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Day 12 of Daniel Plan and Day 22 of Salad Challenge… Catch up!


Friday 21/11/2014

Crazy busy day, I had.. I had time for a sneak peek at the scales and I am officially down two kilograms (about 4.6 pounds)

Breakfast– Banana and cup of chinese tea.

Lunch– beef and black bean (chinese healthy, quick and easy)

Afternoon– Almonds

Dinner– Roast Lamb, with baked potatoes,pumpkin, steamed cauliflower, brocolli and carrots, side serve of gravy, (I was so good!!!)

dessert– blew it!! it’s my Grand daughters first birthday, I could not have a small piece of birthday cake.

** REMEMBER– 90/10, I didn’t have wine or soft drink, only water! hot my water target! Hot my steps target, the cake was all that let me down!

Saturday 22/11/2014

Breakfast– banana and vitamins B and multi.

Lunch– Salad with Chicken pesto with pine nuts.

Snack– handful of peanuts

Dinner– Salad with grilled fish vitamins B and Multi.

**** ATTENTION– due to the lazy nature of today, I have NOT hit my step total, and I don’t even feel bad, I walked in the sun, spoke to the Lord and spent quality time with my men. I did hit  my water target and take my viatmins morning and night.

The Daniel plan with Salad challenge…



Today is day eight of the detox. I have given up…

  • coffee
  • sugar of all types
  • all gluten, no flours, breads, wheat, grains anything.
  • all dairy.

I “thought” It would be hard and I “wondered” how I could cope, so I have been fully prepared to quit at any time. I am so glad to see that the “F” that is “Faith” has kicked in to help me through this stage!

This is coming from the girl who woke up with a coffee with two sugars and milk… COLD TURKEY no more coffee or sugar today is day 8!

then I would go to breakfast and have another coffee with two sugars and milk and two slices of toast with butter and Vegemite.. COLD TURKEY no bread, butter or Vegemite (What can I have Vegemite on now?!)

 Lunch– if I was lazy I would have a packet of two-minute noodles and a tan of tuna and a banana and handful of nuts.. COLD TURKEY no pasta!

Afternoon snack- junk, maybe potato chips, or a slice of peanut butter toast COLD TURKEY none of that any more!

Dinner- We always have protein either in the form of eggs, lean meat, chicken or fish, but it’s what you put with it… Mashed potatoes with butter and milk, or a pasta dish or a rice side dish…COLD TURKEY no mashed potato anymore.. and everyone will tell you I make the best mashed potatoes.

Before bed snack– toasties with selection of jam, peanut better and Vegemite with butter of course, or a packet of chips… COLD TURKEY!! there is not before bed snack!

SO that was my old plan my new plan goes like this…

On waking, a cup of Chinese red tea and water (no additives)

Breakfast– hard to break old habits I crave Vegemite toast! BUT I have (this morning) Protein smoothie with frozen berries, almond milk and lots of added goodness.

Snack– 10 almonds eaten slowly to convince myself I’m full

Lunch– 2 slices of ham with salad on a corn tortilla (like eating cardboard!)

Afternoon snack– 6 almonds and some dried cranberries

Dinner- Mixed salad with a chicken burger for protein. (Another of the “F” is Food)

and an hour in the garden to work it all off!! (another of the Five “F” for the Fitness)

It’s hard, but each morning I do the “faith” session of the plan and I ask God for his help to guide me towards the right foods. I am still waiting for the “F” “fun” to start and as for “F’ “Friends” well I’ll class my family as that!

The Scales have not moved yet, I don’t know how long it might take for that to happen, but surely all these fruit, veggies and salads will have to help. I can’t say I feel much different, although, days 2,3,4 were horrible with killer headaches, but I knew to expect it so I just drank more water and had a nap.

I am well and truly on track for the “Salad a day” Challenge, I’m currently doing two salads most days!

Day Two of The Daniel Plan & Day Eleven of the Salad Challenge..


More info about “The Daniel Plan” http://www.danielplan.com/

So today is day two of the detox and yesterday was rough! I’ve done detoxes before so I expected it but it was still hard.

The Daniel Plan focuses on the core food groups of healthy carbs, healthy fats, healthy protein, healing spices, drinks, and super foods. And The Daniel Plan gives an easy guideline to use for any meal:

  • 50 percent non-starchy veggies
  • 25 percent healthy animal or vegetable proteins
  • 25 percent healthy starch or whole grains
  • Side of low-glycemic fruit
  • Drink—water or herbal ice teas 

So basically this is what we are supposed to be doing.. taken from the official website.

Yesterday I really struggled I wanted bread. I KNOW I can’t have bread I have known this for ages, I know how bread affects me it makes me bloat and it makes me lazy and sluggish. When I was pregnant with Star Son, I developed “Gestational diabetes” and was put on a diet not because I was over weight but because my blood sugar was not behaving, so I was told “Cut all whites” sugar, bread, flour, rice, potatoes, pasta,  Oh and skim milk only, you know all the good stuff basically! So I did that and when I became aware of what I was doing wrong I felt much better. For me drinking water has always been an issue. Today I did much better than yesterday, today I walked 1/5 kilometers, more than yesterday, today I got a headache, not as bad as the one from yesterday but enough to let me know it’s there.

Breakfast– Quinoa and cinnamon with almond milk, (straight from the Daniel Plan book!) I didn’t care for it, maybe I’ll try it again with a little less cinnamon or milk or something..

Lunch– Salad from McDonald’s (I know not ideal BUT, at east I didn’t do the burger or chips, I REALLY wanted a kebab, but I prayed for guidance and strength to not break my detox, he answered my prayer and I had a Salad and mango smoothie)

Dinner– Meatloaf with puree Cauliflower (replaced the mashed potatoes) and vegetables.

I didn’t do any snacks, maybe I should have and I’m better prepared because I brought some more fruits and some corn tortillas (they are allowed!) plus some rice paper wrappers to make a salad wrap in!

So all in all I drank more water and I am replacing my coffee morning and nights with Chinese Tea, I am feeling better today than yesterday, I.CAN.DO.THIS!!

NaBloPoMo2014- Daniel Plan and detox…

NaBloPoMo_November (1)


Today is day one of the Daniel Plan and its the first day of detox. Its proving hard.

I keep wanting bread (Not allowed to have it right now) and the no coffee deal has left me tired and with the worst headache.. But I have done detoxes before so I understand that this is all part of the process.. So here’s how my day went..

breakfast- smoothie made with Banana, strawberries (4) a cup of Almond milk, a few ice cubes, two tablespoons of chocolate protien powder and one of LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond) it was yummie-ish..

lunch- salad with some ham

afternoon- slipped up my son made banana muffins at school and he wanted me to try it so I did.

dinner- salad with chicken burger.

plus my bloke who would normally make me an after dinner coffee, instead mademe Chinese red tea.. Yum!

but then he also made me a piece of cheese cake… So I have messed up day one, day two is looking better though!