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Lesson from my son…. Dream catcher

After the felting was done and we realised we had more time than we thought we decided to get a start on the next lesson which was to be making a dream catcher.

I got one for Christmas from Kit and so did Rob and so did Billy.

Billy’s dreamcatcher-Christmas present from Kit
Rob’s dream catcher gift from Kit
My christmas present from Kit

These are the dreamcatchers Kit made us for Christmas, and it was then I asked him to teach me to make them.

preparing to make my dream catcher

I picked up these pieces of willow on the way home from a shopping trip, I won’t take things off living trees but when they’re on the ground then I’ll take them.

I picked these up mid 2010 and wound them into the form waiting for something to use them for.

Almost finished

The first one I did I was no happy with so I cut the strings off and started again, this was my second attempt. I’m pleased with how it turned out, I threaded some tinsel through the wood and I am yet to add the beads and feathers to this one.

Finished middle section

I’m picturing this section in future dream catchers with beads or holey stones. The ideas are endless.

Prayer Stick

This was one of the Monthly Projects that Carol put up on her site (see link at bottom of this post!)

February’s Project was to make a Prayer Stick.

Carol went through all the directions and this is how I played.

Bare Stick ready to be transformed

This was a “found” stick, I would never take anything off a living tree, and this was lying on the ground so I brought it home with Thanks to the tree which shed it for me. Some sticks Carol’s explains like to be bare and others prefer to keep their bark, as I was tidying up my stick it wanted to be bare and here it is after it’s been oiled with linseed oil, ready to be transformed.

Eye Spy!

 In the handle of my bare stick I found this eye… I wonder what type of Animal is waiting to come out?

Wrapping the Stick

I used Embroidery thread for the wrapping of my stick and I tried whenever possible to use the Authentic Native American colours.

 Red: The East– signifies New knowledge and a New Day and Summer.

Yellow: The South– signifies growth, warm winds, springtime, physical healing and planting energies

Black: The West signifies Spirits, water, blessings, strength, sunset, water and thunder beings ( I used Brown slightly “wrong” but I’m sure the Gods will forgive me this once)

White: The North  Signifies– Courage, endurance, dove feathers, sage, clearing, winter, Peace and Harmony, truth and contemplation

The theory behind the wrapping is to confuse the bad vibes that might come to me the bad energy gets tired winding around all those loops of thread.


Fillings in the bundle

In my “Medicine” bundle, I added Sage, Sweet grass, Lavender and Tabacco- this is a way to thank the spirits who hear our prayers.


Next came the Feathers, I chose the Magpie feathers because she is a helper of my Spirit animal guide and she loves brightly and glittery things and ‘talks’ a lot, sounds like me!! I also added a seashell ( to represent the Water Element) and a Holey rock (which is lucky in and of itself but to represent the Earth Element) The Red Thread (represents the Fire element) and the Feather (to represent the Air Element) 

Holey Rock and Seashell
Stick with Medicine Bundle attached
Final stage

And this is the outcome of my work. I found it very relaxing to spend a few hours working on my stick, although I feel it’s a bit “bare” and so the next one I’m planning will be a bit more “fancy” although I felt that for my first Native American Prayer stick I wanted to try to be as authentic as possible. Well as authentic as an Australian woman could be. It’s all about the respect for the practises and beliefs of others.

 For the full directions and more information visit Carol’s site: