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Books that haunt you…

Have you ever read a book that you finish but then find you cannot let it go?

My first ever experience of this phenomenon was the book “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. I think I was maybe 10 years old. I was obsessed with Scarlett O’Hara and then I saw the movie and the obsession grew. I wanted to BE Scarlett O’Hara, no, not Vivien Leigh although I liked her well enough, it was all about Scarlett O’Hara. I wanted to name my first daughter Scarlett Olivia Hamilton was my surname back then. I got out voted, BUT my second daughter has named her daughter my Grand daughter, Scarlett Olivia Hamilton and boy oh boy, does My Scarlett suit her famous name sake! 

So recently I read a book called “When you wake and find me gone” by an Australian author called Maureen McCarthy. I chose it at a second hand shop only because it was an Australian book, and I am still reading Australian books from last years reading challenge. I took this book with me when we recently went to NSW on a road trip, because I figured if I didn’t like it I’d leave it behind at the caravan park and not fret too much.

Well, this author had such strong characters, I quickly became hooked into the story. It’s set in Richmond Victoria, where I was born and bred…most of the story is there, but the main character is 20 yr old Kathleen (Kit- also my eldest boys name!) Briefly, I’ll give you a quick summery.. Kit is in Uni, living in a share house with some friends and comes from a large Irish family, I think there were for memory 5 children, Kit being the youngest, but there is a plot twist.. Kit grew up with an older sister Leonie (I also have a half sister called Leonie) it turns out that Leonie is actually Kit’s Mum, but she couldn’t cope with the baby and so her parents stepped in and took the baby Kit less than a week old, raising her as thier own child.  So Leonie is involved in a car accudent and the terrible truth comes out and Kit decides she needs to know who her father is and so she takes off to Ireland to look for this stranger who is involved with the IRA. When she gets to Ireland she find she has a half sister Rosalinde well, her charachter was so life like, when the book finished I found myself wondering “What happened to Rosalinde?” Did Kit stay in touch with her? Did they become close? And what about the Father Eamon? What happened to Eamon? 

So now its been 5 days since I’ve finished that book and I’ve read two others since  (it’s school holidays I’m between crochet projects so I read!) but still in the middle of the night when it’s dark and I’m not sleeping I wonder about Rosalinde and where is she now? Is Maureen McCarthy going to write a sequal? She should, she could base it on the Irish members of the family, I’d read that! Plus the ending, which I kind of suspected would happen, what happened next? Did Kit and Brendan make a go of their friend/relationship? And Leonie, we last hear of her recovering slowy although the left side of her body is still slightly paralyzed, what becomes of Leonie? Does Kit forgive her the lies? Does Kit have a Mother/daughter relationship with Leonie? And what about Johnny? He was the brother, who turned out to really be her uncle, he left the seminary school to marry a homless single Mother, well, what happened to that relationship? And what about Tam the house mate who was in an abusive relationship and got battered so much she went home to live with her Mum? Really? Maureen, I need another book with follow ups please!! 

So have you read a book thats stuck with you long after you read it? If so please tell me the author and title and why its moved you? I might have to check it out! 

NaBloPoMo…January.. habits.. same movie every month?!!


Friday, January 16, 2015
Similar to yesterday, if you had to watch the same movie every single month for the next 10 years, what would it be?

I think once again I would go with “Gone with the wind” for the same reason as yesterday. I am a HUGE Scarlett O’Hara fan and I just adored the way Vivien Leigh played her. each time I watch the movie I see something different, maybe I’ve read something about the history and I notice that in this viewing, or maybe I focus on a different actor, whatever but I have seriously seen this movie so many times I wore out the first set of Videos (back in the Day!!) so I brought it on DVD and I just love it. No one else in my family are interested in the movie so it’s my “Me time”

The other movie that I love and could (and have) watched over and over is “Bridges of Madison County” my bestie best friend Deanne and I discussed this movie yesterday after her neighbour insisted that Deanne read the book because she “cried and cried” as did I and still do whenever I see the movie. Yet, my cousin Lee, can sit on the couch next to me and not even see what I am crying about, Deanne said she didn’t think the book was “that good” I wonder then if perhaps Deanne’s neighbour who “cried and cried” and I who have bawled each time I see the movie, have had different life experiences from Deanne and Lee (my cousin) Maybe something in our past has given us a deeper connection with this movie that has made us more emotional about the movie, either way, every time Francesca (played by Meryl Streep) makes the heart wrenching decision NOT to leave her husband and run away with Robert Kincaid (Played by Clint Eastwood) I still yell at the TV “GOOOOO with HIM!!!” Every Time…

Imagine how different her life might be…

Have you seen “Bridges of Madison County“?? If so do you relate in any way that makes you emotional or are you of the “it’s NOT that sad” gang??