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September 25- Attitude


A is for Aria- who has a feisty attitude!

T is for Tanny- her humour can be rude.

T is for Tony- his attitude to family sucks!

I is for Island- which is the breeding ground for the ducks.

T is for thinking- we should before we speak!

U is Ursula- a nicer camper you’ll never meet.

D is for derision- another form of attitude.

E is for evaluation- whether its rude, crude or subdued!

Attitude means many things, it differs for each person,

If you over evaluate it, the situation might worsen.

The girls in our family all have feisty attitudes,

But we love them any way! And thats how this poem concludes.

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September 24- Invention


Originated, creation, Innovation, it all means Invention.

Something created for a specific intention.

The printing press was Johannes Gutenberg famous invention,

I’m thankful to him when ever I read with attention!

Carl Wilhelm Siemens invented in the 1880’s- aluminium

To keep our soft drinks handy and portable

a cold beer in a can is easily transportable!

Orville Wright, his invention, a plane!

Aviation was never the same.

Just in time for my trip to the United Kingdom,

I’m taking my Bestie as my wingman!

So many famous people, through their invention

Have been brought to our attention.

Charles Babbage, we can call him Charlie,

Famous invention was the computer!

Im sure his schooling was done through a tutor!

Cai Lun, was Chinese, his invention was paper!

He used bark, silk and fishing net- oh what a caper.

I’m thankful to him, for the paper I use,

to write down these poems, to keep myself amused.

Last but not least in this invention poem

William Henry Fox Talbot, a man little known.

His invention was photography, and to him I applaud

So I can take photos of my trip abroad!

Precious memories I will always treasure,

Photography is such a pleasure.

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September 23- Musical.


Musical is the rain on an old worn tin roof,

Its romantic as long as the roof is waterproof!

Musical is the sounds of the magpies warbling

Just as the evening sky starts darkening.

Musical is the sound of the waterfall bubbling

Over the rocks as it makes its way gurgling

From high in the mountains, down to the sea,

Musical are the waves crashing to me!

Musical is the sound of small people laughing,

Or the way they sing a silly song full of waffling

words that are silly and nonsensical-

Being with Grandchildren is like a festival.

Musical is nature, it never fails to astound me,

The groan of a branch, the whisper of a tree.

The snap of the twig, and the sigh of the breeze.

None of these musical sounds are recorded-

But those who listen for them are rewarded.

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September 22- Wealth.


An abundance of valuable possessions or money,

It sweetens life- just like honey!

A plentiful supply of a valuable thing,

Pearls and diamonds, necklace and a matching ring!

For me wealth is not just things,

You can keep all the diamond rings!

For me wealth is family and love,

Blessings from Jehovah above!

For me wealth is found in a good book,

One you can’t put down, not even to cook.

For me wealth is found in a special song,

The tune that dances in your head all day long.

Wealth is abundance, I have plenty of that

The love of my Grandchildren and my cat!

The little arms that squeeze you tight,

The purr of the cat, deep in the night.

For me wealth is found in special places,

Deep in the forest, at one with nature.

Wealth for me is seeing the sun rise,

Hearing the warbling cry of the Magpies.

For me wealth is gazing into a fire,

Camping alone with my hearts desire.

Wealth for me is the love of my Man,

the hugs that he gives, when he’s holding my hand.

Keep all the riches, the diamonds and pearls.

I’d rather play with my little Grand girls.

Money can’t buy the wealth I possess,

The beauty that Jehovah created is no contest!

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September 21- Law


Law and Order is a television show.

Why anyone would watch it, Heaven only knows.

Speaking of Heaven, there is this book,

It’s well worth taking a look-

The Bible its called and it’s full of laws

And rules and instructions for avoiding wars.

Police parol to make sure laws are obeyed,

Both during the night and throughout the days.

Keeping an eye out for those who do wrong,

And even arresting buskers in mid song!

Laws are in place to govern the lands,

When laws are broken trouble abounds.

Like illegal boat people sneaking into our country,

But there’s special laws for the gentry.

The long and short of this tale is

If you cant behave, give it a miss!

Breaking the law is not worth the trouble!

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September 20- Stick


“Here you go fetch the stick!”

You throw the stick, she chases the stick,

She never brings the stick back!

Ah! to be a lazy old Golden Retriever.

“Look at the stick!”

She picks it up, she examines the stick,

She looks at the tree where the stick might have been

She waved the stick it’s her magic wand!

Ah! to be a four year old again!

“Sticks! I need some smaller ones”

The Mother bird tells her young,

“To repair this nasty hole in our nest

To keep you warm, I try my best!”

Ah! to be a Mumma Bird!

“Sticks I need smaller sticks!”

Searching around the trees, he needs kindling

To light the fire, the stars are twinkling,

We’re camping again. Making damper!

Ahhh!! to be around a camp fire!

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September 19- Bite.


That little crisp hit, as you bite through the shell,

The rich dark chocolate that delicious warm smell.

The cherries and coconut all blended together,

You wish that the Cherry Ripe would last forever.

That little tingle that runs through your teeth!

As you bite through the chocolate shell and beneath

Is a creamy white centre of vanilla ice cream,

Eating a Magnum is a lovely day dream!

The smell is like Heaven, its freshly baked bread!

As soft as the pillow on which you lay your head.

Without any effort, your teeth sink within.

And one bite and another, where to begin-

The centre, a corner, a triangle or square?

Scarlett likes a sandwich while I brush her hair.

It keeps her distracted, while she takes her bites,

I get her hair done without any fights!

“Hmmm” says the Shark as he’s eyeing a surfer,

The grey nurse shark is a terrible lurker!

“What bite shall I take first?

The leg or the arm which is the worst?

One is quite boney, the other full of muscle

Whichever I chose there will be a tussle!”

“Hmmmm” sighs the Surfer, “This flake is so good!”

As he recalls summers surfing from his childhood.

His leg still aches from where the shark took a bite-

It gave him the fright of his life!

Fish and chips on the beach, a nice summer treat

As they gaze at the people wandering along the street.

One bites an apple, another bites an ice cream.

One bites a cherry ripe chocolate, a lovely scene.

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September 18- Museum


I love the museum, I think Im a nerd!

All those stuffed animals, especially birds!

They look so life like, it’s hard to believe,

God created them all along with Adam and Eve.

I love the museum, they have signs in braille

And hanging from the ceiling, skeletons of whales.

Hard to imagine something so huge!

Maybe its all just a subterfuge?

I love the museum, they have special events.

A display on Viking life, they did present.

Where Viking ships and gold were on display

It took us right back to the Viking days!

I love the museum, especially the outside display,

Where you can walk through a jungle and see fish play.

Smell the damp earth and see all the bugs.

And what is that black bird there? Eating a slug!

I love the museum, I think I’m a nerd.

All those stuffed animals, especially the Aussie birds!

There’s a whole section of Indigenous art

Indigenous ways of life, the cruelty breaks my heart!

I love the museum! Yes I know! I’m a nerd!

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September 17- Person


Do you ever look at a person and wonder about their lives?

Do they have children or husbands or wives.

Are they a cat person or do they prefer dogs?

Do they keep pet snakes or maybe a frog.

Take for example the person on the train

Going to work, must really be a drain.

Or the person who is wearing orange socks-

Makes me wonder does he colour code his jocks?

What about the person who’s reading that book

What is the genre? Is it worth taking a look?

Riding the train is a good excuse-

Woah! check out that person with all the tattoos!

Another is rustling the newspaper

I think his name was Mr Draper.

He is dressed so nice and neatly-

He has a dimple when he smiles sweetly.

Do you ever look at a person and wonder about their lives?

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September 16- Today!

Its a bit late because on that day we spent 5 hours trying to install a new toilet, it was a crappy job! And by the time we were finished I was too lazy to do any art!


Today is Sunday, a day of rest,

We call it “Funday” it one of our best.

When the family were younger,

We wanted them to bond-

So we created “Sunday Funday”

And made them tag along!

Such fun we would have, all over the place,

Some days were happy and some days were sad.

Some Sundays there were smiles of delight on their faces-

And other Sunday’s they really did hate us!

Picnics, and beaches, climbing trees in the park.

Leaving first thing, coming home in the dark!

Five worn out children, asleep in the back.

All worn out from the hike up that track!

Sunday are Fundays in our crazy house.

No one was spared not even the mouse.

We let the cats in when we were to depart

And they enjoyed Fundays right from the start!

Sundays are Fundays in our house still now.

But instead of our children, they’re Grand children now.

We play games, like hunting for Harboos

And light fires, and let them kick off their shoes.

We paint and we draw, and do chalk on the driveway,

And try not to let them escape out the front gate.

Sundays are still Fundays in our house,

Sometimes we like to be as quiet as the mouse!

So we spend our time with our heads in a book

Or spend the time sharing feasts we have cooked.

And all the family gather round, and recall the times

When Sundays were Fundays and they had fun times!

Today is Sunday and it still is our Fun Day!

(except today it was a crappy day!)

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