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The Daniel Plan and Salad Challenge day 20… Forgive me Father….


Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

I broke my own best intentions.

Breakfast– Scrambled eggs with spring onion, red capsicum, beans and tomato. (so nothing illegal there)

LunchMISTAKE!! We wanted to try out a new shop and it’s called “Nanna’s Roasts” I didn’t realize that you could buy a meal, I ordered a “roast lamb with gravy (all good so far!) roll… see that ROLL as in BREAD ROLL.. my theory was I would come home, whip up a salad and take the meat out of the roll and stay Daniel Strong and compliant…. until… I smelt it…….. that was my undoing, I smelt the lunch and I ate it. At first I picked out the meat without making a salad and I was never going to be satisfied with just that, so I ate the ROLL!!! Which in fact just went to prove my will power is not as strong as I thought it was. So why am I confessing this to you? I could have kept my trap shut and went on about my day, but this is my watch dog, I have it in writing, YOU dear readers (if there are any I am pretending that you are all reading this) Keep me Honest!!

OK, somewhere on the website www.danielplan.com I am sure I read something about aiming for 90 % of the time eating properly…

let me go check that!!


Follow the 90/10 rule

Make great food choices 90% of the time. For the remaining 10%, cut yourself a little slack and allow yourself margin to enjoy some of your favorite foods on occasion.

There! I did read it but I still do not forgive myself for eating that roll and just as if that wasn’t bad enough, this afternoon as I was preparing a snack for the boys after school, Star Son’s favorite is salada biscuits with Vegemite and cheese, and I LOVE Cheese and I have not eaten it I have been true and loyal to no dairy.. stupidly I took a bite, but the joke was on me because it was terrible! it left a greasy taste in the back of my throat, does this mean I am cured of my love of fattening cheese? Dunno, but I did not enjoy that bite! More work needed on “Faith” and strengthening my willpower to say “NO”

Snack- Almonds and cranberries (what can fit in my hand, so about 10 almonds and a small pile of cranberries.)

Dinner- Salad with half a hamburger and a small piece of my corn tortilla lasagna and an egg… protein in egg and hamburger. I had half because Squishy had the other bigger piece.

Good positive about today… Water’s on track! and only had one cup of Chinese tea all day, all water today.