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Dubbo Zoo

And “Goat Selfies” l’ll explain..

I love ❤️ goats!

So for as long as l can remember l’ve loved goats. I don’t even know how that started but my husband hears it every time we drive past a paddock with a flock of goats l’ll squeal “Ohhh l love goats!!” usually he will say “Hey Sheila there are some goats for you!” If l happen to miss them. I do the same thing with cows! I love cows too, once we were camping by a paddock full of youngish bulls, maybe they were growing up to become steak or hamburgers but right then l could gaze lovingly at them to the point l would go to the fence every so often and call them over for a photo or a chat, yeah that’s me the crazy lady who talks to animals. I took so many photos of the “Bully boys” as l called them l was sad to go home and leave them!

So today we are in Dubbo in New South Wales, it’s day three here and the Bloke had booked us tickets for the “Taronga Plains Zoo” if you haven’t been go now! Last night it was cold minus 2.4c so when we were ready to leave at 9.00 am it was only 7c l might not have been feeling too great about it l don’t like the cold! But we wanted to go in the morning because we wanted to start packing up this afternoon.

So this sculpture and the above sign greet me lm already happy! Art!

We got to the Zoo in time to hear the keepers talk on Rhinos and how they are poached for their horn l knew this of course read any Wilbur Smith book and you’ll learn about it but knowing that, that useless horn to anyone but the Rhino is not so useless and very VERY expensive like more than the price of gold or heroin (not that I’d personally know but the keeper told us!)

I won’t waste your reading time telling you about every animal but it was a great day!

Even the Zoo signs are pretty works of art!
What’s he looking at??
Oh a giraffe! Through the telescope
And a Rhino through the telescope
White Rhinos are bigger and more aggressive and eat grass!
Selfies with white Rhinos
My Grand daughter has a book called “Edwina the Emu” so l had to take a photo of Edwina!
African Village
Sculpture= Art

So we wandered our way through the zoo and got to the African Lion Village. And you go through double gates into what is, l supposed, a replica of an African village with huts and GOATS!! I didn’t get much further. I just wanted to stop and watch them so l approached one whom we named “Ginger Dreadlocks” maybe she was an angora breed she had lovely red locks! And she let us pat her and while we were interacting with her along came a second goat nudging “Scratch my head, yeah right there between the horns” so l did because yes you guessed it… l love goats! So lm telling these gals “Oh you are so pretty look at your lovely eyes” are you aware goats pupils are horizontal in their eyes?! They’re nudging themselves closer so l wondered “Do you want a selfie with me?!” And yes they did!!

Ginger dreadlocks and Black Betty peeping over my shoulder
The Bloke tries to distract!
Black Betty is getting closer..
Perfect spot now smile 😊
Hold up! Where are you going??!
At this point my husband says “Hey Darl that goat really loves you!”

My whole day has been made from a five minute interaction with a couple of goats! I swear she was watching herself in the camera and pushed Ginger Dreadlocks outta the way to take front spot!

Tongue out!
Ginger Dreadlocks

Of course the Zoo should be about the exotic animals and yes l saw them but interacting with these goats was definitely my highlight of the day!

These Siamang were so loud and funny!

Today we spent three and a half hours walking around this vast Zoo. This is what we do in each state or Country, Bali Zoo l hand fed an elephant OH MY GOSH l love ELEPHANTS!! We go to the Zoo we interact if we can and we always learn something new. Today we walked 11.26 kilometres around this zoo yeah lm pretty tired tonight l think l’ll sleep well!

Tomorrow we are off to Fingal Bay heading North slowly, we’re meeting friends who are heading South! I’ll be back!!