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The Great Pizza Bake off…

  Last night Tuesday, we decided to make Home Made Pizza. One of the school holidays recently my Star Son had some “homework” he had to “Construct Pizzas” and that included making the base from scratch and then he could chose from a list of toppings and he had to write a report about it. As I normally do I threw myself into that challenge and we had great fun, he made a Hawaiian Pizza and I made a dessert Pizza, with chocolate, marshmellows and starwberries with whipped cream, it was very rich! Here is the post fom then… https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/school-homework-assignment-school-holidays/
Which I wish I’d found yesterday bcause I made my own pizza bases again but a different recipe.

Rolling out the dough

The Bloke decided to make his version in his Webber Q and I would make my vegetarian (with chicken sausage and chicken meat) in the oven, to see if one cooked better than the other..here they are waiting to be cooked mine is the front one, the Boys had “Meatlovers”

  Chicken and Veg in the oven.
Meatlovers with half egg in the Webber.

So the end result was… The oven semed o cook it quicker, but they both looked and smelled and tasted amazing.

The dough recipe I used was….


2 1/2 c. flour
2 3/4 tsp. baking powder (if using baking soda use half and omit salt)
1 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. oil
3/4 to 1 c. water

Mix dry ingredients. add 3/4 cup water and oil. Stir until it forms a ball. If dough is stiff, add more water.
The dough will be soft, not sticky. Knead on a floured surface for 3-4 minutes.
Bake at 400°F for 15-25 minutes.

Sorry I cant remember which website I found it on, I just googled “No yeast pizza dough” l also ( as I typically do) changed the recipe slightly.. I added beet instead of the water, maybe thats why our base was light and fluffly.. Not sure but Star Son gave the pizza base a 10/10 so I won!! He didnt like the Bloke’s topping giving it a 3/10 because typically he just eats Margarita Pizza, I need to work out whats on that and make him his own next time and we didnt have mozzerella cheese, so ours was not as cheesy as a pizza place, next time l’ll invest in some of that. We three all agreed though that we would try making them again and try different toppings, I think the Bloke has a Seafood pizza in mind and I’ll work on some other vegetarian ideas.. So watch this space!

If you make your own pizza dough and its a sure thing, I’d love you to share your recipe with me or even topping ideas!!

What did l do today?

Short answer?


So l’m away with just my husband, very unusual and very much needed, we can have a whole conversation in one go!

Woke up at 8:45am then stayed in bed till 10:am reading… Why? Coz l could!! So I finished book number 11 in my “Aussie Author” challenge, it was called “Hazel’s Journey” by Sue Pieters- Hawke about her Mothers battle with Alzheimer’s.

 So tick that off this weekends “to do list”  the next item on today’s “to do list” was today’s “lent study” working from the book “40 things to give up for Lent and beyond” by PHIL Ressler. Tick that off the list! 

Also on the list was to get my “snail mail” up to date, a weeks worth which was only 5 letters this week. I wrote one last night and then tonight l finished the others. I forgot my address labels and envelopes at home so l made my own envelopes with the template that my New Zealand pen pal brought me! Luckily also l had my trusty Dymo labeller with me for addressing envelopes.  

Next on my “to do list” was to start lesson one of my first art class for the year it’s called “Paint the Masters” with artist Lucy Chen, http://lucychenfineart.com/ more info there!  Our first piece is my favourite artist “Johannes Vermeer” his painting “The Girl with the pearl earring” is my favourite piece of art. We went to a gallery exhibition and we saw some of his works and l got teary!  Anyways, when I saw Lucy was going to teach us to paint our own version l was in, l could not sign up fast enough, go look at Lucy’s page you’ll wanna join in too!

Lesson one was learning to draw, so we printed off the photo and drew a grid (my darling heart, he drew my grid up on both the print and the blank page

  Today l had to draw it onto my gridded up blank page seriously it was nerve wracking to the point l stopped half way and had a shower to think about why l was stressing so much… I didn’t want to ruin Vermeers great work, l know right, as though he will see it!! Plus l didn’t want to let Lucy down, so back l came and did some tweaking, shared the photo on the Facebook group and got some GREAT advice from Lucy and viola! Done!!  

Next step is to transfer that above version onto my board, l love this drawing yay!! 

So ticked that also off my “to do list” which left only one more thing to do! Paint the pug! A few weeks ago “Star Son” told his Grandmother that he would do a painting for her wall at her “Retirement Village” room. He chose the photo and l did the back ground and transferred the drawing into the board, he painted the first layer of cream paint and decided “I suck at art!” And took a break, two weeks later l am finishing it because l had a “feeling“(occasionally l get that feeling and when l do l run with it)  it was going to be good, even l didn’t think it’d be this good though!! I love it!! But l don’t love pugs!! 

It’s been sitting here on my mantle piece for three hours now and every time l look up its watching me l just really love it!!  


So that was my day! I got a weeks worth of “stuff” done in one day, plus journal I really think it’s been a great day!!