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Mind dump…

It’s 3:08am. I’m wide awake… why?

His drip had an air bubble and alarms went off every which way, lights flashing, Nurse Fiona came in quietly creeping but she needed light and a syringe to remove the offending bubble and so all lights went on and though she was fast and efficient and it was all dealt with so quickly, my mind has switched on and l am wide awake.

He sleeps blissfully it’s been a rough few weeks, two weeks ago exactly we were here, he had a knee reconstruction, playing football it’s been his dream since he was 3 yrs old and got his first football and declared “I’m going to play for the Tigers!”

He started Auskick at 5 yrs old and joined his first team at 8 or 9. I had previously believed l had skipped the “Sports Mum” title but l thought too soon. Then it was all about football training in the cold winter evenings and Sunday’s we worship at the Church of Football, all day Sunday is about Football and he’s breezed through it all.. well almost… until this year.

First game of season 2019, twenty minutes into the first quarter, l sat there dutifully doing the good Mother thing, I am NOT that cheering Mother, l’m not allowed to cheer, he hates hearing me cheer from the side lines, l am NOT that Mother that yells at the umpire for a crappy decision, because that’s the Umpires job and they train hard to do that, l am also NOT that Mother who coaches from the side lines because that’s what his coach is for, and besides, l don’t even like Football, l don’t understand it l don’t know who plays on what position, l know very few of the players, l honestly don’t care but HE does and so, therefore, l go each week, to see my Star Son, l cheer when he’s not looking l sing his theme song under my breath and l love that he is so committed and happy to play.

So back to round one, it’s Autumn in Australia, the days are getting shorter and the weather is temperamental but that day was lovely and sunny, l was not feeling very well, so l took my book and read and cat napped in the car for the hour and a half before his game, while they do their strategies and warm ups or whatever it is they do.

My husband is team manager this year so he’s off doing his pre game official stuff, it’s a good way to get an hours reading or letters written uninteruppted time.

Then the previous game finished and Star Son and his team took to the field. So l set up the picnic blanket on the ground in front of our car and took my book and watched the game… not knowing then it would be his last for the year!

The team is a mix of last season’s players and a whole bunch of new guys so pre season has been about them all learning to come together and be a team, bonding sessions, hard training sessions since about February, including a beach training session, and Star Son to help improve his own fitness joined the local gym and attended at least twice weekly.

So what happened next was not part of the plan and frankly not even a blip on any of our radars. Aussie Rules football AFL to those who are from overseas, is a rough game, he’s had a concussion before and once he got carried off the field on a stretcher! (And gosh did l get into trouble for not taking photos for Facebook!) And though l hate to see him hurt in any capacity I’ve learnt to bite my tongue and not complain, (He never sees the tears l cry) because it’s all part of the game, the game he loves, the game he eats, sleeps and breathes for.

His Grandmother once said to him “Whatever they pay you to play, l will pay you NOT to play” and we laughed at her, but, now l am on team Tanny, l don’t want him to play not after that day.

Fifteen minutes into the first quarter, the other team are big solid lads, l guess ours had speed and Star Son was playing down my end of the field so l had a good view, we were already showing domination on the score board. And then BANG he’s down, slow motion, the other guy hip and shouldered him, he went up in the air and he crashed down, l swear l felt the thud as he landed, and l just stared, silently willing him, “Come on get up! Come on!” He tried, he rolled this way, he rolled the other, but he was struggling and my heart skipped a beat, then his hand went up which means “Send help” the First Aide girl went running and spoke to him, felt his leg and then put her hand up calling for help, although l know he would have hated it l so wanted to run out to him on to that field.

The trainer and first aide got him up and carried him off the field, passed me at the boundary and l caught his eye, tear filled, and mouthed “ankle or knee?” He said “Knee l think” and there began our nightmare.

He was taken to the coaches box and inspected, but just prior to that another player had come off the field, his arm, we found out later was broken so he was sent off in an ambulance!

But Star Son sat there with an Ice pack, only staff are allowed in the coaches box so l forced myself to stay sitting where l was “Don’t panic! There’s no blood, he’s upright just wait. Don’t panic” so l prayed, to outsiders it might have looked like l was reading my book but behind my sunglasses my eyes were closed and l cried out to Jehovah to send an angel to watch over him.

And then l found my husband because as team manager he IS allowed in the coaches box!! He quickly returned and said “Oh he’s strained his knee he’ll just sit out the rest of this quarter” (Ha! Yeah right!!) At Half time my husband called me over and said “Sit with him in the coaches box while the team go into the rooms” so l sat and l asked him “How are you really?” And he said “Mum the pain is unbareable” my heart cracked. Because l want to fix him but I’m not allowed.

He sat there for the rest of the game, with an ice pack, his knee was massively swollen and l still don’t understand why he wasn’t sent to see someone, but apparently we had to wait for the swelling to go down. Getting him into the car to go home was fun… NOT! He’s six foot tall and folding his lanky body into the Volkswagen coupe was not easy!

At home, in my domain, l became Nurse, pain killers, ice pack, showers, comfort foods, still not understanding why we were not seeing a hospital. I was told his coach ( also a physiotherapist) would assess him the next night, see if the swelling had subsided.

Monday- No school, he can’t walk, can’t put any weight on it at all, he’s using a walking stick to hobble around. Training that night, Coach says “Let’s see a Dr to get a second opinion” finally.

Dad hired a set of crutches.

Tuesday- No school, he’s in a huge amount of pain, he’s also doing year 12 and cannot miss more than a set amount of hours or he may fail. So we reach out to the school and tell them what’s happening asking them to send him home work so he doesn’t fall behind. He sees his own Doctor who consults with Coach and they agree it’s not improving send him for an MRI.

Wednesday- 6:45am in the car headed to another suburb for an 8:15am appointment for an MRI, we are given a disc with images and we deliver it straight to Coach, who rings my Husband and says “It’s not looking good” l didn’t get shown the photos or take part in any of these discussions, maybe they’re too advanced for my simple mind.

Thursday- We have a 6:30pm appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon who delivers the bad news..

He has done his ACL, MCL and torn his meniscus. He won’t play again for at least 12 months (in my mind all l heard was “He won’t play again” and suddenly his Grandma won!) So he was prescribed pain relief and anti inflammatory told to keep using the crutches and booked in for Surgery on Wednesday May 1st.

He’s been off school since some of that was school holidays and Some he’s done sheet work to keep up.

Wednesday 1st May. We need to be at the Epworth in Richmond at 7.00am we leave home at 5:30, arrive on time, check in everything goes smoothly, he’s in good spirits, he’s looking forward to jelly in recovery, Dad pays the bills and takes in the technical jargon and l, well l take deep breaths and keep it all together when inside l’m not coping so well. But it’s about him not me so deep breathe don’t let anyone see your hands shaking.

I get to go up to pre surgery and see the orthopaedic surgeon, his team of helpers all come and introduce themselves l will never remember their names or their jobs l smile, l nod and l freak out when they have to wheel him away, but l smile and say “see you when you wake up l love you” and then l have to find my way through the maze of tunnels and get back to his ward. Dad and l eat a vanilla slice at the Cafe and drink coffee and wait for the call to say it’s all over.

Just after 11.00am the call comes he’s good in recovery he’ll be back soon. I thank Jehovah for answering my prayers.

Then a call from recovery “Do you want to come sit with him?” So we quickly go there to see our Star Son, my husband goes first, spends a few minutes to reassure himself he’s all good and then he’s heading into work to get some stuff done. I’m staying, no where else l could even think of being right now.

I spend half an hour in recovery with him, zonked out of his mind, we laugh about how one minute he’s going surfing with the male nurse and then suddenly he says “My leg!! They’ve cut off my leg!” I quickly reassured him they had not and then in his next breath he’s off to play tennis.. “With only one leg?” I asked, he sighed and said “Oh yeah they cut off my leg!” I showed him his leg was still there and then he made a cute little video telling his girl friend how much he loved her.

Back on his ward he dozed, he ate chicken nuggets and chips, we watched Netflix and l helped him to and from the bathroom, and l watched him sleep fitfully and cry out occasionally in pain, and l wished l could take it all away. His blood pressure was high, his heart rate was fast it was scary.

We made it through the first night, my big tough Star Son who towers over me, woke during the night and l sleepily asked him “What do you need I’ll get it” he replied “Just making sure you’re here” l said “I wouldn’t be any where else”

Thursday- early morning starts surgeon came by at 6:30am to do rounds and we were given all clear to go home. Had a physio visit and an x-Ray and a pharmacy visit And by 11:00am we gently busted him out of the hospital.

Back home we began a new daily routine, medication and physio. Everything was going lovely and smoothly until Sunday! Bloody Mothers day.

It started well, he walked without his crutches and we all cheered it was time he started weight baring. He has a 2 week check up Wednesday with his own Doctor, everything was going smoother than l imagined… l jinxed us!

Sunday evening he said he didn’t feel so good and he wasn’t hungry plus he was sore, we though he might have over done the weight baring bit so helped him into bed. Then he vomited, and then the fever started and l thought maybe it was like gastro, so l tried to keep his fluids up and entice him to eat.

Tuesday- He slept most of the day his girlfriend came to visit after school and he went out to say Happy Mother’s Day to her mum he’d brought her chocolates and then suddenly Bree ran in and said “Quick Kim, he’s passed out” running outside he’s laying in the drive way, luckily Bree had caught him so he didn’t hit his head. He was white as a ghost, even his freckles had disappeared. I don’t know how l manage to keep so calm but we got him up and inside and then my mind is racing. I made phone calls to my husband to Star Sons Doctor l couldn’t get him in, so l rang my doctor and got him in, my daughter drive us down and my husband met us there.

He had a raging temperature 39.2 she said he was dehydrated and the fever probably made him pass out. She gave him antibiotics and anti nausea medication and told us to give him hydrolyte but the worst Thing was the pain in his knee it was hot and angry. She didn’t suspect his knee was infected thinking like us it was gastro. He hardly slept all night l alternated between ice packs and pain relief. He had his two week check up the next morning.

Wednesday 15th May. Two weeks post op. Antibiotics and antinausea meds, pain relief, hot shower but not too hot and forced him to eat some cereal, time for his 10:30am DR appointment, my husband changed his mind, did he suspect?! And decided to stay home and attend the appointment, his Dr listened to yesterday’s tale and took a look at his knee and said “Go straight back to the hospital!” He wrote us a referral and then we were in the car rushing madly back to Richmond.

By 12.00pm he was in a bed in Emergency and by 1:15pm the surgeon was here draining fluid from the knee by 2:20pm he was taken down to pre op and l’m in a daze! Filling in forms answering questions starting to be concerned about his BP, his racing heart beat his collapsing viens, he was dehydrated, connected to a drip, whiter almost than the sheets.

So, his knee joint got infected inside, it was nothing l did wrong, he went into surgery and had keyhole surgery and they flushed the infection out with 10 litres of sterile water. He’s attached to a drip feeding him strong antibiotics. From 10:30am till surgery at 3:20pm everything moved like a whirl wind, my husband went home to get some things for us and suddenly l was alone, l brought donuts and sat and cried, because sometimes it just has to happen. I can be strong for everyone most of the time.

So at 3.08 am when l started writing this l laid here in the glow of all the machines while he sleeps and listen to him breathe and think about this star Son who means the world to me, and l know l’m going to be really tired later, Nurse Fiona is worrying and wants to make me drinks because l am not sleeping, but like l always say l can sleep when l’m dead for now l’m right where he needs me to be. Its 5:29am probably not worth sleeping now.

I’m baccckkk!!

hello everyone,

did you miss me?

I have been so sick and I even ended up going to the Doctor for some help when my ear started to feel like it was full of glue!

So Saturday morning I went to the Dr he listened very closely as I croaked and coughed my way to what the problem was and the  put up his hand to shush me… He said “I know EXACTLY what is wrong with you, just by looking at you but even hearing your voice I can tell.. you have Influenza A” lovely.. Influenza A.. it concerns from throat to chest area, “Yes your throat is very red! No your chest sounds fine, no temperature but Oh!! your ear!! You Also have a middle ear infection” So this Influenza A causes laryngitis and the cough, check had that since last Sunday, ut apparently my chest was OK which is a relief… I only had one day of fever so that was good and I would have ignored it all except for my ear! So I left $50 poorer and with a prescription for antibiotics to kill the ear infection.

So when I get sick I like to hibernate (actually I like to hibernate ALL the time) so this timing was really not good. Amber went away Thursday night to Sydney for the weekend because it was my elder son’s 21st birthday. Originally he had made plans to come to Victoria to spend the weekend for his Birthday with HIS father… who suddenly decided that he was “busy” that weekend attending SOMEONE elses 21st… dog! Several things he upset me.. A) he didn’t remember when his SONS birthday was and B) he made plans to celebrate SOMEONE ELSES SONS 21st birthday over his OWN SON!! I am so mad with him. A wise friend of mine said “it’s HIS issue to dal with not mine and that I shouldn’t let him have rent space in my head, yes I KNOW that is wise and smart BUT I am a Mother who feels wounded on behalf of her son.

I guess in a way too, I also felt guilty because I couldn’t go to Sydney to celebrate with him, because my Star SON had his Grand final football match on the Sunday. We offered to fly Jarrah down to Melbourne for the weekend and have a little party for him, but he was uncomfortable flying on his own which is fair enough.

So Amber left of Thursday night and I said weeks ago I’d have Scarlett for the weekend..I didn’t expect that Id be so sick. Scarlett was also sick, and so we were giving her drops for Conjunctivitis and Panadol for her cold.. she’s a terror she had to be held down to get these things done. Of course apparently I’m the only one who can do the job, which also for a time makes me number one enemy.. which hurts because I cry with her and say “I’m sorry but you need to have this done” then she won’t come near me for ages because I’m the baddy who hurts her and makes her have terrible medicine.

Thursday night I think I got three hours sleep.

Friday I was a zombie all day with both the babies and a throbbing ear, needless to say I forewarned the family, don’t expect the house to be shiny and bright when you get home and we three spent the day being lazy, snuggled up reading books and watching mindless children’s tv shows.

Friday night again with Scarlett, I ended up sleeping in Amber’s bed with her again, and I got maybe 5 hours sleep. But it wasn’t so bad because The Bloke and Star Son were home to help me with the babies. We had a messing around the house kind of day doing chores and not too much else.

Saturday night I was really a zombie, and I slept through till 6.00am, if Scarlett woke up I didn’t hear her and at 600am Sunday The Bloke got her up and brought her into our bed so “grandma can sleep a bit more” she went back to sleep until 8.00am. We had to get up and go to Star Son’s “Grand Final” which means that NO MORE FOOTBALL!! and that also indicates that Winter is almost over.. I am so excited about that because I have never been this sick in any Winter ever.. this is my fourth round of illness. The Babies are likewise and so I guess we’ve been passing it onto each other.

The Grand Final was the highlight of the season, sadly we lost and yet the team didn’t seem overly upset, I think they knew they’d given their all and that is all we ask of them


Grand Final 2015 027

That’s my Star Son kicking the ball.

He had a really good game and kicked himself a goal and helped assist in another goal, so he had a good day despite not winning. I wrote his this little note on FB so that he could know we support him however the day went:

To my Darling Starson (Will)
Another grand final another chance for a medal, but whatever happens, win, lose or draw, play YOUR game, follow the rules, run your legs off but most of all have fun!
This is your day with your friends and team mates. Whatever happens we will be there cheering you on and as proud as ever. Happy Grand final 2015! Love ya xox

They act all big and tough these “between” boys..they are still “kids” and yet their ages and some of their sizes say they are “teens” and yet they cried when they lost! I purposely stayed away from the club rooms because I would have ended up crying with them, and besides I had a restless Scarlett who wanted to be anywhere but where she was! Star Son won player of the match, one of five, and got himself a $50.00 gift card, he was so pleased with that! It doesn’t take much for him to be pleased with his game but it always helps when the Coaches notice him.

Grand Final 2015 011

Thats my Star Son on the end #4..

Look at the height of some of his team mates, he’s the smallest!

We thought that this is his 5 year in the finals, one they won and the rest they’ve missed out on.. it might dampen his enthusiasm but no! he’s still determined to be an AFL player when he’s older. God Speed to my Star Son!

Ohh.. and did I mention….18 days to go… I’m hoping and praying I’ll get better by then, but if not at least I’ll be able to relax on our trip!!

Super Sunday..

Funny, I don’t normally like Sundays… and that’s because it’s football season and it’s usually cold.. today however I had a change of heart.. the sun was shining and not only that it got up to 21 C which is beautiful, and meant that I didn’t need y jacket or my hat and I was comfortable. Sadly our “Star Son’s” football team lost, the first of five games, so it was bound to happen and now we know who our contenders are. The boys played their hearts out but on the day the other side was just a bit more polished… on the down side, he got injured when he got bowled over and then stomped on.. although the other team member did stop to see if he was alright.. and so that proves they had some sportsmanship… but what Mum wants to sit on the side line and see her child sprawled on the field and the runner and first aid running out to him… I tell ya it’s all I can do to sit still and know that they’ve got him covered.

So that game ended on a low, another kid got carried off the field also from our team, he got an elbow to the head and was taken off field. So no theme song this day, and as for Will he came home and soaked in a hot bath and got his leg bandaged and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, yes there are dents in his shin, where the opposition person stood on him.. ouch, it’s already bruising.

On the way to Football, (The Boys leave an hour earlier to check in and warm up) So today Us girls walked down later, we decided that we should let Scarlett walk some of the way, in the hope that she’d get tired and get into her pram and got to sleep. I suggested to Amber “She won’t even make it to the end of the path, so it’s all good” wrong Grandma, just wrong! Not only did she make it to the end of the park, up the next street, (I carried her across the busy roads) and down another street and then through the oval… we stopped her when she fell and face-planted the concrete path. We forced her in the nicest way we could.. with her kicking and screaming to get in her pram and 20 minutes later she was asleep..


Almost to the end of the park.. she’ll get tired soon…

IMG_1769Not a chance Grandma!

Which now begs the question.. what have I started? every time I want to go down to the shops am I going to have to let her walk part of the way? maybe I have unleashed a walking monster.

After Football, and once Star Son was cleaned up and resting we had to go visit my Mother-in-law at her Care facility. Wll opted not to go because his leg was too sore. We stopped on the way and brought her some small bottles of drink for her room fridge and some profiteroles, a little treat and off we went to visit her.

Once we’d sampled the profiteroles, Rob asked her “Do you want to go for a drive? it’s a lovely day” and of course she’d go anywhere with Rob, so we decided to take her to the neighborhood where she grew up.  Tanny was born and raised in “Altona” a little seaside suburb in Melbourne..

You can read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altona_Beach or here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altona,_Victoria

So we went to where her house “used to be” and it’s been torn down and some housing units built there, they lived one street back from the beach, so we were able to find a parking spot right at the beach and get out and go for a walk.


Altona Pier. Mother and Son.

IMG_1773At the end of the Pier.

Tanny’s a bit wobbly on her feet lately so Rob likes to keep her close and safe, I thought it was kind of cute how when they are walking he walks with his arm around her and today she walked with her hand tucked into his back pocket… almost like a dating couple.


On the way back to the Car.


I love how Tanny tucked her hand into Rob’s back pocket!

I was joking with Rob when we got home, I should have stayed home, I felt like I was intruding as Rob would tell Tanny about how he remembers being a little boy and going to stay with his Grand Mother “Henny” and how they used to go to the park opposite the beach and climb the trees. And I especially loved how Tanny cannot remember what she had for breakfast but she was able to tell us in detail about how she was running on that pier and got a huge splinter in her foot.


Tanny and Rob with a Brass Seahorse Sculpture.

It made me kind of sad to think that one day that could very well be me.. Tanny is only 40 years older than me, and one day I might be in her place I wonder if my children will be as loving and gentle and supportive as my Bloke is towards his Mum.

Every time we go to visit she tells us how proud she is to walk down the hall with her family and she said “I would like to be able to shout, look these are MY people


Brass Quid Sculpture


Brass Seahorse Sculpture.

Little things like today that people take for granted, just walking in the autumnal sunshine, enjoying the last bit of warmth before Winter digs in, little things like hopping in the car and picking her up, little things that we take for granted mean so much to my Mother-in-law.. so I’m happy to share my “date days” with my Mother-in-law because it costs me nothing and means the world to her.


Brass Crab Sculpture.


Brass Shell Sculpture.


Brass coral eating fish sculpture


See! I was there.. just wandering behind taking the photos.


And on the way home we went to a supermarket and found this new chocolate.. it’s having a very mixed reaction on Facebook, in our house Will, Scarlett and I loved it, Rob’s not convinced and Amber hated it… no accounting for some people’s tastes!


And finally… here are some of the hand-made stencils I made last night, for the new course with Mindy Lacefield called “Sunday Mornings 2”

I hope you have a great Sunday!!

Sunday in my house..

I had big plans for today’s blog post, I was going to do “Spiritual Sunday” and tell you about my Bible study of Leviticus, which I’ve been told is the hardest boom in the bible, maybe it’s because I’ve not read too much of the bible as yet, so I’m not finding as hard as its supposed to be, it’s all about the rules and things.. Anyways I WAS going to do that… Then I WAS going to do a “Book review” about the book I finished this morning called “Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee, now I’m about 10 months into my “Walk with the Lord” and so I am saying I am still new at this, because some people have been studying the bible their whole lives and still question… But this book for me anyways, was quite technical, it raised more questions and more things I need to learn about, so I was slow reading it so I could attempt to soak everything in! I will come back and do a book review about this books, but not tonight, its 8:54 pm and I am literally falling asleep, I am tired.

Last night I had Grandma duties with Sweetpea, and she slept through until 2:30am, then I cheated and brought her into my bed for cuddles, she’s such a snuggly girl. She was just dozing off to sleep when “Grandpa” snored and we (Sweetpea and I) both jumped awake and she got fidgety, so I took her down to her Mum who’d just gotten home.

This afternoon we had Football, week three of the season for “Star Son” so we spent a few hours sitting in the sunshine, yes you heard right, we had sunshine it was 21 C so that’s  69F for my overseas friends, beautiful for late Autumn. Jasmin and Brett came to watch the game with Squishy, who is still sick, all her wanted to do was play “Koala” with Grandma, so we sat in the sun and he snuggled into me and just sat very quietly, we always know Squishy is sick when he’s not wanting to get down and take off.

When we got home, Sweetpea took sick, so we have changed her bedding and Amber’s bedding twice due to projectile vomiting. I think some how we will be re visiting the Dr in the morning.

So I am tired, and this is a short post, and I will do the book review and update my “Reading challenge” tomorrow, The Bloke is home from work tomorrow because he is awaiting blood test results and has to have a letter of clearance before he can return to work. He works hard, so a little break will do him good.

I hope your Sunday is more fun!

Sunday in my world…

Sundays are free from A-Z blogging, and Sundays are free in my Bible study group.. Actually we’ve had this whole week off Bible Study” gearing up for Monday (tomorrow) when we start the hardest book in the Bible so I am told..”The Book of Leviticus” I’ll let you know next Sunday when I’ve done a week.

I am kind of glad that Sundays are free because today was the first day of “Football season 2015” My Star Son has been playing Football… (Ok let me clarify, its AFL- Australian Football League see here: http://www.afl.com.au/) since he was 5 years old, he started “Auskick” as soon as he started school, he has only ever wanted to be a “Football player” he is now 13 years old and in Secondary school and is still wanting to be a Football Player.. It’s hard to watch him get crunched and smashed and today our first game back, he was hailed on and torrential rain and icy cold winds, he’s been sick the last two weeks with a heavy cold, and I begged him not to go, but he “didn’t wanna let the team down” his “other family” today as I stood there rugged up and shivering, I could have cried for these boys, sliding around in the mud, and for my Star Son who was so sick he could barely croak on Thursday and had Thursday and Friday off school home sick.


Here’s me.. Before the hail, the wind was cold but the sunshine was nice, 10 minutes later it was a very different story!!

Today I read a post here : https://janetisawesomerthanyou.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/life-choices-at-16/

Written by 18-year-old Janet from the UK, and I totally agree with her, it’s too hard to ask someone when they are 16 what do you want to be when you grow up? Really? They havent lived yet, give ’em a break!! None of my children except 13 yr old “Star Son” who had the idea and has run with it.. We’ve tried to lead him in other directions but no, it’s all about football. but we have asked him to think of a job “Just in case” the football scenario doesn’t work out, so he’s thinking sports medicine or physio or something to do with Football.. It’s all good, he’s young, for now we’ll go with the football..


Start of the game, first game of the season, it HAILED!!!


Five minutes later, gale force winds and sunshine. In Melbourne we have this saying “If you dont like the weather wait five minutes it’ll change” today it sure did!!

So that means Tuesday night and Thursday night 5:30-6:30pm we got to training, and stand around in the cold and watch him do his warm ups, cool downs and laps of the oval, handball practise, tackle practise, its cold out there! So my Bloke sick of my complaining, has started going to work earlier and finishing earlier on those days so he can come home and take “Star Son” to training, my Bloke is a gem!!

With the first four kids I missed out on the “Sports” and extra curricular, the children had friends and went out and did usual teenage things, so I was congratulating myself on avoiding the “Sports Mum” tag.. And then along came “Star Son” crazy sports kid, he can play any sport and excels at it.. In Primary School they did a golf section in Sports class, he blitzes it, left-handed and all, cricket, tennis, basketball, then he joined a soft ball team and did really well at that, Basketball, funny, he’s not tall, yet! It’ll happen, it did for his brothers, and all of those sports he played and loved but it’s always been football. This is the child that can watch American basketball on TV and tell you the player, his position and where he’s from and any other little piece of information. He’s like a walking spots encyclopaedia!

When he started playing football he was 9 yrs old, real football for a team I mean, he joined “Rupertswood” because its close to home and I have to take him to training and I don’t drive, so the closer the better, our colours are Navy Blue and Gold and our logo is a shark.. Weird that sunce we are NI where near the ocean, why we have a shark is beyond me.. But we are Rupo through and through. I do not tolerate winter well, so I whine, I try every year to convince myself to embrace winter, and every year I fail miserably. So my Bloke brought me a Rupertswood Jacket, which I wear very proudly. At the start of Will’s sporting career, people introduce themselves and say “Oh so which one is yours?” We proudly reply “Big Will” until you know our son, his nick name is so funny, he’s still one of the smallest ones on the team.

The Coach was trying to get to know the kids and thought that although Will was small he had a big heart so he nick named him “Big Will” and it stuck, the coach, the trainer, the runners and all the parents can be heard cheering “GO BIG WILL!!” On any given Sunday. I am the “quiet” parent, I don’t yell or offer suggestions, that’s why they have coaches, and anyways I don’t even like football that much, but I love my Son and I support him. So hardly anyone knows who I am other than “Big Will’s Mum” and I’ve been called that numerous times… Oh so you’re Big Will’s mum…” Yep that’s Me, so I decided if that’s who I was I’d get it on my Jacket! I got it embroidered on my lapel. Then when my Mother-in-law saw it and asked why the Bloke didn’t have the same, he said he had not brought himself a jacket, so she said to me “Kim go buy him a jacket and get Big Will’s Dad on it” so we did!


Today “Big Will’s Dad” was goal umpire so he wore a long white coat and waved flags every time they scored and he cheers the loudest when his Son kicks a goal. i told a little bit of this story today in reply to another blogger Judy’s post found here: http://edwinasepisodes.com/2015/04/18/episode-295-whats-in-a-name/

Judy was talking about nick names and I told her the Story of “Big Will” and I wanted to share the photo of our jacket with our nick names embroidered on it.. Everyone has nick names in our family,some of us wear them proudly.

So besides the football today, we have the weekly shop, I HATE shopping, my Star Son said to me as we were doing Christmas shopping and I groaned at him, “Gosh I HATE shopping, I just hate it!”  He looked up at me and said “Wow Mum, just wow” I asked him “Why wow?” He replied and he was 12 then!! “You are the only girl I have ever heard say that!” Such wisdom!! This shopping was just our weekly food shop, so we all make  a menu of the weeks meals, I think this week we have

Monday- chicken schnitzels with mixed vegetables on a bed of mashed potato

Tuesday- I am cooking corned beef in ginger ale, in the slow cooker, but shhhh, don’t tell Star Son he hates anything out of the slow cooker even though HE loves corned beef,

Wednesday- The bloke has opted to cook Pork chops

Thursday- Meatloaf, one meal that every single person in my house will eat!

Friday- Star Son has Youth group, so its Quick and easy night,  means left overs or something super quick, like pasta and a can of tuna, with a banana and a handful of nuts on top!

Weekends, I don’t usually plan for because we never know who’s home or what plans might pop up.

Once the menu is done we make the shopping list and once that is made we can work out where to go… milk and bread and canned things and loo paper is Aldi, sometimes we will get meat there as well, for the rest of the shopping list it’s either Coles or Woolworths, today we did both.

Then I decided that it’s so cold and wet and raining I would make a pit of the Mother’s Vegetable soup, I used to hate it when I was growing up, but then when I was a young Mother I asked her for the recipe and have been making it ever since. The whole house smells delish when I make that soup, and so as soon as Star Son and Amber heard about that they both vetoed the soup idea… So they could have whatever they wanted but they had to make it, ha ha!!


In the pot on the stove.. Yumminess this way comes!


Look at that ham hock!! Yum!

Dinner was very yummy, with fresh bread and real butter and oh the smell! Yummy!!! Sweetpea was very brave and sat up in her high chair and tried a bit of everything, unlike her Mother she is at least willing to try new things.


                                                  Started her off with some bread and ham


It turns out that she really loved the carrot and parsnip!! What a good girl!

So that was our Sunday… How was yours?

NaBloPoMo…December is Joy… (in between the stresses)


Tuesday, December 23, 2014
What season do YOU think is the most wonderful time of the year? Is it winter?

Too easy for me it’s Spring.

I am allergic to winter. I don’t like the cold, or the rainy windy days when I have to walk “Star Son” down to Football (Australian Football League for those overseas friends not soccer or rugby!) training is usually weeknight from 5.00-6.00 or 6.30pm if they really hate the parents! Why he couldn’t play a sport that didn’t involve winter I’ll never know. But anyways, I do it because my son is passionate and I never was and neither were any of his four bothers or sisters. I “thought” wrongly that I had escape the one thing I dreaded becoming “a Sports parent” and here I am one! Each Sunday in Autumn and Winter we attend football games usually in the mornings and it’s usually bloody cold so we are rugged up and quite often all you will see of me is my eyes peeking out. I HATE WINTER!! Each year I make myself a promise to “Embrace winter” and one year I did really well and it worked because that season seemed to fly by, somehow the rest of the years I have not been able to convince myself to do the “Embracing” again. So not only am I “Football tragic sports Mum” I am also freezing my butt off!

So… What season do YOU think is the most wonderful time of the year? it’s SPRING! The days are getting slightly longer, slightly warmer and we are at the end of football season. Which means we get “Sundays” back and I don’t have to pre-plan “football training nights” dinners because we don’t have training. PLUS to top all of that off, the trees are waking up from their winter slumber and tiny little bits of green leaves are showing, that makes my heart skip a beat! The roses start waking up, Wanda Wisteria starts putting forth buds which will be leaves and then mauve masses or heavenly perfume. The birds come back and start nesting and everything feels clean and fresh.


Grey Winter hath gone, like a wearisome guest, 
   And, behold, for repayment, 
September comes in with the wind of the West 
   And the Spring in her raiment! 
The ways of the frost have been filled of the flowers, 
   While the forest discovers 
Wild wings, with the halo of hyaline hours, 
   And the music of lovers. 

September, the maid with the swift, silver feet! 
   She glides, and she graces 
The valleys of coolness, the slopes of the heat, 
   With her blossomy traces; 
Sweet month, with a mouth that is made of a rose, 
   She lightens and lingers 
In spots where the harp of the evening glows, 
   Attuned by her fingers. 

The stream from its home in the hollow hill slips 
   In a darling old fashion; 
And the day goeth down with a song on its lips, 
   Whose key-note is passion. 
Far out in the fierce, bitter front of the sea 
   I stand, and remember 
Dead things that were brothers and sisters of thee, 
   Resplendent September! 

The West, when it blows at the fall of the noon 
   And beats on the beaches, 
Is filled with a tender and tremulous tune 
   That touches and teaches; 
The stories of Youth, of the burden of Time, 
   And the death of Devotion, 
Come back with the wind, and are themes of the rhyme 
   In the waves of the ocean. 

We, having a secret to others unknown, 
   In the cool mountain-mosses, 
May whisper together, September, alone 
   Of our loves and our losses! 
One word for her beauty, and one for the grace 
   She gave to the hours; 
And then we may kiss her, and suffer her face 
   To sleep with the flowers. 

High places that knew of the gold and the white 
   On the forehead of Morning 
Now darken and quake, and the steps of the Night 
   Are heavy with warning. 
Her voice in the distance is lofty and loud 
   Through the echoing gorges; 
She hath hidden her eyes in a mantle of cloud, 
   And her feet in the surges. 

On the tops of the hills, on the turreted cones -- 
   Chief temples of thunder -- 
The gale, like a ghost, in the middle watch moans, 
   Gliding over and under. 
The sea, flying white through the rack and the rain, 
   Leapeth wild at the forelands; 
And the plover, whose cry is like passion with pain, 
   Complains in the moorlands. 

Oh, season of changes -- of shadow and shine -- 
   September the splendid! 
My song hath no music to mingle with thine, 
   And its burden is ended; 
But thou, being born of the winds and the sun, 
   By mountain, by river, 
Mayst lighten and listen, and loiter and run, 
   With thy voices for ever!