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NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 19- I’m A-N-G-R-Y!!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Tonight I am angry, and my family will tell you it takes a while to get me really angry, but tonight I am and last night I was, last night Will was playing basketball with his friend and smashed the window, boy did I lose it?! I rang my husband to tell him to organize a glazier and he said “Oh it’s OK no big deal we’ll fix it” I was ANGRY!!..is this a side effect of the detox process maybe? I don’t know maybe my hormones are outta balance with the new routine, I don’t know but I am ANGRY!!

Today I went downtown for two reasons A– I was bored and I needed to get out of the house and B- My Cousin Lee told me about these blank cards she brought and after we did our Zentangle art class last Saturday I thought I’d design my own Christmas cards and make a few for special people.

So I set “run keeper” and off I went Id arranged to meet Amber and Scarlett down there and get lunch. So I decided to go to Lincraft and see if they had the blank cards there, Lee couldn’t remember which shop she got hers either Big W or Target.. well, I found them in Lincraft, 10 cards with envelopes for $2.99 and different shapes as well, so I got a rectangle and a square set and I also found a rubber stamp with “Merry Christmas” so I was happy, I found them quickly and easily, paid for them and went outside.. and that was the last time I saw them *insert sad face*

I “think” I got Squishy’s bottle and settled him down for a nap, and I “thought” I had put my shopping bag under the pram in the basket with my purse…All day I’ve been planning in my head the guide lines I would draw and the style I would attempt to do, and I knew Jasmin and Squishy were going out tonight so I am off duty in “Grandma mode” and would have time to do a few cards before I answered some penpal mail… so I go to the pram to find my bag of goodies and ITS NOT THERE!!! Oh!

So I quickly run for my phone and text Amber in case I put them in her pram by mistake… Nope, she hasn’t seen them or got them! I was so disappointed because that right there apart from ruining my night is $10.95 wasted! I really felt like I wanted to cry, OK,  it’s not a big deal to the rest of the world and probably in my world it’s not such a big deal, “take a chill pill” but then I got angry! HOW could I be so stupid, and how did I manage to get my purse and not the little bag with my goodies, Idiot!

So now as I type this I am smiling because it really is silly, but I hate to waste money on anything, and I am on a limited budget in regards to art supplies, so it’s mostly disappointment.. Oh well, I think I’ll go dig in the garden and see if that helps calm me down!!

On a brighter note I finished my yearly goal 42 days earlier than expected and walked 400 kilometers. Actually as of now it’s 406.1 kilometers. I am so proud of me for that effort. On a more brighter note, I got to spend time with Amber and my ‘Sweetpea’, she is such a funny girl, Pulling herself up on furniture and dancing. Hard to imagine in two more sleeps my little Angel will be One year old.. it’s gone way too fast!!