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Tuesday sweet Tuesday…

Today I started a new “book Club” but it’s not my “Australian” one it’s one through “His Kingdom Come” we are studying the book called “The Creative Call” by Janice Elsheimer

Here is the Blurb from Good reads…


Perhaps you’re a “closet writer” who’s been scribbling in journals for years.(Oh how did she know that?!!) Maybe you once had a passion for playing the piano or violin–a passion that is still flickering somewhere deep inside you. You may have a knack for photography, drawing, gardening, cooking, or some other creative gift. Or you may long to express yourself creatively, but have yet to discover your unique talents. 

Your creativity was meant be used. Whether you are an artist who has already identified your gifts or you believe that you have artistic talent that has never been developed, working through this book will help you grow closer to becoming the person God has designed you to be.


We are working through the book a chapter a week.. do you know how hard that is for me? especially when it’s a good book that I can relate to and so far (Chapter 2) I am relating very well. At the end of each chapter we have a series of questions, prompts and things to do.. and also each day we must write for 20 minutes in the “daily pages” this morning I was thinking.. “What can I write about for 20 minutes and how much paper will I use?” and one of the tips she gives us if we get stuck, write that down.. “I am stuck what shall I write” and then let it flow.. well, good news ( and anyone who’s read my blog posts which can sometimes be long, can attest to that!) I didn’t struggle at all and in fact I was surprised at some of the stuff that came out of my pen!! It turns out 20 minutes is a double sides lined foolscap page (I am doing my work in a ring binder) and I write small… so it’s a lot!


Plus I added some quotes from the chapter and also a bible passage or two.

So far so good I am enjoying this new  experience.

Then I had my usual bible study.. I messed up so bad and it’s taken me a week or so to figure out.. How have I managed to get so far ahead of the group.. and then I realized. The Good Morning Girls are reading and studying Monday to Friday.. oh no! not Kim Hine… she does Monday to Saturday… Of course as soon as I realized that I stopped.. but I am going to be finished the Book of Exodus this week instead of next! Never mind at least I am doing it!! So when I am finished ahead of the group I shall read the Psalms and Proverbs until the group start their next study.. I think it’s the Psalms.

Once all my written goodness had been done, there was no avoiding the fact that I had to get up and get the day started, and you know what.. I struggled to get any art happening at all…I almost gave up on the idea until about 4.00 pm and then I remembered I wanted to start a piece that I am giving away to a friend. you know what happens when I do art for “someone else” OK, OK, I’ve only done that one piece the “Pugalicious

Tanny with her Pugaliscious painting Easter 2015

Tanny with her Pugaliscious painting Easter 2015

and it was sooo good I struggled giving it away, and so I painted another one to keep… so this time to avoid THAT drama I am painting two at the same time.. Want a Sneak peek??

Now I can’t tell you who the “instructors version” is for because she might read this blog, but here’s a hint, she’s from America and is my penpal!

Also today, geeze, I’ve been busy this afternoon, I finally got around to painting or rather adding to my Intuitive painting that I did way back in February. I did the course with Perth artist Melani Parker and we did all kind of funky stuff.. so here is what it looked like when I brought it home from the Art class.

one of the backgrounds

one of the backgrounds

 And then I highlighted the “crosses” I knew I wanted some kind of “Crucifixion” type painting, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.


And then I did this….

My husband is NOT a believer but he actually saw “Mary” in the painting before I did, he said one night as we were eating dinner “I see a lady in a headdress right there” and he pointed it out numerous times it took me a while to see her.. as soon as I did I knew who she was.

So it’s been a busy afternoon, and last night I posted a late blog with no photos I was in bed and hadn’t uploaded the photos then, so I promised I’d load them today for you all.. so here is yesterday’s (Day 6) art!

“Take me Deeper” is a Christian based class I am doing with Shonna over at “His Kingdom Come” and I am doing that in a ring binder folder with lined pages for journaling and also added some watercolor pages for any art that might show up, in the folder is also class work from “Book Club” and “Logos 365” other “His Kingdom Come” classes I am taking. Mindy’s class “Sunday Mornings 2” I am doing in an art journal with a bunch of other “Christian based art” all neatly together in one book.


So that my friends, is Monday and Tuesday art complete, amazing what I can get done with no babies!!

100 Days Walking with the Lord!

I can hardly believe it’s been that long since, I decided to start reading the bible. I really questioned myself about whether I had the stamina to do it, so I just thought I’d “give it a go” what I wasn’t banking on was the feelings that have been aroused in me. I FEEL different. I feel so much more calmer, I feel at ease with myself for the first time ever.

So far in my 100 days I’ve read and followed Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” that really got me started and I am glad I started with that one, Thank you Terri for suggesting starting there.

Then I did Jolene Engle’s “Wives of the Bible” series and I became a “Wife of integrity” or as I accidentally typed to my husband in a text message “WIDE” of integrity, we are still joking about that.

Next I did a “30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge” and I really loved that, I slipped up one day and snapped at him, but my Integrity reminded me to go and apologise and explain and I did and I felt so proud of myself, see! I am telling you I am changing!

Then I discovered Courtney James and “Good Morning Girls” and a local Facebook group called “The Heart of Esther” and with them we have been working on little bible studies, so far we have read through..Esther 1-10, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude and then we started the Psalms, so I have read Psalm 1-10. Now we are working through the books of Genesis, and are currently up to Genesis 11. Each day we read a chapter and work through it using the S.O.A.P study method.

How to Use the SOAP Method to Study Scripture:

S – Write out the scripture that speaks to you from the passage.
O – Write down one or two observations from the passage.
A – Write down one or two applications from the passage.
P – Pray over what you learned from today’s passage.

And here was me thinking, I wouldn’t go the distance. Not only am I keeping up and continuing I am also asking different questions, and rather than take the easy way out and ask someone, I am looking up and researching the information for myself! Yay me!

I have also been reading lots, Pastor Frank has loaned me a selection of books, including “Lutheranism 101” and “Testament The Bible Odyssey” by Phillip Law, it’s the Bible written like a book for newbies like me to read easily. i liked it so much I brought my own copy so I can highlight and mark things.

I have also got another two of Pastor Frank’s books specifically about Martin Luther which I will start soon.

I am also currently doing a mini challenge with “Girlfriends in God” and they have asked us to read Psalm 139 every day for a month and then at the end of the month,  they want us to re write it in our own words and send it to someone, I will post mine here. I have been reading Psalm 139, morning and night, and there is a verse in there that is just screaming out for some art work.. I was hoping to do it today but I am really tired so I will hopefully get onto it tomorrow. Talking about Art, wow, reading through the Bible has been beneficial there as well. I used some scriptures and used them for illustration and did some zentangles, and sometimes when I am reading about a person in the Bible, I will “see” them in my mind, so I have been able to get a few of them painted..

So today to celebrate my first “100 days Walking with the Lord”, I treated myself to a small gift. I’ll post photos when it arrives!

So readers…. If you have a bible study or a favourite book you can suggest, please leave me a comment.