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Tomorrow we leave!

For our trip to Moruya New South Wales, to collect our camper.

I promised to come back yesterday and tell you a bit more about Moruya, I’m sorry I missed out on coming back, I’ve been working flat out on a crochet project, I made a rainbow blanket for my daughter to give as a gift at her friends baby shower tomorrow. So I needed to finish that, so I could wash it and have it dried and wrapped ready for my daughter to collect. I must confess at the start I didn’t like the colour scheme I kept having this internal dialogue about the colours, but then I reminded myself this was “not for me it was a gift, I didn’t have to love it” needless to say by the time I’d come to the end of the blanket (which was 7:30am! This morning!!) l do love it and I will probably end up doing another one similar for my Grand Daughter Sweetpea, she was convinced “It’s mine Grandma” I kept telling her ” No its for a baby” she insisted it was for  “My bed now Grandma” so I guess I’ll be making her a rainbow blanket too! She’s such a funny little thing, she picked up my crochet hook before I could race back and rescue my crochet from her, and she tells me very seriously  “I do sticking” she meant of course my crochet hook, and she tried her best to poke the “stick” into the stitches. Maybe when she’s three I’ll start teaching her to crochet! My Aunt taught me when I was about ten, I started crocheting my own “granny squares” with the left over yarn that she was using to knit sweaters.

So thats why I missed yesterday’s post about “Moruya” 

Let me share some info about what I’ve found out about this little town, I’m so excited we are heading off tomorrow and will arrive mid afternoon Sunday!


Town in New South Wales, Australia

Moruya is a town in New South Wales, Australia, situated on the Moruya River, on the far south coast situated on the Princes Highway 305 kilometres south of Sydney and 175 kilometres from Canberra. At the 2011 census, Moruya had a population of 2,531 people. The town relies predominantly on agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism. Moruya is administered by the Eurobodalla Shire council and the shire chambers are located in the town. Wikipedia.

I know right! I’d never heard of it either. But I am excited to get there and explore. There’s a museum there showcasing the dairy industry in the area, but mostly its poular for its nature based places, Moruya Head and National Park  walks like the Bingi Walking Track.. 

Follow in the footsteps of the Brinja-Yuin people as you walk the Bingi Dreaming track. Traditionally, Dreaming tracks or Song Lines link the places visited by Aboriginal people, the Bingi Dreaming track links campsites, ceremonial and trade sites, fresh water and plentiful coastal food sources. Along the way, you might see stone artefacts or patches of shell middens. The … Visit website for more info

For more information: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

I have a feeling that we won’t see all there is to do there, but thats Ok it just means we will have to go back again! 

So be sure to check back in the next few days where I’ll start posting my photos. 

Big Lap WA 2015- Day 21… Three weeks are already gone.. whaaaat?

I can hardly believe that, it’s already been three weeks but then I look back at my journal and read all the things we’ve done and see the photos and say “Wow we have crammed heaps in” So day 21 saw us at Coalmine Beach in Walpole (remember its pronounced WARpole) We had booked in for the Wilderness Cruise at 10 am and it was billed as entertaining and informative” and it was certainly that.

walpole and Albany 001

Walpole Jetty

Gazza was our host and he surely kept us entertained, full of facts, dates, figures, but sadly with me most of them go in one ear and out the next! Anyways they just got a new floating jetty and a NZ furseal has taken charge of it.. I didn’t get to see the said seal but it was there some where. Gazza joked the “Jetty has the SEAL of approval” because some days they have to close the jetty and use the old when  the seal is sleeping on it. So we found out lots of historical facts and why the National park has a French name (Named after the French man who discovered it) WOW there is the link to find out more..

Part way through the cruise we stopped at a Jetty on the Bellangar Beach and got off to hike up a steep hill to over look a secluded bay and then hiked down to that beach, I just googled it.. it’s called Circus Beach. The Bloke and I did the Hike and Star Son opted to stay back with a group of people. That’s another day I’ll live to regret, my legs were absolutely killing me and here I was mistakenly thinking I was “fit” ha ha! After the hike we were served tea, coffee, milo, or cordial and Gazza’s Mum’s home-made “Tingle” cake.. yum!

That took us till almost 12.45pm we were running slightly late because we waited t the start of the tour for “Monica” who was a no-show and then Gazza have a chat just kept on talking and talking and not stopping talking.

Back at camp we spent a lazy afternoon not doing too much, the serenity have finally started to kick in and this is where things slow down and we get a bit “lazy” so we sight see in the mornings come back to camp in the afternoons and then do not a lot.

walpole and Albany 018

Early Dinner… potatoes cooked in the coals.. mine had Chilli Philly on them

 walpole and Albany 017

Mumma Roo brought Joey by for another visit she thinks we are locals now.

This afternoon Star Son went out fishing with the family in the next camp and he caught two Black Bream, but they were undersized and he had to release them, they also saw a tiger snake swimming and they saw the seal! While Star Son was away we packed up his tent and started packing up things in camp to make an early getaway tomorrow. Tomorrow we are off down the coast a bit more to Albany, lots of history in Albany.