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Lessons from my sons- Cartoons with Will.

Yesterday Master 9 came home from school with some books, yep it was library day and since he is doing the “Premiers Reading Challenge” for the second year we encourage him to borrow books from the list. We also have a deal he and I that if he reads from the PRC list I will read the book after him, it helps to keep him motivated last year I read all the Roald Dahl books and then Morris Glietzmen and Andy Griffith. But yesterday he surprised me by bringing home a Cartooning book, I’m almost positive it’s NOT on the PRC list but what the hey, if he does Art I’m happy.

He has some weird little idea that “boys are not good at art” which I simply had to get out of his head before that Monster ate him alive, I pointed out that some of the world most famous artists are indeed Men and were once little boys.. so we went through the books, Van gogh, Rembrandt and  VerMeer were all great artists and MEN, but apprently at his school “it’s not cool to be a boy and like art” so I pointed out “You’re not at school you’re at home and here it’s cool to be whatever you want to be and if you want to do Art come and play in my studio with me.” He has on a few occasions and we made a Zentangle one day and he loved doing that, he also made a “Butterfly of Love” for my good friend Creative gypsy. Sadly I cannot find a copy of the “Butterfly of Love” picture, here is Suzana’s website address you can see it here: http://creativetherapies.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/peace-art-from-canada/

Will's Zentangle

He was gome sick from school one day and was watching me do my first Zentangle and he asked “what do you have to do here Mum?” So I explained and asked him “Would you like me to help you draw the edges?” and then I left him alone to do his thing, and here is his first attempt at a Zentangle.

My first zentagle

He was quite happy to show off his work to his Dad but nothing much else came of it, until yesterday. He unpacked his bag to show me this book he’d borrowed on “Cartooning” and  then he went away and read it and was looking for pencil and paper and rubber and so I handed him his art journal and he invited me to come and join him. So began two hours of artistic interaction with Will, here’s what we created!

The book we worked from

Will setting up our lesson

Work inprogress

Finished results

And here is our finished pages although I still feel that I would like to go over mine with a black sharpie pen and still might, but we both got a carytoon out of it. Notice the use of background colour on the pages he and I had been exploring water coloured back grounds a few months ago. I love that for those two hours we chatted about different art techniques, whether you put the pencil on the side for shading, or if you rubbed that bit off you could make a different facial expression. Plus the excitement he had at showing off his work to Dad when he got home and telling him “Mum did some too but hers arent as good as mine she needs to practise more” hmmmm…