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Art and travel.

Two of my most favourite things. Art speaks to me, when I see art that moves me it makes my heart skip a beat and I wish with a deep desire to be able to creat art that would let me get “stuff off my mind” I remember the first time art moved me in such a way, it was when I stumbled upon an art exhibition of the Dutch artist Johanne Vermeer. I had never heard of him, we, my husband and I were on a “date day” and it had been years since I’d been to the Victorian Art Gallery. My God Mother took me whn I was a little girl and I remember I was fascinated becuse the front of the gallery is a glass wall of water. Aunty Kath let me put my hand in the glass wall of water and we laughed and laughed as we got splashed with water, as an adult there was no telling me off for “being naughty” or for getting my sleeves wet, we had laughed together, I remember her laughing and the sound of the musical water.

So on this “date day” we went in, past the wall of glass and water which still attracts people becuase its different. And this day there was a special exhibition of Dutch Master Johanne Vermeer’s art, so we paid the extra and went in. I remember thinking of one of his paintings- a floral piece, that I could pick the flower from the vase and smell it, it looked so life like! And then there was probably his most famous painting “The Girl with the pearl earring”

His art made me feel emotional, it made me want to step inside his world and stand in the light of the window that he painted so many times. He painted every day scenes, some simple things like women writing letters, and it made me want to paint too.

Many years later, I did! My cousin and I did a painting class, it was a “date day” with my cousin, just the two of us, I brought her a painting lesson for her birthday and we spent the whole day away from our Blokes and our children and we learnt to paint a landscape, looking back it wasn’t that great and I can see how far I’ve since come, BUT it was a start, the start I needed because as I sat there I realised that the rest of the world had disappeared and I was in this heavenly little bubble, me and the paint 🎨 and when I walked away that afternoon with a painting that I had done, with mountains and skies and a Tuscany Villa, I DID THAT! Then a little voice deep within asked “What else can you do?” By applying the steps I’d learnt in that class off I went exploring!

“Date days” with my husband now often include trips to the Art Gallery, we took his Mum on one of our “Date days” to see Monet’s exhibition, and we went last year to see Vincent, oh my gosh! He made me so emotional and he also showed me that by painting half a sheep, the viewer (me) still recognised it as a sheep, although up close ot was not even finished! I was hard pressed not to look at some of his art works and keep myself from crying! Those sun flowers! Wow! I recreated his “starry night” in an art journal as a lesson once and I so wanted to rip it out and frame it, it looks so lovely!

Last year I did NO ART, none at all, I had set myself a crochet challenge and I spent the entire year crocheting, one granny square a day and a temperature blanket and a few baby blankets for various people, I fooled myself that I was “still being creative” but I would catch a glimpse of my easel and my paints and realise I missed that! So I decided that 2018 is the year of art! All art will be explored.

In October 2017 I turned 50! I have wanted to be 50 since I turned 21, this has been my milestone, for my birthday my Husband asked me “What special gift can I buy you?” I asked for a painting course and so he brought me “Lets Face it” with Kara Bullock, a year long class to learn to paint people, faces, positions etc, different artists and different styles.

Which brings us to the reason for this post, I have just discovered another painting course I would also like to do, its about Art and Travel, it has various artists and they will teach about their countries. Lucy Chen, with whom I painted “The Girl with the pearl earring” Oh my gosh! Seeing Lucy was teaching people how to paint THAT painting the one that moved me by THAT artist whom I LOVE! I had to do that, so a few years back, I painted my first oil painting of “The Girl with the pearl earring” and she hangs very proudly in my entry hall. This time Lucy is part of “Around the world through art” Lucy is of course doing China, but today I discovered Katrina Koltes is giving away a spot on her blog ( Click on her name) to this class! So I would like to travel to Italy with her (online, I wish in real life but online is just fine, I can wear my pj’s!) and win a place.

Lucy is doing China, yesterday Annie was taking us to Russia and I think tomorrow is Ireland!

if Art and Travel sound like fun you might want to sign up for this course, follow the links and lets go travel!

Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 9- Home is where your heart is!




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Thankful Thursday

I can work with that!

I am thankful for:

  • My husband first and foremost, we are the most unlikely couple and yet we compliment each other like Purple and Orange… opposite on the Colour wheel and yet strangely work well together.. funny I chose those colours, he loves Purple (the Phantom wears purple) and I am in love with all things orange, I wanted to paint orange they out voted me!) I say he makes me grow in things I know nothing about, he says I enhance him.. I don’t know about that what I do know is that when he has an “Idea” it’s not usually a bad one.. where as when I have an “Idea”  everyone in the house says “uh Oh!! Mum’s got an idea”
  • My Children– without them where would I be? Maybe I would be one of those self obsessed career driven women ( and if you are one of them reading this, no Offense meant, good for you for knowing WHAT you want and going out and getting it!!) the fact that all I was “BC” (Before Children) was a Deli chick in a supermarket, I did work my way up to manager at age 19 and promptly quit when I realized I did not like bossing people around and being held accountable for spending other people’s money, which is why I am a perfect wife.. I do as I am told and I am not in charge of anyone’s money.. that is the Bloke’s job! My Children are my crowning glory, and last year saying that made me sad, like “Is THAT all I can claim that I have done with my life”  I wondered often as I journalled in my book, “who will read this? who will care? how boring am I?” but then I had GRAND Children and suddenly, it all fell into place. Maybe I am NOT here to do anything great EXCEPT have children, maybe it’s them that will do something great. I have raised them, they have gone off on their own journey and now it all starts again with Sweetpea and Squishy. Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad. All four of the children I have hatched have been very different and the one I helped to raise is different again. Each child has come with different teachings… Jasmin taught me what true love was, from the moment I saw her and realized I hadn’t died in child-birth, she was a miracle. Amber was my “trouble child” Amber will fall over her shadow and almost had her own room in the hospital, Jarrah was my first born son, the thing I wanted more than anything in the world… then I realized you should be careful what you wish for! Jarrah has taught me many things, the least of which is patience. Jarrah has taught me to fight for things I believe and when I can’t get what I need to do it myself. Jarrah has taught me love, hate and depths of despair he has been my biggest learning challenge. Will has taught me never to judge a book by its cover, he has taught me joy and delight and unfailing love, he has taught me empathy, he has taught me to laugh and joy and PRIDE! I call Will my Star Son, he was the son I always wanted but I had to get off my high horse and live with Jarrah to get Will and I know this because I said after Jarrah “that’s it my family is complete” and then without rhyme or reason along came Rob and then Will and everyone said it was a “God Send” that someone else was arranging my life… now after the last 101 days of study I realized it was indeed! It’s funny, many years ago before I even had Jasmin so 25 plus years ago I visited a Clairvoyant and she told me I would have four children and I declared “I am never having children” ha! She knew what was what!
  • Life Lessons- Thanks to my journaling, I can look back on major life experiences and be thankful for what they have taught me. Death, Divorce, upheavals, the internet, it’s all taught me things but when you are “living” those things you don’t see them, you struggle to get through them, but my life motto has always been “If it doesn’t kill me it will only make me stronger” and all of them have in one way or another. Counselling is a great tool, I went to “marriage counseling” on my own, I learnt enough to know that what I was living was not really living and he didn’t want more than he had and I wanted a little bit more.. so there came separation. I had to learn to do things for myself instead of being a sheltered little mouse. I’ve been to “family counseling” I have been to “counseling” on my own and all of them have taught me things, molded me to be who I am now. And then I found God and I realize that all along he’s been leading me to where I am now, seeking a relationship with him.. sometimes I feel like a brick to the back of the head might have been a faster way to get my attention, thank GOD there is no time limit to finding his light. It was also from reading his word that I realized that I am OK as I am, I am not meant to be anything more than I am.. what a weight off my shoulders, when I say I feel more at peace and lighter that is what I am referring to.. no I haven’t lost weight.. maybe he will help me with that too if I ask!
  • The Internet– yes I am thankful for the internet, I am thankful for the fact that I can find out about anything I want to know at any time with a few clicks on some buttons. I have found real life friends over the internet, I fulfilled a long time dream of going to America through the internet, I have found pen friends through the internet, I do my art online, I have my blog online, I love the internet!! The internet allows me to travel without leaving the dining room. Nothing is now out of my reach!!
  • My House– One of the worst things about splitting up with my first husband aside from all the pain I submitted my children to, was loosing my house. For a little while I had the Australian dream, a husband, a family and a home with a white picket fence (OK, it was a white metal fence but it was MY fence) and then my marriage dissolved and the dream started to crumble.. the house had to go, I have never cried so hard as I did that day when the auctioneer’s hammer came down and he yelled “SOLD!” and then the sticker went up on the billboard and my heart broke, that hurt more than the marriage breakdown and then the divorce. I tried that saying “home is where your family are” but it never rang true. So we moved to Sunbury to “The Bloke’s house” it was always referred to that or Gowrie Place because it wasn’t MY house.  We lived there December till October, because taking a wrong turn one day I ended up in an unfamiliar street and there was a house for sale, it was empty and all alone and HUGE. So I brought the Bloke to look at it. We called the Real Estate agent and had a look at it, this house was one when you walked in the door and it immediately screamed “HOME” 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room AND a family room… so much space, The eldest boy would have his own room, the two girls would share and the two youngest boys would share, it was perfect since Will was currently sleeping in his cot in our Walk in Robe! We needed space. The Bloke did what he traditionally does (but back then I didn’t know his “game plan”) He walked away. he shook Teresa’s hand and walked away. I was horrified, I begged and pleaded and asked him to call her and say we wanted the house. He said NO! The next weekend we went for another look, a closer look and I was sure today we would buy the house… and again after asking a few questions, he walked away.. it was too much for me, I cried, I wailed and I sulked. He arranged to look at more houses and even one in the same street. He asked Teresa about dropping the price and she said she was so sorry the house had an offer on it.. well, I almost cried myself to death. I told him I would never forgive him! As we went to look at the house in the same street,  four houses away, my eye kept straying back to the first house, I didn’t like the other house, yeah it had more bedrooms but it had a weird layout, you had to walk through one bedroom to get to another one.. how would that work, it was just weird. We were leaving that viewing and Rob got a phone call from Teresa saying “a funny thing happened, the other people were sure their load had been approved and yet it has fallen through they can’t get the money, they’ve pulled out their offer’  he was very calm and suggested we have another look at it, could she come now as we were in the same street, she said ” Yes” and within 10 minutes we were inside the house, with all the kids who rushed around choosing their bedrooms and were the trampoline would go. I was SO sure today would be the day I felt like someone was on my side and today we would buy THAT house. Rob asked questions, requested measurements and a few technical things that needed doing and then dropped the bombshell, he didn’t want to pay that price would the sellers consider dropping the price? she had already asked them and they had agreed if we would buy it and quickly (they were getting divorced and wanted to be done!) So 33 days later on my 35th Birthday we moved into our house!! this house where on Saturday (my Birthday we will have been here 11 years!) I don’t want to ever imagine selling “Castle Camelot” we have raised family here, we have celebrated bid birthdays here his 50th, my 40th, three 18th’s, two 21st’s, Will’s 1st birthday, Halloween Parties, Christmas celebrations, two baby showers, a surprise 40th for my cousin, Grand babies have been raised here this house has history, it has a story and it’s mine!

Yes I have lots to be thankful for on Thankful Thursday!