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Blogging 101- new theme?

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Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

Preview or upload some new themes, or just try out some of the options available to you from your blog provider. Minimalists, try something ornate! Photobloggers, try a magazine-style theme! Shake it up. Try at least one that you don’t think you like at all.

Note: For assignments like this, there’s no need to publish a post. If an assignment asks for a post, that will be explicit; if it simply suggests something for you to do behind the scenes, there’s not need to post about it (unless you want to!).
And yes, do this even if you love your current blog layout. You never know what seeing your words displayed in a new way will inspire, and you can always keep the layout you love.

To help whittle down the options, try our three rules of thumb:

Pick something that speaks to you. You might admire simplicity and bold typography on others’ sites, but if you’re personally drawn to something soft and romantic, head in that direction.
Consider your content. If you know you’ll be posting lots of images, pick a theme meant to show off photos. If you love poetry, choose a streamlined theme that makes your words the star. (Not sure what you want to publish? Welcome to the 99%. Try everything!)
Think about your priorities. Some themes have a very distinctive look out-of-the-box. Others let you add custom touches like headers and backgrounds, while some have a variety of layout options Take a look at a theme’s features and customisation option.

Initially, when I read Zoe’s http://zoeambler.com

reaction to this lesson I felt the same way, but then I decided maybe that old adage is true “a change is good as a holiday” new start to the year etc, so off I went to play. I encountered two problems.

A- I have terrible internet connection down here and the pages were not opening properly.

B- the pages in “review” look crap on my iPad, so I will revisit this when I get home tomorrow night.

So far I  trialed the theme “twenty fifteen” and “Together” and I had started in a third when it all crashed, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I might just do this!!