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Journaling and such….

Its such a drama!

I like my paper journal. Last week I set out to buy some refill papers for an A5 binder folder I use for my Bible studies.

I have been using this system for almost 18 months. It took me a lot of time and energy to work out what I liked, what was useful and what felt “right” I love this system, I have divider pages so when I am doing multiple Bible studies they each have their own section AND I was able to add some of my art as well…

So Imagine my dismay when I go to buy my years worth of refills and I cant find them, so I call over a staff member and ask her, she wanders off to return and break my heart telling me “I’m sorry this item has been discontinued and will not be available anymore” you could have heard a pin drop, even my Husband was like * Gasp* “What?! They are still selling the binders what are we supposed to put in the binders?” She sent us to another company Kiki K to see if we could use their refills.

Ok, two problems here… 1- Kiki K is out of MY budget, and it came with all its own refills, which of course I wont use, I dont need the day, weekly, monthly planners, I am a stay at home Grandma I have very few if any appointments so those pages would be wasted. They don’t sell just lined pages to use for journaling and 2- They didnt sell the folders empty, so we left. I cannot justify spending almost $100 on a Kiki K binder that has useless inserts (useless to me) my Bloke offerd to buy it BUT its not right… So we went back to Office works to look for a different system.. No luck. I almost cried.

So now my option is to start a new system and Im not happy. With my system now, as I finish each Bible study book, I remove it and file it away so the binder is not too bulky, since it comes with me when I travel. Apparently NO ONE makes A5 pages for binders anymore WHAT?!! So against my better judgement I am forced to use a book format, Im not happy at all!! But Ive gotten my head around it now, so I’ll adjust… Then we have the yearly dilemma about “Journal, Planner or diary” Every year I buy a diary with a week to a page view, so I can make myself notes, jote down mail recieved and sent and birthdays, anniversaries etc. A few years ago I discovered “Document your life” and I was so excited because I learnt how to make page  extensions and decorate with washi tape and stickers and add my own art and for two months I was flat out but then it got too hard to keep up and I gave up. But I really loved being able to do my art in my diary/ planner and decoarting it. This year my Star Son brought me a colouring in book diary…
Basically you write the day next to the date and then colour it…I like it but… Yep, you knew there was a BUT coming right?!

Its perfect size for my handbag, its got art, but I feel that the squares are too small… Am I ever happy? I sound like a Spoilt Princess I know!!

So then I discovered Bullet Point Journal I am not completly sold on it.. But I have started one.. It looks like this…

This is a regular “note book” hard covered fom Woolworths $3.99 -Index page

Future log, theres a section for each month, so you can write whats coming up.

January’s Monthly planner… I don’t like the messiness of it, and I had to go over to the next page to fit all 31 days in.

 Then you have sections called “Collections” one of my collections is a book list

Some of my other loves are Blogging and writing mail.

  Of course my Bible study had to go into a Collection
My “Bucket List” is another collection and I realised Im not going to get all 50 done before I am 50 and Im ok with that.

 And this is the Feb monthly page, sorry its upside down I am on my ipad, I’ll fix it in the morning. I changed the style of the monthly one Its neater this way, maybe March will be different again, and thats the beauty of it, I can chop it and change it to suit me. Iam not aure how long this will last because its not perfect for me yet, but I am going to give it three months and see how I go. But I do like that I can add things in as I go and then just reference them on the index page.

So thats how I spent this weekend, researching and setting uo my Bullet Point Journal… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also if you are a bible study person, I’d love to know about what you do your studies in?