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W is for… Wednesday…more art!

Today was an unexpected “Child free day” well not really coz “Sweetpea” lives here, but “Squishy” stayed home today with his “Dadda” so Grandma was free.. and guess what I did? go on, I know you’ll guess it… I PAINTED.. Ohh MY deliciousness.. that’s three days in a row.. today I worked in my art journal.. and I worked on a course that I signed up for over 12 months ago, I am so glad that it’s a “lifetime” class which means there’s no “finish date” and you can log on and off as often as you like.

So I am talking about “His Kingdom Come” the teacher was Shonna  Bucaroff, see more here: http://twistedfigures.blogspot.com/ or http://www.his-kingdom-come.com/ and I first met Shonna while doing Mindy Lacefield’s “Sunday Morningshttp://www.mindylacefieldart.com/ then Shonna developed her classes so I signed up for that as well. But then you all know the rest, babies came along and I was besotted and spent the last 16 or so months staring at them, kissing on them, loving them to within inches of their lives… now they move around a fair bit and need less Grandma adoration, I am finding my way back to my art and I am loving it..

So today was all about “His Kingdom Come” I really want to do “Sunday Mornings 2” but I also want to finish off what I started. So I was up to week three and here is how that turned out..


“Anchor for my soul”

I didn’t really learn anything new for this page but I still enjoyed getting back into the process of layer up on layer up on layer.. and that Anchor is pretty cool looking! The quote along the ground reads: “Establish your roots deep, so that your branches reach wide with love” and that was a direct quote from Shonna’s Pastor David Goulding.. I just love it. I chose the quote by Hebrews 6:19We have this hope as an anchor for our soul, firm and secure” I also like the sound of that! reminds me of an old joke about why men make better coffee than women, because God declared “He Brews!” (Sorry!)

Then I was so pleased with how that turned out I decided while I was on a roll I’d keep going, so week number four was “I exalt thee” which I actually mis-named to “Praise him” I kind of like mine!


First of all we had to do a short bible study about learning how to “Praise him” and write down words or phrases that jumped out at us onto a blank page..


Then we added our first layer of paint, this is so that the intentions stay there but it’s kind of covered if you are worried about people reading your words.. no one looks in my Art Journal anyways so I wasn’t too worried and accidentally used “Pearl white” I was given a bunch of paints bu a friend who moved overseas and so it’s a new experience for me, and I like the effect.


Next we had to draw and paint the girl (ourselves) praising the Lord.. that’s me when my hair has grown back HA HA!


Final step was to add some kind of quote or journaling I chose Exodus 15:2 which says “The Lord is my strength and defense he has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise him, my Father’s God and I will exalt him!

So that’s three days in a row I’ve started some art and I am feeling very proud of me… let’s see if I can keep it up! It takes 21 days to start a new habit..