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NaBloPoMo.. February “make” Days 17 and 18…


I’ve been stupidly busy this month.. really, and yet some days I feel like I’ve got nothing done and some days I didn’t even my blog.. to anyone who reads regularly I apologize, but you know sometimes life happens and I am actually out of the house long enough that nothing inside the house gets done… I used to be organised!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
What do you think of the idea “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Do you think it’s always possible to make something bad into something good?

I never used to prescribe to this way of thinking and I was walking around going “Woe is me” and then I realized what a “victim” I was becoming.. a very wise Councillor told me that if you look at everything that happens to you as a “lesson” you can usually pick out what you’ve learnt from the “mistake” or “bad thing” that happened to you. How right she was… I went as far back at 1999 and re-evaluated steps I’d made which lead to my divorce and how I had grown by making those steps, be they hard, uncomfortable or just ugly. I always learnt something either about others or myself. Which meant that the “rose colored glasses” I swanned through life wearing, were ripped off cruelly, Which meant that I grew into what I am now. I read a quote the other day saying something like “Don’t be too harsh on me, God’s not finished with me yet” and I feel like that’s my lesson, stop beating myself up I am still alive, I am healthy and I am still growing, I am not making the same mistakes over and over so I MUST be learning.. sometimes you have to rip off the band-aid to let the fresh air in and help you heal, yeah, it hurts for a while but you move onward and upwards, so yes, When I get lemons I make lemonade maybe with a little extra added sugar!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015
What do you do to try to make other people happy? What do you do to try to make yourself happy?

The short answer to this is “too much” and in regards to making myself happy “not enough”

I am a people pleaser… it’s not always a good trait, because sometimes it can be translated as “Doormat” and you get walked all over. There’s a line, and sometimes you have to give yourself permission to say “NO” not in a mean way but in a firm way say “Sorry no!” Great advice, I’ve read it in a million “self help” books  rarely do it.

Especially when it comes to my children, but then I had Grandchildren and realized that I have to stop being a “people pleaser” and be real.. I baby sit for the girls one night a month, they get a “Night off” they are young, 24 and 22 and still in the partying mode when they can. But even as I write this I think to myself “that is nice, but when is MY night off?” I never get a night off. Most times it doesn’t worry me, because I escape to my room and work in my journal or my bible studies, but every so often I long for a night away from “Children” whether they are the 13 yr old, the grown up children or the grand children, a night off to speak about grown up things with grown up people which doesn’t involve being interrupted by someone who thinks they NEED you right now!

So I took matters into my own hands and on Mondays I go out of the house and I go to a “Life art Class” I’ve been two weeks now, and it’s amazing how fast that two hours slips by, and it’s amazing how quiet, peaceful and relaxed the atmosphere is. Almost as soon as I stand at the easel I can feel my shoulders start to relax and my mind goes blank and I am in a little bubble of seeing and drawing and getting filthy with charcoal and I realize I am in BLISS… there’s really no other word for it but BLISS… It’s like a shock when our teacher Sean tells us “that’s it ladies and gentlemen, see you next week” it’s a let down with a thump!

bliss (blĭs) n.

1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.

Phrasal Verb: bliss out Slang.. To go into a state of ecstasy.

YES!! See I did choose the right word.. its my spiritual joy to do this art class…it’s my freedom from the house, it’s my freedom from children and I am MISSING it so much having so much hands on contact with my grandbabies is great but I really miss Me time which equals Art time!


NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 25…. Fare thee Well

NaBloPoMo_November (1)


Today we fare-welled a gentle woman, a lovely woman who was a Wife for Fifty-Nine years, Mother  to three sons, Grand Mother Five times, and Great Grandmother four times, Mother-in-law and Friend to all who met her. Maybe you read the blog I posted last week about this lovely lady, here it is again just in case you missed it.. https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/nablopomo-2014-remembrance/

So I am talking about “Grandma Florrie” I called her that around my children whose cousins were Grandma Florrie’s grandchildren, she was happy to be everyone’s Grandma!

Today, two of her sons made beautiful speeches that made us laugh and cry and smile fondly, and I was proud to have known such a beautiful woman. I have long wanted to go into that church its old and majestic like Florrie and stand on the corner very proudly, so out of all the Churches I was glad the ceremony was going to be there. Maybe ceremony is the wrong word but we did celebrate her life. The Grand Children and Sons all brought something up to the casket that meant something to them and Florrie, my niece Sarah had a beautiful painting which is turned out was the small village she grew up in, in Northern Ireland, she moved to England to become a nurse when she was in her teens and met her soon to be Husband a solider during the war while she was nursing.

I knew most of that from reading her book that I told you about in the other earlier post. But hearing her son speak about it today brought it all back. What I didn’t know was that she was very religious, I guess back when I was interacting with Florrie “religion” wasn’t something openly discussed, My Mother-in-law was Catholic and her family raised that way and back then I was “nothing” so I kept right out of any kind of “religious” discussions. I think now that I am starting my “Walk with the Lord” I can better understand some of the discussions about religion and so sitting in the Anglican church today I was better able to enjoy the service, the prayers, John 11:25, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Psalm 23, Romans 6:3-9  the hymn “Abide with me” and the order of service, I, as yet don’t attend Church so it’s still all new, but today I appreciated the whole thing a lot more. Today instead of just pretending to say the “Our Father” I was actually able to repeat it and know and understand what it meant.

See! My bible studies are coming in handy!

I still find myself however like a little girl in a candy store, ogling over the stained glass windows and the marble and the beautifully inscribed verses on the beams and on the windows etc, lots of gold and beautiful flowers, even sitting in the last row (WE had babies and might have had to make a quick exit) I was able to enjoy all of the “Churchiness” I wished that I was not at a funeral so I could snap some photos, but my phone was turned firmly OFF! Luckily I found the website and I found some photos to share with you all. And here are some details about the beautiful “Holy Trinity Anglican Church” taken from the above listed website.


An Anglican place of worship probably existed in Bacchus Marsh from 1847, with visits by itinerant preachers, and the first church building, a prefabricated iron church, was soon erected in 1851 to be the centre for Anglican worship in the emerging community. Holy Trinity Anglican Parish was one of the first ten parishes in Victoria.

Captain William Henry Bacchus came from England and after buying livestock in Van Diemen’s Land and settled in the valley named after him in 1838. The land on which the first iron church and the present stone church were built was donated by William Bacchus, son of Captain W H Bacchus.


This was the beautiful Stained glass window we sat beside and below is details about it.

Molesworth Greene.

Died October 10, 1916, Aged 89 years. Windows depicting the resurrection were placed in the nave by Mr W. P. Greene in memory of his father, and were unveiled on January 7, 1919.

Emma Greene.

Died March 5, 1905, aged 76 years. Windows depicting Faith and Charity erected in the jubilee year of the church, 1905, by her husband Molesworth Greene.

So although we said fare thee well to Florrie today, she will never be far from those who love her, the Priest Rev. Darrell Couch, remarked how she would often pray for her family and that they should know how much they were loved. I think that says it all.

Sleep well Florrie xo

NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 24-Journal prompt..What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

How lazy am I tonight? Using a journal prompt.. but it brought up a few good points.. remember last night I told you about the 30 days digital Journaling challenge I did? Well each day we were emailed Journal prompts in case we needed, well, prompting. I saved all mine in an email folder but I didn’t use too many of them, I knew that one day I would come back and re visit and so here we are… I’ve done my Salad/Daniel Plan post, I’ve updated my Garden post and now it’s time for NaBloPoMo, technically I could have used the gardening post as NaBloPoMo and really I don’t know why I didn’t but anyways now I am using a journal prompt and drum roll please…. here it is…

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

There are so many layers to answers of this question, because basically I am timid and so any thing out of my routine is courageous for me. I think the older I get the braver I am getting. But my first reply to this question is “When I run away from home and went to visit a friend in America”

So basically to most people that’s not a big deal, but here is where I am different. I do NOT GO ANYWHERE on my OWN! Never ever ever.

It’s taken many years to figure out why and what caused it and how to fix it, I am expert at counseling. It’s come to light that when I was young maybe ten years old or so, I was almost abducted, the details are sketchy but I do remember the police and I do remember my Dad and my brothers going looking for the car, and I do remember after that I never went anywhere by myself. I always had my cousins who lived around the corner to walk to school with, and as I got older I just adjusted to wait until I was able to go somewhere with someone.. didn’t matter who as long as I was not alone. I remember once I was accused of hiding behind my children because I wouldn’t leave them and travel by tram a few suburbs away on a volunteer program that I had enrolled in. I “thought” I could do it, and I could be brave and catch the tram and go there and walk to the place and then do the repeat trip home. I did for a while but I worked myself up into such a state I made myself sick, so I quit. This is a recurring theme in my life, I start off with good intentions and then the anxiety gets to me and I quit… I was doing a schooling thing too and quit that as well.

So my Most courageous thing was leaving everything that was familiar and travelling 12,000 miles to America to meet a guy I had met online and spoken to on the phone but never met in real life. If my daughters came to me and said that I’d flip out.. But I DID THAT!

My marriage was coming to an end and I was in counseling and I told my therapist that I wanted to go to America and meet this guy. I had planned to go with my cousin, we had booked and paid for our tickets, but at the last moment she had to cancel to pay a bill and so it was just me. I spent many sleepless nights crying and worrying, my dream since I was ten years old “was to go to America” my school friend Donna had been and came home with amazing tales and I swore that day “some day I am going to America” So my dream was so close and my cousin pulled out and I broke the news to my friend who knew of my phobias about going anywhere on my own and of course he was disappointed but he understood my quirks.

Just as the deadline on cancelling the tickets got closer, I cried and whined I really wanted to go to America and my therapist asked me “Why can’t you go?” and I told her “I never go anywhere alone” so we visited that and she came up with some coping techniques and then she gave me wise advice. “See yourself doing the thing and you will be able to do it” we worked on that theory for a few visits and the deadline to cut off drew closer and closer I was going to lose my holiday and my money! I tried so hard to imagine going there and I would always see myself step onto the plane and flying in the plane but I could never see the end and me getting off the plane, until….

I had a very vivid dream, and I do not usually remember my dreams but this one was so life-like. I got on the plane, I flew, I ate, I slept and I read my book on the plane and then (Thanks to my therapist who step by step explained to me what would happen from the time I got on the plane to the time I got off it, She had been to New York just a few months ago all by herself with a 6 month old baby!) I saw myself getting off the plane and going through customs and I remember in the dream I was so proud I was in America!! I knew I had to catch another plane and my therapist told me where to go and what to say and in my dream I did that and before you know it I was in the State where I needed to be. I had made it, I stepped off the plane and saw my friend! I HAD DONE IT (in my dream that was the first step!) so at 4.30 am Melbourne time I called him at work in USA and said “I am coming I will be there at 6.30 pm on the Eighth of September 2000″he tried to talk me out of it.. “What if you get anxious half way?” I don’t know I’ll deal with it I said, It’s not like I can say “turn around I’ve changed my mind!”

So from then one I had three weeks before I made the trip, 12,000 miles on my own and all at once it didn’t seem scary like it used to feel.

The day dawned I had hardly slept the night before I was so excited to go, I kissed my children Goodbye and got into a friend’s car to go to the Airport, I knew that once I got there, I couldn’t turn back, so I made myself a promise “No looking back no regrets” I kissed them Goodbye at the International gate and from then on I was all alone.

Going through customs was scary because stupid me, first time traveler, got my passport photos and then promptly went and changed my hair radically differently and so the Customs officers questioned i it was really me, I had to drag out my driver’s license and other ID to prove it. Boarding was easy and I had the middle seat of three. I had a business lady on my right (window side) and a business man on my left. The lady and I started talking and I told her “First long distance flight, first holiday alone, first time to America, little bit nervous” she was wonderful and told me exactly what would happen and then suggested I follow her off the plane and through to customs. I will forever be thankful to that lady. The flight went well, little bit bumpy who knew clouds were so lumpy! BUT I loved it, my love of flight was born on that plane. the food, the movies and the whole trip.

It was seven am when we landed and maybe closer to eight am by the time I cleared customs and the lady had told me “Just walk through those glass doors and you will find out where to go for your next flight” I was about to walk in America!! I think I actually floated.

As the doors opened I saw a familiar face, but hang on how could I recognize anyone in America I was in LAX and I had to get to Detroit in Michigan. But another long time fried had traveled something like 6 hours to meet me off the plane because he too knew how nervous I was about coming, he said he didn’t want me to spend time there alone and would sit with me while I waited for my next plane to Chicago. I will always be grateful to Bribaby for making the trek to meet me and then I think it was only maybe about an hour before I had to board the next plane. What a gracious guy!!

On the plane to Chicago I had a whole row of seats to myself so I went to sleep and remember seeing the desert out the window before I drifted off to sleep. Next stop Chicago O’Hare Airport. That was much harder to navigate than LAX and I was worried seriously about getting lost and missing the important connecting flight. I swear I asked ten different people for directions and running, I made it to my gate with about six minutes to spare before we started boarding. This was a smaller plane and a shorter flight, I was getting closer!

Finally we disembarked and I knew the man I was coming to see would not be here to pick me up he was doing DJ’ing at a wedding and the plan was I would go to his sister’s house and have a shower freshen up and get dressed up and go to meet him there. But I didn’t see his sister anywhere, I didn’t have a phone number to call her, I didn’t know where I was or where I was supposed to be going, I felt really worried for about ten long fearful minutes and then I hear her calling me “Kiiiiimmmyyyy” and here she comes running, she had trouble with parking etc, I have never been so relieved to see anyone as I was to see Robin.

An hour later we pulled up at a very fancy Reception center and because Robin had her two girls in the car she couldn’t park and get out, so she directed me “Just head through that door and ask for Jim” but I’d come all this way and now I was nervous. I said to her “Can’t we just ask this doorman heading this way to go and get Jim?” she laughed and laughed and gasped for breath and said “THAT is Jim!” Uh oh!

I spent three weeks in Michigan in and around Detroit, I loved it, we played mini golf (Aussie won, go Aussie Sheila!) and I tried new foods, some I liked (Baloney with mayo) some I hated (Sloppy Joes) we went to the movies ( Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood), and shopping, he is still talking about the time in Meijer’s when I backed up the shopping trolley (Shopping carts for my US friends) to get a bargain pair of shoes! and I ran over my toe with the cart, Oh I have never felt such pain and he laughed and tears rolled down his face in mirth and they rolled down my face in pain! I saw my first real life deer, and asked Jim if they were garden ornaments? again, he laughed! then I saw them move, what were they doing just walking around people’s front lawns? and the time I saw a squirrel in the vacant lot and jumped about six feet in the air with fright, I thought it was a rabbit!! So many amazing memories, clipping coupons to go shopping, trying Bagels with jam, and making my first Pumpkin Pie because it was almost October and so Halloween was not far away!! Learning what “Soda Pop” was and tasting “Tootsie Roll Pops” for the first time.. addictive much?!? Candy corn another addictive habit. And Pizzas in Detroit they don’t put pineapple on pizzas really?! Bizarre! My favorite day was when we walked around Detroit and went on the mono rail and did a truly American thing, we went to the Baseball to see Detroit Tigers V’s NY Yankees. It was rained out and we sat there under plastic rain ponchos, in the “nose bleed” stands, it didn’t mater I was in America, doing American things and I had the hat, the t-shirt and various other nick knacks to remember it by.

Finally my time was up and I was to move onto New York to meet and stay with some other friends, Warren and Sharon. It was a short flight and I cried most of the way, by the time I got off the plane looking a wreck, Warren’s first question was “What did he do to you?”

Warren and Sharon have a beautiful old house and I had an amazing room and I slept so well. but before sleeping Sharon and Warren took me shopping and introduced me to “Beanie kids”. We got to drive through the streets of Schenectady and knowing how much I love history, Warren like a true tour guide was able to point out all the historic buildings. The Second day we drove to Lake George and stayed on their boat on the Lake, what an amazing place, those autumnal colours were just glorious. I got to meet interesting people and we joined a party in the middle of the woods were I drank some poisonous alcohol and had lots of laughs, and Pizza, no pineapple but vegetables.. we never put veggies on Pizza at home! We also never had the merganser ducks either. I just loved the ducks!! We had dinner at a fancy restaurant that night and slept on the boat. That was a first for me.

The Next day we headed back to Schenectady to collect my bag and we went into New York City we drove past the twin towers little knowing that a bit less than a year later they would fatally be gone. We attended a street market and I got to do another famous thing, we had lunch in a restaurant in NY! But finally it was time to head to the Airport and head for home. I had been away three weeks  and a few days and by the time I got home across the time line etc ect it would be three and a half weeks.

I slept the whole flight, I woke up briefly to see the lights of Nevada I think they said, and then I woke up to get off the plane at LAX and look for my international flight home. I was tired, I was sad, I was just over everything and ready to go back to my children I had never left them before for anytime let alone such a long time. They had been on school holidays for the middle two weeks and so this was their first week back at school, I couldn’t wait to see them.

My friend met me at the Melbourne airport with flowers “welcoming me home” I didn’t want to be home, I wanted to be there, and so I cried and I cried, and I couldn’t even talk to him about what I was crying about, I was so depressed and probably looking back maybe a bit jet lagged. I got home threw in my suitcase and raced around to the school to see the children in their classrooms. Glad to be back to them but not to be back to my own life.

That was fourteen years ago now, I still am close to my American friends and America and I are not done yet, I have pledged to see all Fifty States and some day I will, but for now, that has been my most courageous thing I have ever done. I still have to pinch myself sometimes and ask “Did that really happen?” or was it a really vivid dream? But then I look at the photos and I look at the “Beanie Kid” with the American flag on its tummy that I brought in NY with Sharon and Warren and I smile, so many happy memories with good friends.

SO what was YOUR most Courageous moment??


                                                                      Merganser Duck.. don’t you think his little hair do is cute??

15 Days Thanksgiving Challenge- Day One.. Make him his favourite meal.


So today is day one of Darlene’s new challenge so as I said in the previous post https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/husband-beware-this-post-might-get-sloppy/

So Day One was “Cook his favorite meal” Which is easy.. I made him his favorite meat loaf.


I changed the usual meatloaf recipe a little bit and it was slightly different But the men both liked it they didn’t however like the Cauliflower puree I used instead of the usual mashed potatoes. Oh Well, a girls gotta try right?!

Husband… BEWARE This post might get sloppy!!

Another day.. Another challenge…

Red Hatters Christmas Mordialloc beach 8-12-2012 034_resize               Santa and his Helper

Scarlett 031_resize Becoming a Grandpa



So in my inbox this morning I got Darlene’s last newsletter.. and it struck a chord with me… So I am taking up her challenge (I know RIGHT as if I need another one!!)

Here’s a snippet of what she says..

“Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to bring a little gift of thanksgiving to our husbands!

If you’d like to join me, we’ll start tomorrow November 11th, and we’ll finish on November 25th. I have created a challenge for each day–nothing too big, just small ways to say, “You’re important to me, and I’m thankful for you!” “

OK well in Australia we don’t do “Thanks giving” but I believe that when we are thankful for something or someone we should acknowledge that! So I am putting my hand up for Darlene’s challenge then I looked at the date “EEKK! THAT’s today!” so I quickly sent my beloved a text and asked him “Out of all the meals I’ve ever cooked you what is your favorite?” I knew without a doubt there would be one of at least two possible choices.. Meatloaf or Lasagna (both of which the whole family loves) So his text came back pretty quickly saying “Geeze hun, hard choice but probably meatloaf!” I know my bloke pretty well! So I’m off on a shopping trip to pick up a few requirements to make meatloaf and It’ll have to be made early because I have an art date with my Cousin.. but anyways let me show you what goodies Darlene has coming up for the “15 Days of thanksgiving”



While I am at the shops I’ll get him a gift for tomorrow as well.. Breakfast in bed will be a challenge.. A- he doesn’t do coffee or breakfast in bed and B- its a work morning so he’ll be gone before I am a awake and C- his version of breakfast is a bowl of yogurt… Ok, So Maybe I’ll get up and make his yogurt but not in bed!

# 11 Will be equally as hard since he doesn’t watch TV unless it’s sport and Sport season is over.. maybe I’ll dig out a movie!

and I am really excited for #8 because there is one thing he does exceptionally well and that is kiss… he curls my toes!



Long before I started my walk with the Lord, I knew “Someone” had sent me my Bloke for no other reason than he was so polar opposite from me, and normally we just wouldn’t work, but work we did and I thought maybe it was my Dad looking down from above guiding things, NOPE, now I know it was God because I had lessons to learn that only THIS Bloke could teach me.. things like “practicing discardia” and “never go to sleep angry” Oh how I have hated to lean that one… the other one of mine he’s “fixed” is the silent treatment.. we talk about it now. But most importantly the lesson this Bloke has taught me was “How and Why to be a good wife” and I work on that daily.



Being a Virtuous woman and my favorite “a wife of integrity” are my goals short and long-term!

So if you are interested to find out more about Darlene and her Challenge and her books and just about her thoughts in general pop over and say HI.. http://timewarpwife.com/

NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 9 Abbortsford Convent and salads!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)



Today we (My Cousin Lee, My Grandson Chase and !) went to the open day of the Abbotsford Convent. Next week Lee and I have an art class there on Zentangles so we were eager to see inside. We grew up in Richmond which is kind of the next Suburb over and so I knew the Convent was there but I wasn’t exactly sure where and to be honest back then it held no fascination for me. But In July this year I started my walk with the Lord and so now all things “God like” (As my family like to say!) interest me.

We could no believe how big it was and since it’s in the process of being restored a lot of it was closed to public, but it made me wonder “How many Nuns lived here?” and “What did they do with so much room?” The gardens are stunning and they have a working vegetable garden and that was impressive. Some of the rooms are available for hire for functions and weddings and other rooms are home to artists and you can hire other spaces to hold meetings, classes whatever. Sadly the “Open Studios” were all upstairs so I was unable to go with Chase being in his stroller. But I am so excited to go back next week for the class although also a little bit nervous about getting lost in the huge maze of beautiful old blue stone buildings.

On the way out we followed a path that lead to a flight of four stairs and I sent Lee up and in to see if there was anything worth carrying Chase up the stairs and into there. So came back and said ” you turn, you need to go see your Man on the cross” HA HA! MY man on the cross or as my husband calls him “Jimmy” My Bloke says that if the Aussie Blokes got to hang around with Jesus for any amount of time they would have nick named him “Jimmy” as is the “Aussie way” or giving everyone names other than what they were born with…

In my House we have Me Kim..  am usually called Kimmy, Sheila, Mum, Gramma almost anything but Kim, when I am called “Kim” I feel like I am in trouble.. Robert… who is Rob or Bloke. Christopher who is Kit, Jasmin who is Jazz or Minka Amber well actually Amber is just Amber or Bambi… Jarrah is Jay and then William who is known by almost anything else.. Billy, Will, Star Son, Willya,  Billiam, Bopster… the list is almost endless for him, then the next generation is Chase and he’s Chasey Kissy Facey and Scarlett is Scarletta or Bright Eyes or Sweetpea… see no one is called by their correct name.

So back to going up the short flight of stairs to “See your man on the cross” in I went all quiet and echoey footsteps, very surreal really. Does church have that effect on everyone or is it just me?? There on the wall life-size was “Jimmy” on the cross. Even before I started my Walk with the Lord, I have never liked that image and always felt uncomfortable about it.. and then I realized why.. because GOD gave his only son Jesus (Jimmy to us Aussies) for our sins..the Sinner in me must have felt guilty and that is why I’ve never been able to look at that image comfortably. So I made myself stand there and study it and say a prayer because chances are I’ll never get that close to him again. It actually made me a little bit teary to be honest, lucky I was able to slip my sunglasses back on as I left the building.



Even just looking at this photo my heart skips a beat!

He really was quite life-like! We left soon after that but I definitely  want to go back some day and learn more about the convent.. you can look at the website here: http://abbotsfordconvent.com.au/

Back at home, we visited my M-I-L at her nursing home and did a quick shop, I brought some salad making goodies because tomorrow I start “The Daniel Plan” and you can find out more about that here: http://www.danielplan.com/   I am doing a 10 day Detox, depending how well I do with that I might stick it a bit longer. I worked out from doing the charts and things ( measurements yuck!) on the website that I need to lose 22 pounds which is roughly 7 kilos. That is to get to my ideas height/weight ratio. Because of my parental genes I am at risk of type 2 diabetes and so I want to try to avoid that at all costs, lets face it I’m not getting any younger, let’s start now! I have not brought the cook book, but there are some great recipes to try on the website and I am in a support group on Facebook of others doing “The Daniel Plan” I am excited to see how many inches I can lose and if I can do it in time for the wedding 3rd Jan 2015, which means a beautiful new outfit worn proudly!!

So that was my Sunday.. what did you do? anything exciting?!

NoBloPoMo 2014- Day 2- Desert!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Willow Bend Caravan Park, Wentworth, New South Wales.

On the banks of the Darling River.

Last night we all slept like proverbial babies.. Why do they have that saying because very few babies actually sleep well?! Woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine and NO WIND!! Yay! After breakfast and the usual camp clean up, beds made, windows in tents opened and kitchen cleaned we decided to go explore. This is a small town so it doesn’t take long. We did however find the Wentworth Gaol, and although we didn’t go into the Gaol we did look at the gift shop, we will go back though. I also picked up one of those touristy guides, I am a sucker for those things, I like to deconstruct them and stick them into my journal and use the pics of places we went to. So as I was flipping through the guide I found “Perry Sand Hills” sounds interesting right? And it was only 4 Kilometers out-of-town so why not? Off we went (Little back ground here, I LOVE the desert, so when we went on our half “Big Lap” the nearer we got to Uluru the more excited I got about the “desert” I was underwhelmed!! Not disappointed how could anyone ever be disappointed at that beautiful big red rock, but there were no sand dunes or red sand hills at all, it was red sand and scrubby bushes. Not at all like I imagined) then today we drive up this dirt road and I can see in the distance huge towering red sand dunes and already my heart is skipping a beat we found the DESERT!!  Master 12 was underwhelmed to say the least but he went along with it for my sake. UNTIL he saw the size of the dunes and decided to roll down them! Game changed then and it was all fun! I could easily have stayed there for hours, we walked in places no one has ever been, no other footsteps but ours!! Super awesome!!

We took heaps of photos and rolled down the dunes, and walked back up, Will found some “paddy melons” like little yellow greenish watermelons but very bitter not for eating, he used it as a shot put, a football, a soccer ball and however else he could throw it around, we had fun! We even managed to bring some of the red sand home … In Will’s shoes, his pocket, his hoodie, you name it there was red sand in it!!

Then we promised him we’d go and buy him a magazine to read, well, the newsagent here was closed, so we went to the next town of Marebin, it too was closed, so we ended up in Mildura Vic. Found him his “Mad” magazine and came back to camp. I got caught up on my Bible studies and reading my boom “The Daniel Plan” while the boys fished. When we needed a break we walked into town along the river and home via the closed shops, window shopping. I got my 10,000 steps so that makes me happy!!

Tonight we tested out the showers and gave them our stamp of approval, nice pressure and plenty of hot water. We all got a bit of colour today, luckily we brought some Sunscreen for tomorrow. Now its bedtime, and maybe a few pages of my book to be read..

Journaling Prompts…

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Because you never know when you might need a good journal prompt!

30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery


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I often include different journal prompts on Weightless because I think it’s key to continually maintain a dialogue with ourselves. It’s part of building a healthy relationship, or rather a friendship, with yourself.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.”

Here are 30 prompts, questions and ideas to explore in your journal to get to know yourself better.

  1. My favorite way to spend the day is…
  2. If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is…
  3. The two moments I’ll never forget in my life are… Describe them in great detail, and what makes them so unforgettable.
  4. Make a list of 30 things that make you smile.
  5. “Write about a moment experienced through your body. Making love, making breakfast, going to a party, having a fight, an experience you’ve had or you imagine for your character. Leave out thought and emotion, and let all information be conveyed through the body and senses.” (A prompt fromBarbara Abercrombie ’s creative book Kicking In The Wall: A Year of Writing Exercises, Prompts and Quotes To Help You Break Through Your Blocks And Reach Your Writing Goals. )
  6. The words I’d like to live by are…
  7. I couldn’t imagine living without…
  8. When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…
  9. Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust. (Then make time to hang out with them.)
  10. What does unconditional love look like for you?
  11. What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? How can you act on these things whether you do or don’t?
  12. I really wish others knew this about me…
  13. Name what is enough for you.
  14. If my body could talk, it would say…
  15. Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself.
  16. What do you love about life?
  17. What always brings tears to your eyes? (As Paulo Coelho has said, “Tears are words that need to be written.”)
  18. “Write about a time when work felt real to you, necessary and satisfying. Paid or unpaid, professional or domestic, physical or mental.” (Also a prompt from Abercrombie’s Kicking in the Wall .)
  19. Write about your first love — whether a person, place or thing.
  20. Using 10 words, describe yourself.
  21. What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?
  22. What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?
  23. I feel most energized when…
  24. “Write a list of questions to which you urgently need answers.” (This is probably my favorite prompt from Abercrombie’s book.)
  25. Make a list of everything that inspires you — from books to websites to quotes to people to paintings to stores to the stars.
  26. What’s one topic you need to learn more about to help you live a more fulfilling life? (Then learn about it.)
  27. I feel happiest in my skin when…
  28. Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.
  29. Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
  30. Write the words you need to hear.
Journaling helps us figure out who we are, what we need and what we want. It can help us make better decisions, and focus on the very things that support us in taking compassionate care of ourselves and others.

What are your favorite journaling prompts? What are your favorite ways to check in with yourself, to get to know yourself better, to get inspired?

– See more at: http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/30-journaling-prompts-self-discovery#sthash.QU33fXZz.dpuf

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 16- Friends on Friday




Monday: Mosaic Monday – make a photomasiac to show and write about
Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday – tell us about yourself
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – post a photo and no words
Thursday: Thankful Thursday – write about what you are thankful/grateful for, Throwback Thursday
Friday: Friends on Friday – write about another creative you admire, Flashback Friday
Saturday: Some/Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday
Sunday: Sunday Snippets (started by {tinniegirl}) – My week in photos… A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story


Yesterday you might have read the title “Ouch” and if you read that post you would have laughed at my falling episode. Well today it was no better, I am hobbling around like I’ve just had a hip replacement, and let me tell you I offer sympathy to anyone who has had one. Mine is not my hip it’s just a muscle but oh wow! Every so often it goes “pinch!” And I involuntarily let out a squeal, it hurts!! Plus my shoulder was playing up today, so we had a quiet day, specially when I have to take Neurofen to even get out of bed!

So I really don’t have much for you. i was supposed to tell you about our holiday place and how lovely it is down “there” which should have read “here” except we didn’t go because Star Son came in from school in tears and told me “Mum I think I’m going to faint!” So I laid him down with a cold face cloth over his face and made him sip some water, and he went from that to worse, Advil and raging fever, and so no trip away this day. We will review things in the morning and see how he feels.

I hope your Friday was better than mine,,

The high light of MY day was my sister-in-law coming for coffee…

#Friends on Friday…

This week my “Friday Friend” is going to be my Sister-in-law Linda, but her Mum and Dad and family call her Lindy. Technically she is my Ex sister-in-law, but at her son’s 21st which we were invited to and so happy to be invited, she was trying to figure out how to introduce me to people and her husband pointed out… “she (meaning me) is your Sister-in-law, she didn’t divorce you, she divorced your brother” so true Peter!! We had always gotten along well when we were married and now if possible we are even closer. Most weeks Lindy will drop in for a cup of tea when she is in Sunbury doing her weekly shopping, and we happily chat for hours even if we only saw each other a week ago. Its comfortable and relaxed like that.

when I was divorcing Lindy’s Brother Tony, his Parents came over one day and we got into a heated discussion and I swore at my Mother-in-law, something I had never ever done before and I had known them since I was eighteen years old. I quickly apologised when she said “Kim!! I do not deserve that language” and I agreed No she did not, and I meant the apology, and then I calmly pointed out that as His parents they didn’t have to like what was happening or agree with it BUT if they wanted to see and spend time with their Grandchildren then we ALL had to get along nicely. That was one thing Tony and I did right, we never brought the kids into anything, it was not their problem to deal with, and I made sure to keep things friendly with the In- laws so that my children would not lose Grandparents which loved them and Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

Looking back now 15 years later, I am so glad I made the decision to react that way because they all get along fabulously and we are all civil and party together and get in “family” photos and I am thankful they have accepted Rob into their family as well.



Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 9- Home is where your heart is!




Monday:  Mosaic Monday – make a photomasiac to show and write about
Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday – tell us about yourself

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – post a photo and no words

Thursday:  Thankful Thursday – write about what you are thankful/grateful for, Throwback Thursday

Friday: Friends on Friday – write about another creative you admire, Flashback Friday

Saturday: Some/Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday

Sunday:  Sunday Snippets (started by {tinniegirl}) – My week in photos… A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story.


Thankful Thursday

I can work with that!

I am thankful for:

  • My husband first and foremost, we are the most unlikely couple and yet we compliment each other like Purple and Orange… opposite on the Colour wheel and yet strangely work well together.. funny I chose those colours, he loves Purple (the Phantom wears purple) and I am in love with all things orange, I wanted to paint orange they out voted me!) I say he makes me grow in things I know nothing about, he says I enhance him.. I don’t know about that what I do know is that when he has an “Idea” it’s not usually a bad one.. where as when I have an “Idea”  everyone in the house says “uh Oh!! Mum’s got an idea”
  • My Children– without them where would I be? Maybe I would be one of those self obsessed career driven women ( and if you are one of them reading this, no Offense meant, good for you for knowing WHAT you want and going out and getting it!!) the fact that all I was “BC” (Before Children) was a Deli chick in a supermarket, I did work my way up to manager at age 19 and promptly quit when I realized I did not like bossing people around and being held accountable for spending other people’s money, which is why I am a perfect wife.. I do as I am told and I am not in charge of anyone’s money.. that is the Bloke’s job! My Children are my crowning glory, and last year saying that made me sad, like “Is THAT all I can claim that I have done with my life”  I wondered often as I journalled in my book, “who will read this? who will care? how boring am I?” but then I had GRAND Children and suddenly, it all fell into place. Maybe I am NOT here to do anything great EXCEPT have children, maybe it’s them that will do something great. I have raised them, they have gone off on their own journey and now it all starts again with Sweetpea and Squishy. Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad. All four of the children I have hatched have been very different and the one I helped to raise is different again. Each child has come with different teachings… Jasmin taught me what true love was, from the moment I saw her and realized I hadn’t died in child-birth, she was a miracle. Amber was my “trouble child” Amber will fall over her shadow and almost had her own room in the hospital, Jarrah was my first born son, the thing I wanted more than anything in the world… then I realized you should be careful what you wish for! Jarrah has taught me many things, the least of which is patience. Jarrah has taught me to fight for things I believe and when I can’t get what I need to do it myself. Jarrah has taught me love, hate and depths of despair he has been my biggest learning challenge. Will has taught me never to judge a book by its cover, he has taught me joy and delight and unfailing love, he has taught me empathy, he has taught me to laugh and joy and PRIDE! I call Will my Star Son, he was the son I always wanted but I had to get off my high horse and live with Jarrah to get Will and I know this because I said after Jarrah “that’s it my family is complete” and then without rhyme or reason along came Rob and then Will and everyone said it was a “God Send” that someone else was arranging my life… now after the last 101 days of study I realized it was indeed! It’s funny, many years ago before I even had Jasmin so 25 plus years ago I visited a Clairvoyant and she told me I would have four children and I declared “I am never having children” ha! She knew what was what!
  • Life Lessons- Thanks to my journaling, I can look back on major life experiences and be thankful for what they have taught me. Death, Divorce, upheavals, the internet, it’s all taught me things but when you are “living” those things you don’t see them, you struggle to get through them, but my life motto has always been “If it doesn’t kill me it will only make me stronger” and all of them have in one way or another. Counselling is a great tool, I went to “marriage counseling” on my own, I learnt enough to know that what I was living was not really living and he didn’t want more than he had and I wanted a little bit more.. so there came separation. I had to learn to do things for myself instead of being a sheltered little mouse. I’ve been to “family counseling” I have been to “counseling” on my own and all of them have taught me things, molded me to be who I am now. And then I found God and I realize that all along he’s been leading me to where I am now, seeking a relationship with him.. sometimes I feel like a brick to the back of the head might have been a faster way to get my attention, thank GOD there is no time limit to finding his light. It was also from reading his word that I realized that I am OK as I am, I am not meant to be anything more than I am.. what a weight off my shoulders, when I say I feel more at peace and lighter that is what I am referring to.. no I haven’t lost weight.. maybe he will help me with that too if I ask!
  • The Internet– yes I am thankful for the internet, I am thankful for the fact that I can find out about anything I want to know at any time with a few clicks on some buttons. I have found real life friends over the internet, I fulfilled a long time dream of going to America through the internet, I have found pen friends through the internet, I do my art online, I have my blog online, I love the internet!! The internet allows me to travel without leaving the dining room. Nothing is now out of my reach!!
  • My House– One of the worst things about splitting up with my first husband aside from all the pain I submitted my children to, was loosing my house. For a little while I had the Australian dream, a husband, a family and a home with a white picket fence (OK, it was a white metal fence but it was MY fence) and then my marriage dissolved and the dream started to crumble.. the house had to go, I have never cried so hard as I did that day when the auctioneer’s hammer came down and he yelled “SOLD!” and then the sticker went up on the billboard and my heart broke, that hurt more than the marriage breakdown and then the divorce. I tried that saying “home is where your family are” but it never rang true. So we moved to Sunbury to “The Bloke’s house” it was always referred to that or Gowrie Place because it wasn’t MY house.  We lived there December till October, because taking a wrong turn one day I ended up in an unfamiliar street and there was a house for sale, it was empty and all alone and HUGE. So I brought the Bloke to look at it. We called the Real Estate agent and had a look at it, this house was one when you walked in the door and it immediately screamed “HOME” 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room AND a family room… so much space, The eldest boy would have his own room, the two girls would share and the two youngest boys would share, it was perfect since Will was currently sleeping in his cot in our Walk in Robe! We needed space. The Bloke did what he traditionally does (but back then I didn’t know his “game plan”) He walked away. he shook Teresa’s hand and walked away. I was horrified, I begged and pleaded and asked him to call her and say we wanted the house. He said NO! The next weekend we went for another look, a closer look and I was sure today we would buy the house… and again after asking a few questions, he walked away.. it was too much for me, I cried, I wailed and I sulked. He arranged to look at more houses and even one in the same street. He asked Teresa about dropping the price and she said she was so sorry the house had an offer on it.. well, I almost cried myself to death. I told him I would never forgive him! As we went to look at the house in the same street,  four houses away, my eye kept straying back to the first house, I didn’t like the other house, yeah it had more bedrooms but it had a weird layout, you had to walk through one bedroom to get to another one.. how would that work, it was just weird. We were leaving that viewing and Rob got a phone call from Teresa saying “a funny thing happened, the other people were sure their load had been approved and yet it has fallen through they can’t get the money, they’ve pulled out their offer’  he was very calm and suggested we have another look at it, could she come now as we were in the same street, she said ” Yes” and within 10 minutes we were inside the house, with all the kids who rushed around choosing their bedrooms and were the trampoline would go. I was SO sure today would be the day I felt like someone was on my side and today we would buy THAT house. Rob asked questions, requested measurements and a few technical things that needed doing and then dropped the bombshell, he didn’t want to pay that price would the sellers consider dropping the price? she had already asked them and they had agreed if we would buy it and quickly (they were getting divorced and wanted to be done!) So 33 days later on my 35th Birthday we moved into our house!! this house where on Saturday (my Birthday we will have been here 11 years!) I don’t want to ever imagine selling “Castle Camelot” we have raised family here, we have celebrated bid birthdays here his 50th, my 40th, three 18th’s, two 21st’s, Will’s 1st birthday, Halloween Parties, Christmas celebrations, two baby showers, a surprise 40th for my cousin, Grand babies have been raised here this house has history, it has a story and it’s mine!

Yes I have lots to be thankful for on Thankful Thursday!