, most days twice.. yes fruit salad counts!
  • Location, Location, Location… river front and less that a kilometer round trip walk into town.
  • Wentworth is such a friendly little town, it’s clean it’s quiet and everyone was chatty and friendly.
  • Weather- remember when we left home we were all sick and coughing up lungs and wishing for death, yeah that! it lasted a day and then moved on!
  • The Desert- I loooove the desert, it was 4 kilometers from our camp! I went twice!
  • I filled up a journal and started a new one!

We were able to just sit and unwind and relax it’s been a busy and sometimes stressful year and so some days I did little more than sit and stare at the Darling River, and feel the aches, pains and stresses ebb away, I had a list of “to do” things, answer my snail mail, do art, do bible journalling, I was hard pressed to do anything, but forced myself to at least do my mail.. and then the lure of the river kicked in and I sat and stared and suddenly hours had gone by.. I could so easily live there! I am thinking retirement on a houseboat and becoming a “River rat” is in my future!

So that is the end of another great camping trip, w are home again, with excited dogs and a clingy cat and an excited “Charlie boy” and a very cute Grand Son.

I wonder who’s feeding Snow white and the Things tonight?!!

NoBloPoMo 2014- Day 3- To Gaol, the Doctors and fishing we will go!!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Written at Darling River, Wentworth New South Wales..

Day 4 of our camping adventure.

Today Rob woke up with, actually he went to bed with a sore hip and woke up with a much worse one, so todays mission was find a Doctor!

So off we went into town to the Information center and asked for the nearest Doctor, we also brought a sticker for the trailer, every where we go camping we buy a sticker and put it on the trailer inside of the lid. I also buy a tea towel and postcards (did that later at the newsagent.)

The first doctors rooms had no vacancy but the lovely receptionist rang the other Doctor surgery and they were able to fit Rob in at 11:30am so that gave us about 40 minutes, we spent that time very wisely at the old Wentworth Gaol looking at the cells, and trying on shackles and taking photos and enjoying that part of history, the guy remembered we had been in yesterday. It cost $20 for all of us but it was a nice step back into history. You could even go into some cells and shut the door, that was a little creepy.

After the Doctor we had to go to the Chemist and get Rob some pain killers and anti inflammatories so that was good, we did a quick shop for the latest lot of foods, the trouble with this little fridge is we don’t fill it up too much, so shopping for meats daily is easier and this town is so friendly and reasonably priced we don’t mind shopping local.

Back at camp salad lunch, used the left over roast chicken and a splash of fresh lemon juice. We’ve been having two salads a day, so I’m up with that challenge, and. A photo a day challenge on Instagram with FatMumSlim.. #FMSphotoadayNov todays photo was to show “weather”

We spent the afternoon catching up on the camping journals, adding the photos of places we’ve been a little snippets from the local touristy guides and news papers. Then I managed to get one pen friend letter written to my good friend Terri in Pennsylvania, I had previously brought 10 postcards so I included one to Terri. I was busy writing away and then fish kept jumping onto our fishing rods and I kept having to put down what I was doing and go reel in my fish (I caught three today) or take photos of The Bloke and the Star Fisher Boy with their fish, we caught carp, Fisher boy got 6 today, takes his total up to 10! Rob caught two! And we also cooked and ate the yabbies we caught yesterday!

Dinner was another salad with chicken strips and a baked potato cooked in our fire pit, and as I type the Bloke is roasting marshmallows over the fire-pit. The sunset tonight was glorious, pinks and reds and splashes of purple, and just now, a little visitor has dropped by to visit a wide eyes possum awoken from her slumber.

As for us, the mozzies are starting to eat me alive and so I am ready to lock myself in the tent and read my book! OH!! At the local Second hand shop today they had books for 50 cents each!! Bargain!! I got two, to use up my loose change.