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Nuffin much!

Remember Thumper the rabbit from the Movie “Bambi” he stamps his little foot and says “Mumma always says if you can’t say nuffin nice you shouldn’t say nuffin at all” well personally l like that statement because once the words are spoken you can’t take them back. We ALL say things in anger, at that moment you feel justified to say it and get it out there but later on you might feel like “taking it back” just like life there are no re-dos! I’ve been guilty of not saying the words because I am basically a chicken when it comes to confrontation, but l go away and stew on things and then think of how l “coulda, woulda, shoulda,” handled it and then l write it all down! Once l wrote it in a letter to someone who used to be close to me ok, she was my sister. Seeing how much pain that caused her, now l just write it in my journals! A therapist once told me “Write the person a letter and get it all out of your system and then burn it or rip it up and be done with it” another person suggested writing it and burning it and burying it to get rid of the left over anger, so far l’ve written it and burnt it l’ve also used some of those ashes in a painting so therefore turning ugly into pretty, and l’ve written horrible things on canvas and painted over it and made it beautiful but l knew what was under that pretty so l stabbed it smashed it and threw it away… maybe not what the therapist had in mind but it helped me!

Some artists speak of that judgemental inner critic that is never happy with their art, one art teacher said we should name them and then reply to them in positive ways, one of my favourites was l was painting a mermaid with pink hair and the “Evil Inner Critic” started up with “Pink hair? How stupid! Whoever has pink hair! I’ve never seen a mermaid with pink hair” l calmly replied “Really? When did you last see a mermaid? Oh and By the way Mother! Pink hair comes from a bottle also known as hair dye!” Yes my “Evil Inner Critic” wears my Mother’s voice. It wears my Mother’s voice because that’s what l’ve heard for a good chunk of my life.

How l Mother my children is directly in line with how l was mothered, EXACTLY the opposite. I praise my children if l like something they’ve cooked l ask for the recipe, if they wear something l like l ask for the details. If they have a skill l don’t well l want to learn it or support them in their hobby. I show interest in their lives, maybe Star Son thinks l show too much interest and says “Why do you need to know?” My reply “Because l’m your Mother and l care!”

Over the years l’ve done loads of journaling with different prompts to try and work through this “Mother Issue” l have- and in all the thousands of words l’ve written l honestly can not recall a time when she made a positive remark. I cannot recall a time she said “Oh good job” or “l like the way you did that!” Instead, upon meeting my brother for the first time, who she gave up for adoption she said “Oh and this is your sister Kim she’s the bitch of the family” this was over 25 years ago now but l hear that all the time it’s on constant replay. Did this stranger to our family need to know that immediately? Did he also need to know every other misdemeanour l’d made in my first 25 years of life? But her and her daughters proceeded to tell him every.little.thing! And l wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I still cringe when l recall that day!

That is why l mother the exact opposite l don’t want the “Evil inner Critic” that my own daughters might have to be floating around with MY voice!

So now they know they can come to me and vent to me and ask me advice if they want it l’ll give them my thoughts if not that’s ok too lm a good listener and l never repeat it because it ends here. Maybe they won’t make my mistakes of writing or worse saying things to someone they can’t take back. Sometimes if we rearrange the words we want to say they go from being harsh and critical to honest and thoughtful it might have a different outcome l understand that now l didn’t then.

I guess in someways l should thank my Evil Inner Critic for her behaviour because now as an artist l paint what l like, how l like and l can shut her up. As a Mother l should thank her for teaching me what not to do and only take the good bits from her lessons, like how to make delicious vegetable soup. Once my Son in Law told my daughter “Oh you sounded just like your Mother” but it wasn’t a criticism and so that made me happy but never once will l ever say that saying “I opened my mouth and my Mothers voice and out” never ever!

September 24- Invention


Originated, creation, Innovation, it all means Invention.

Something created for a specific intention.

The printing press was Johannes Gutenberg famous invention,

I’m thankful to him when ever I read with attention!

Carl Wilhelm Siemens invented in the 1880’s- aluminium

To keep our soft drinks handy and portable

a cold beer in a can is easily transportable!

Orville Wright, his invention, a plane!

Aviation was never the same.

Just in time for my trip to the United Kingdom,

I’m taking my Bestie as my wingman!

So many famous people, through their invention

Have been brought to our attention.

Charles Babbage, we can call him Charlie,

Famous invention was the computer!

Im sure his schooling was done through a tutor!

Cai Lun, was Chinese, his invention was paper!

He used bark, silk and fishing net- oh what a caper.

I’m thankful to him, for the paper I use,

to write down these poems, to keep myself amused.

Last but not least in this invention poem

William Henry Fox Talbot, a man little known.

His invention was photography, and to him I applaud

So I can take photos of my trip abroad!

Precious memories I will always treasure,

Photography is such a pleasure.

#poetember #kickinthecreatives

#Sketchathon #BlogfestSeptember

Happy New Year!!

Here we are at the start of another year.

I have been taking a break from blogging and journaling since I got back from our Big Lap.

So many things have been happening, I just didn’t have time or energy to blog and even my poor journal has fallen by the way side.

So here is a quick update….

We got back in November and hit the ground running…

November 21st Sweetpea turned two and we had an afternoon tea, in the meantime we started cleaning the back deck which needed cleaning and finished the garden boxes which have been nick named “garden coffins” they are that shape.. we planted them with Daphne, a tomato plant, a gardenia and an Australian native I am still to get a rose for the other Grand daughter.

We had Wedding rehearsal on the Wednesday which was the 25th and had a final look at the space where we would be setting up the reception etc. I also got my eye brows waxed and tinted and my nails done, a little bit of spoiling after roughing it in tents for two months.

Sunday 29th November 2015.

Still cant quiet believe I haven’t written about this yet, I am guessing after my Grand babies births this was so far the greatest highlight of my life. My first born got married. We still don’t have the wedding photos back yet but I’ll share a few of the ones I do have.

bridal party

The Bridal party,

Left to right… Stewie, Bride-Jasmin, Groom- Brett and Ella.

bride and groom

My new Son-in-law Brett and my beautiful girl.


flower girl

“Aunty Jazzy” and flower girl “Sweetpea”

funny Jasmin

I’m not sure what she was doing here but I love that face!!


mother and son dance

Mother and Son dance.


paige boy

Page Boy, and Son of the happy couple

 photo bomb

This is my cousin and her family and my first ever photo bomb, taken by the photographer!!

walking down the aisle 

Escorting my girl down the aisle.

wall shot

This is going to be a wall shot!! taken by our photographer Gabbie Hine.

I escorted her down the aisle and I don’t know how many people I had telling me what a blubbering mess I would be.. I shocked them all and even myself when I didn’t cry, not even during my speech which actually made a few people laugh! I made it through, my goal for the night was to do my speech without A- crying and B- inserting umm or errr in too many places In fact I didn’t stumble at all! I was so proud of myself and then my Brother Bill made me cry before the night was out but that wasn’t about the wedding so it’s not counting!!

After the Wedding we had Squishy’s 2nd birthday party and then fast came upon us Christmas.

Christmas…. hmm, if you were reading my posts in 2014 you might have read that I do not like Chrtistmas, I don’t like the commercialism of it all.. you stress and worry and within minutes it’s all over and the day goes on. But this year I decided to embrace the festive season and even suggested we have lunch at home… *sigh* sometimes I’m such a fool and this highlights it all.. Next year (or this one anyways!) I’m not having Christmas in fact plans are being made to go away for a month to Tasmania camping.

We decided to have lunch at our house, so the Bloke cooked a turkey our first ever and roast pork. My cousin and her family came and brought chickens and potato salads. We also had hot vegetables and roasted potatoes and pumpkin and gravy, and then the weather heated up to 39C and we all baked along with the food!! There was a wild fire about 1.5 kilometres away and e sat on the back deck, fighting away flies and fanning away the smoke.

The turkey and roast Pork were a huge success and we were happy with how they turned out, but the rest of it I didn’t enjoy! I find that you rush around waiting on everyone and making sure the house is clean and the presents are wrapped and then the whole day is over and you rush around doing the dishes and the floors and getting rid of a mountain of wrapping paper. I “tried” to embrace it and failed I don’t enjoy it, I’m not doing it again!!

As soon as all that was over we took off to Bel Far Niente for a few days to unwind from all that madness… which lead us to New Year EVE!

This year we went camping with some good friends to Ballarat. We have been to Ballarat a gazillion times and so I wasn’t terribly excited to go camping there, but it just goes to show be careful of judging, because we had a great time. The caravan park we stayed in “Goldmine” had a great solar heated pool which we gladly spent a lot of time in and out of. The bathrooms were clean and well cared for, there was a camp kitchen and  plenty for the kids to do, so My Bestie and I were able to sit and crochet and chatter or read our books or just lounge around, it was HOT!! We stayed there until Sunday 3rd January.

So that brings us up to now and New Years Resolutions.. I make them each year I kind of look at them as “goals” and I check back on them often. So this year I made three.. easy ones…

  1. Gain my diploma in Biblical studies. (I need to do 144 units, so far I’ve finished 3)
  2. Become a vegetarian ( we had raw roast lamb on 1st Jan 2016- normally I don’t mind it a little bit rare but this was too much blood and it made me feel quite ill, and then I got this thought it my head a snippet of some bible verse about God being the lamb and the blood of the lamb.. and that was enough for me.. I quit meat on the spot!)
  3. Read 50 books for the year.

In 2015- I did a challenge with Reannon and Pip Lincoln  to “Read Australian Authors” and I did and I loved it I only read three non Aussie books all year, but I found I have a huge pile left still of Australian authors so I am continuing that on again this year. So I’ve made a Good reads Goal to read 50 books… here is what last year looked like.. 2015 in books

Anyways so that brings us up to date and hopefully I’ll be back into regular blogging to keep you up to date with whats new for 2016…


NaBloPoMo… Habits..I detest Liars!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hippocrates famously said: “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.” Add one more important habit to his list.

Always tell the truth.

I have always raised my children to be honest, I think there’s nothing so bad in this world that you can’t tell the truth about, and things can be fixed if you tell the truth.

On the other hand some people are compulsive liars and they tell such elaborate stories that they forget what they’ve told and who they’ve told them to, and then when they are starting to be discovered they turn the blame on to the honest one.

I am talking from experience.

It’s not a nice feeling. A compulsive liar tells stories to garner attention and you start to feel sorry for them, and then you think “Oh my gosh! How awful!” and you think “Maybe there’s something I can do to help?” Maybe we should contact the parents and give them a heads up? At least that’s how I work. But then time goes by and the story has been slightly changed, maybe it’s a little thing like the day or the time, and then someone tells you something different and you start to put things together and before you know it… the original story is a total web of lies… I detest liars! I Think I detest liars even more when I know that MY child was in the right..

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!

And Liars never do well, they cheat to cover their lies and cheating always hurts someone. And they get mean too, because they’re scared of getting found out.. and Liar’s parents are even worse, because they “want” to believe their child, how could their child tell such lies?? it must be the other person who is lying.. And then they are in denial.. because they simply cannot believe that THEIR child would tell such amazing lies.. even when the person who is truthful can back up their lies…

I am a Mother, I will fight for my children and I have raised them as I have been raised. But even as a Mother when you gut instinct is screaming at you about something you know is NOT a good idea, they eventually must grow up and fly the nest… and I am biting my tongue so hard right now not to say “I told you so” but I am also biting my tongue right now because I so badly want to tell the Liar’s parents the truth about their Child. I put myself in their place and if MY child was in a such a mess and such a tangled web of lies and deceit I would want to know, I wouldn’t like it and I would find it hard to deal with my I would deal with it. I’ve prayed about it and journalled about it and now I am silent, because I just don’t know what else to do..I am like a simmering pot.. and one more bit of heat I may very well explode..

I detest liars!

Daily Prompt….

Getting Seasonal
The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?


http://sacredhearterie.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/jesus-in-the-manger.jpg image

Personally I can NOT wait for it to be over.

The Best bit about Christmas is the Carols!!

I’ve had enough, enough shopping, enough crowds, enough competition about who is getting what presents and who spent how much on everyone, frankly I don’t care. Christmas has become too commercial. At the risk of fulfilling daughter number two’s prediciton “I am a Grinch” its true I am… Why? What happened to make me so?

Christmas is a stressful time for A LOT of people. Its not always happy like on the TV shows or the Movies. Not everyone has a happy family. I used to always make such a big effort for Christmas, I have always been a good budgeter..(is that a word??) we would agree on a price and I would stick to it, everyone got the same amount spent on them, some might have a bigger present but it would always be someting at least one thing they wanted. I am an expert at “bargain hunting” so I put things on layby and leave them there to be paid off a little bit a fortnight or week. I STILL do this it saves alot of stress..

My first marriage fell apart on Boxing Day in 1999, no wonder they call it “Boxing day” everyone is so stressed out about the noise, the mess, the stress, I was no different, I snapped, he didn’t, I left! He found me and called my cousin and told her to send me home, she didn’t! Needless to say when I got home, the house was clean, tidy and quiet, unlike when I had stormed out three hours earlier.

My new Bloke on the other hand leaves it all to the last minute and then wonders why he hates the parking jams, and he hates the checkout lines… Every year I suggest to him about start of November, lets start thinking about Christmas and every year he does the same thing!! arghhh! STRESSFUL!!

I hate the wrapping paper and the meters of sticky tape one must struggle with to wrap the presents, which in 3.5 seconds becomes a discarded pile of ripped up paper that guess who has to go around and pick up? All those trees wasted for that!!

I hate Christmas cards for the same reason, over the years I’ve attempted to re-use them and make tags for the next year but in all reality they get thrown in to the recycling bin, so this year I have recieved only a few, yay!! Less to throw away.

I hate the fact that we spend MONTHS!! And then hours and hours of time, shopping and planning and within a matter of hours, its all over, everyone has opened their presents and tried not to look disapointed with what they received, they didn’t really want that sweater but they also didn’t give you any ideas what they REALLY did want. I wish they would all do as I do. I buy my own presents I wrap them and put THEIR names on them and put them under the tree, and then I am always happy with what I got because its what I want!!

I also hate the way people go “Oh Shoot!” Its only 6 days till Christmas I forgot to get blah blah blah… Really? You forgot? What you haven’t seen the mountains of junk mail or the TV commericals or the crazy crowds at the shops? Really? You FORGOT Christmas is 6 days away? What are you deaf, dumb and stupid? They are the ones I want to smack!

This year we had the Grandbabies birthday party on December 7th, so no point putting the Christmas tree up before then, it didn’t match the party’s colour theme, so I didn’t put it up, then I was sick for the week after, so it didn’t get put up. Finally Daughter number one said “We NEED to put up the tree” why I asked it’s almost over… When I went out she put up her smaller Christmas tree.

This year we have a 13 month old and a 12.5 month old, they will enjoy the mountains of colourful paper and the rocking horses and the ride on scooters, but even they will get tired of those and it will all be over.

In our house we do “Christmas Breakfast” and make a huge fuss, ( read huge piles of mess that Mum gets to clean up)  and then they go away onto their other appointments and I am here with a huge mess, and a pile of presents that I don’t want or need. Well except the bluestone frying pan and the Nutri Bullet that my Bloke brought me.. So they will be put away and then it’ll be back to normal for us all… NO roast meals, no sit down luncheons, no huge lazy dinners, nothing like that, everyone disperses and I am free…

Only 5 more days of stupidty before sanity reigns, I never do the Boxing day sales, who has money left after the onslaughts of Christmas shopping.

What Happened to “Jesus is the reason for the season?” I guess everyone forgot about the baby born in the manger, who had only straw for his mattress and he survived, quite well actually!!


NaBloPoMo December is Joy…Prompts…



Friday, December 19, 2014
Audrey Hepburn said, “If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough.” Do you think you would do the same, or do the sad times stand out in your mind?

At this point in my life the good far outweighs the sad, the older I am getting the more I find I am letting go of the sad and the bad and only remembering the good. Whenever we go somewhere or do something I take lots of photos, it’s just what I do, so I have many good things to look back on, rather than take photos of the sad things. PLUS I really believe that you have to sometimes have the sad and bad to appreciate the good and the happy. If you don’t experience the sad how could you grow as a person?


2015 is looking good…

Many new challenges coming up..

there’s this one for health.. http://simplegreensmoothies.com/30-day-challenge


Here’s one for my mind…  http://meetmeatmikes.com/2015-a-year-of-australian-writing/


Mike says…. My version of A Year Of Australian Writing will go something like this:

I do solemnly swear to read as many Australian authored books, blogs and articles as I can over 2015.
I’m going to swear off all non-Australian fiction, just for 12 months. (I’ll catch up on those books in 2016!)
I will detail the books and things I read here on my blog (and also on Instagram under the #ayearofaustralianwriting tag).
I will regularly give away ace examples of Australian books on my blog.
I will interview interesting people about their favourite Australian writers.
I will interview Australian writers too, if they will let me.

Perhaps you would like to join in too?

+ I’ve created a Good Reads group here so we can share the books we like or are reading more easily.
+ You can follow and chat along with my posts next year, right here on this blog too.
+ Also, you can add a button to your blog – find those here. Download a button in your favourite colour and then link back to this post so people can work out what we’re doing (and maybe join in too!)? Cool!

Another health one…kind of it’s food related… from Reannon over at http://shewhorambles.com/2014/12/09/the-year-of-new-recipes/


I am going to try a new recipe every two weeks.. my family will hate me but what the hey!!

Plus in January I am doing a journalling challenge with Lisa Sonora over here : http://www.lisasonora.com/blog/root-30-day-journal-project/

ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project with Lisa Sonora Beam

Plus of course. I am planning to dog deeper in my “Walk with the King” I’ll announce more about that as the New Year comes in…


NaBloPoMo- Joy- AND announcing “Fantabulous Friday”

Fantabulous Fridays

Each day of the week I have been having a themed day. I have now decided that Fridays will be “Fantabulous”

Most people like Friday’s because it signifies the start of the weekend. So most people would think it’s “Fantaublous

So On Friday’s I’ll touch down on the week and what I have been doing that was “Fantabulous

Today for example was my Grandson’s first birthday.

So lots of presents and unwrapping, and fun and Birthday cake. My second daughter came over for the day with her daughter who turned one two weeks ago, So it was a fun, noisy exciting day. We had pizza and Chocolate cake for dinner.

Now silence has fallen on our home, time for “me time” let’s see what today’s NaBloPoMo Journal prompt is..


Friday, December 5, 2014
What is on your happy playlist?

Oooh, A music question. I have several music pay lists on Spotify, Let me just go check!

On the play list which I have titled “Modern” (laughing), I think obviously I mean stuff on the radio that is current.. in there I have songs like

  • All of me- John Legend.
  • Timber- Ke$sha
  • Skinny Love- Birdy
  • All about the Base- Meghan Trainor
  • Cool Kids- Echosmith

Then in another play list titled “Modern Country” I have things like…

  • Tim McGraw
  • Billy Curringotn
  • Sheryl Crow
  • George Strait
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Kasey Chambers

In yet another play list I have titled “Kim’s Stuff” in there you’ll find a hooch podge of stuff.

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Toby Keith
  • The Fray
  • The Script
  • Kate Miller-Heidke
  • Blake Shelton
  • Elvis Presley

So as you see my music list is like everything else in my life “Eclectic

Feel free to add me as a friend on Spotify if you are on there and feel free to see for yourself what I am listening to. There is also a “Christmas” playlist and a “Christian music” playlist.


NaBloPoMo December is Joy… Pen-pals! and NOT feeling sad.


I’ve written about Pen pals somewhere in my blog I just know I have and it’s funny because they give me so much joy. On my worst days a letter will come and sometimes I’ll rip it open and read through it and then if I am inspired I’ll reply right away, or I’ll carefully fold it all up and put it away until I have time to dedicate to it.

Some pals you click with instantly and others are a slow drawn out affair, and others still, no matter how hard you try, there’s no connection there.

Through NaBloPoMo, I have found a blogger who was writing about Snail mail… read her post here: http://myantidepressantlife.com/i-love-the-swirl-and-swing/

In the bottom of her post “Lady J” said this “Do you still write letters? What’s your favorite part about sending or receiving them?” So of course I had to reply to that. I wondered if “Lady J” realized what a can of worms she was opening, suddenly everyone wants to be pen-pals with her. I think it’s awesome and I hope that she finds some new life long friends as I have my first pen-pal is in Germany and we are still in touch regularly, We have been pals for 12 years. WoW!! So I received an email from Lady J and I will be sending her mail. I am hopeful that we will have enough in common that we want to write to each other again, because I don’t have a pal currently in the state of Oregon.. maybe soon I will!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Who do you like to be with when you’re feeling sad?

Today’s journal prompt is very apt to the Pen-pal discussion, because when I am sad, I take myself away and I write, I usually have time to concentrate on my pen-pal letters, when I am sad I retreat to my bedroom and journal and “get over it” this could also include spending time writing letters because seriously by the time you reply to all the things your pal has written you’ll soon find yourself feeling much better.

I always try to skim over the sad parts, and if the particular pal wants more info she’ll ask me and I’ll tell her but by then whatever made me sad in the first place has ceased to matter so it’s all good.

Blogging 101.. WordPress course I signed up for.

I sign up for these things and generally forget them, but I have been saving them in my inbox so I could come back later and go over them.. so today’s email says:

{It’s time to leave the confines of Blogging 101 to seek other opportunities (blopportunities?). From weekly iPhoneography challenges to monthly flash-fiction events, blogger-hosted events are fun, free, spirited ways to get even more feedback on your work, build your audience, and make friends.

Today’s challenge: pick a blogging event from the Community Event Listings to try for some instant community.

Why do this?

  • Events introduce you to a ready-made community, where it’s easier to find new fans and new favorite reads.
  • Events and challenges are a great way to get inspired and motivated — others establish and host the event, so all you have to do is participate! No heavy lifting required.

Take a look through the event listings: you’ll find photography and visual art events, writing events, niche events (such as travel and food events), and one-time challenges. Use the drop-down menus to sort by type of event or topic. Find one that’s a perfect fit, or use this as an opportunity to try something new. The listings are continually updated with new events.

You can also use the Reader to search — try “events” or “challenges,” or get more specific. Look for photo challenges, poetry events, recipe challenges — whatever your blogging angle is, someone’s running an event. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options, try our weekly photo challenge.

If you find an event you think’d be great for other 101 bloggers, let us know in The Commons.

Happy blogging!}

So off I went like an obedient puppy and had a look at the “event listings

Uh OH… “big mistake.. HUGE mistake” to paraphrase Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

Because now there are lots more challenges for me to do.. I wonder how I’ll fit my life in?!?!

So here’s what I am signing up for so far…

Motivational Mondays– Because let’s face it no one likes Monday.. I wonder if we would like Monday more if the weekend started on Tuesday and Wednesday?! Poor Monday.. support for Monday please! Personally I like Mondays because it means all the family piss off and leave me alone.. off to school off to work off to their lives and leave me with mine. Anyways find out more about Monday’s at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_event/motivation-mondays/    Motivational Monday comes with its own badge! badge-for-motivations-monday1

Tuesdays of texture- It’s on day a week.. might help my blog become more readable. We get to mess around with photos of texture.. I can do this like Bricks, or dirt, or bark or beach sand or beach shells or my favorite tree! Hey I’m giving away all my good ideas!  This Lady can’t go past a patch of Moss without taking a gazillion photos of it.. and here I was thinking I was the Only ONE!! Find out more here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_event/tuesdays-of-texture/

This next one is a once a month thing… I will need to somehow keep track of this.. like in my daily planner LOL

Photo Blogging challenge Listed at the first of the month, you have all month to take FIVE photos of the Challenge prompt. Then on the last day of the month you post your challenge. Find out more about that here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_event/photo-blogging-challenge-pbc/

That ought to keep me busy for a while, and hopefully make my blog postings more fun for people to want to read.

Oops.. found one more.. this is a personal favorite, I am ALWAYS taking “signs” photos…

{I would like to challenge you to take pictures of signposts and post it in a blog post. Title the post: Are we there yet? and add a photo of a signpost. To make it more fun please add your country and more or less where this signpost is. Please add a link to this page in order for others also to find this page and be part of the fun. If you would be so kind as to post a link to your page in my comments box it will be appreciated. Then I can see your great post as well. I will post the top 10 signposts every Sunday on my blog. I am excited to learn more about other countries and cultures. For the first week there is no theme. Just post any signpost that you see.}

Okay… no really that has to be enough.. I am STILL doing Fat Mum Slim‘s “Photo a Day Challenge” here is the December list…


Plus on Sundays “Biblical Sunday” – I will still be updating my Bible Studies because I know a few people read those.

OH! And I forgot.. duh how could I forget! I signed up for another month-long challenge with NaBloPoMo.. December is all about JOY! I am hopeful that I can find some and take some photos of it to blog about..


I am exhausted thinking about this… if it gets too much I can quit.. but if it doesn’t this blog will be hopping!! Come back and find out more!!