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Gardening Update…

I am still at it.. some how I have this burst of inspired energy. I am growing food. I don’t know if it actually works out any cheaper to grow your own on a small-scale like mine, but gee, my front yard looks pretty. So this weekend I did some more planting, I planted purple capsicum, broccoli and corn, to go with the tomatoes, parsley and rosemary I planted last week. So now three garden beds are complete and I have started working on the fourth one.

I had to remove the black weed matting again and so I decided to cheat and cut it away from under the Agapanthus, remembering the fight I had with it last week and the three days of sore muscles (yes I am that unfit!) I had the following days. But you know what? I was NOT going to let it beat me so I started digging, by this time it was 7.45 pm and starting to get dark, so I was just going to “start” digging it.. but then the Bloke came along and remembering my sore back last week he took over and within a few minutes it was all done. So now it’s time to flood the bed with water and add the horse poo and the sugar cane mulch and let it stew for a few days, next weekend we will plant something else… I’m thinking maybe some more herbs or celery or something.

Do you garden? and if so what vegetables or herbs are you growing?