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Day 49

Of #the100daychallenge l finished a series of 10 postcards.

For my pen pal in Queensland
For my Pen pal in Germany
For my Soul Sister in the US

So l’ve been keeping busy in #lockdown gardening and doing different arty bits and pieces. My Husband has taken to walking with me and we have seen places we didn’t even know existed in our neighbourhood.

Each day (except we forgot today) we take a walking selfie!

On First of June the government is unlocking us to allow us to go camping. I cannot tell you how excited The Bloke and I are!!

We have missed camping. We had to cancel a planned camping trip and my trip to America was cancelled. Hopefully we can reschedule but who knows when overseas travel will reopen. In the mean time Winter creeps closer.

In one of my art groups this months theme was “Nature” so l started a nature junk journal collecting bits n pieces on our daily walks. I had so much fun l plan to do one signature for each of the seasons!

So from my crazy locked up family to yours stay safe and wash your hands 🤪

Tuesdays of texture- I’m back!



Sorry I’ve been away from this challenge, on the holidays when my husband is not working and not in his usual routine the days all seem to roll into each other and so I probably missed a few due to that.

Here is this weeks Texture.


My Broccoli has “flowered” I guess that’s what you’d call it.

Green thumb Thursday’s- Garden update!

Greenthumb Thursdays

I am so excited I just had to share.

It’s summer in Australia and the past few days while not super hot they have not had much moisture so we are watering each night to keep the “babies” happy and healthy. Remember in my last post https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/green-thumb-thursday/ I told you about what was planted…

  • Tomatoes,
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Corn,
  • Broccoli
  • Rockmelon
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potato
  • Mint
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber

So up date.. the carrots all died, something ate most of the Zucchini, I have one loner left, we went away for a week to Bel Far Niente and come home to this explosion, I am so proud of my “babies” they’ve graduated to “Teenagers” Rockmelons are looking sickly, but we will watch them and see how they go.

Thursdays are now known as … Green Thumb Thursday!


Greenthumb Thursdays

I made myself a little avatar for it as well.

Throughout my previous posts you will see posts about my new garden, they are all listed under this category..

Greenthumb Thursdays

So update on the garden.. the final garden bed which was “L” shaped has been reduced to just _ the rest of I we will keep separate. So that has been dug over a few times and fed horse poo and dug over some more, we’ve had some good over night rain so I’ll dig it over again today and add the sugar cane mulch and that bed is not being planted with anything for another week or so this weekend is way too busy for gardening. (Zentangle art class Saturday, and Sunday Event Extravaganza The Grand babies 1st Birthday Party, it’s promising to be bigger than Ben Hur… check back for those photos and details.. might add another category “party planning”)

As of this morning, I went out and took some up to the minute photos.. we have another strawberry flower, so that makes three. One of the Purple Capsicum plants has a flower… baby purple capsicum coming up!! Never grown capsicum so I am excited about that. The Snails are eating my marigold which were supposed to be companion plants for the tomatoes.. but I figure if the snails eat my flowers they are staying away from my tomato plants…

Does anyone have any suggestions for removal of snails besides poison snail baits, as I have dogs and a cat and they are all very excited about Mumma’s garden! I am very excited about all my goodies.



So if any  “Green thumbs” are reading, please comment on

  • Pet friendly snail deterrents.
  • What are you growing in your garden that I need to plant? All suggestions gratefully accepted.

Gardening Update…

I am still at it.. some how I have this burst of inspired energy. I am growing food. I don’t know if it actually works out any cheaper to grow your own on a small-scale like mine, but gee, my front yard looks pretty. So this weekend I did some more planting, I planted purple capsicum, broccoli and corn, to go with the tomatoes, parsley and rosemary I planted last week. So now three garden beds are complete and I have started working on the fourth one.

I had to remove the black weed matting again and so I decided to cheat and cut it away from under the Agapanthus, remembering the fight I had with it last week and the three days of sore muscles (yes I am that unfit!) I had the following days. But you know what? I was NOT going to let it beat me so I started digging, by this time it was 7.45 pm and starting to get dark, so I was just going to “start” digging it.. but then the Bloke came along and remembering my sore back last week he took over and within a few minutes it was all done. So now it’s time to flood the bed with water and add the horse poo and the sugar cane mulch and let it stew for a few days, next weekend we will plant something else… I’m thinking maybe some more herbs or celery or something.

Do you garden? and if so what vegetables or herbs are you growing?



NaBloPoMo 2014- Gardening and shaking with exhaustion…

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Did you know, have you read yesterdays post… I hate Gardening… let me just repeat it in case you missed it I-HATE-GARDENING… but I do like the end result I am sure there’s a witty saying some where let me go google that… well there was this one..

Be the first in the field and the last to the couch. — Chinese (on work) not quiet the one I wanted.. hmmm…

this one is OK if I planted a Money Tree! Industry, perseverance & frugality make fortune yield.  — Ben Franklin (1706-1790)… I’ll find it bare with me…

OK moving right along I didn’t find the quote if you know of one, post it in the comments for me please!

I gave myself half an hour each night because there is something wrong with me (Some have said OCD not professionally diagnosed though) sometimes I get “fixated” on a thing and will do it and do it and do it until I am bloody sick of it.. and there is a lot of garden that needs doing, So I am trying to avoid that this time. In a half an hour I can get a lot done and see results. BUT tonight I was stubborn and so was the Agapanthus!

It all started because I wanted to remove the weed matting and if it had come away nicely the Aggies would have happily been there but NO!!

The black weed matting was hidden within the Aggies and I tried so hard I probably wasted the first half an hour trying to untangle and remove the black weed matting no luck, so then my temper kicked in and I got mad!  I pushed and I pulled and I strained and then I came inside for a drink, I was so worked up I broke into a sweat and my hair was plastered to my head (So NOT a good look!) and I was physically shaking, I even had a brief thought “I might faint” when I saw the black spots hovering in my eyes. But I went back out and I could have packed up and said “That’s my half hour” but NO Stubborn me and stubborn Aggie we went at it.. until finally I pulled that B*&^%h out of the ground with a roar of triumph.. I wonder if my neighbors were watching and having a giggle.

So by then I’m ready to fall on the ground my back is killing me my shoulders are killing me I’m all sweaty and all I could think of was… “I NEED to lay that horse poo down tonight, so I can water it in a few days and turn it all over and plant on Saturday” OK, so, the OCD has kicked in! I’ll tell you something though, I got it done! the Aggie is now in the garden waste bin, which sadly is now full for a week before it gets emptied.. the horse poo is laid and the garden bed is looking much better… so I feel proud of that little achievement!


So the overall gardening session for tonight was an hour, but that’s all good, I am off for a shower and I’ll sleep well tonight!