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It’s Friday.. whaaat?

What on earth is going on this week? I seemed to have blinked and missed it.. there are a few pros and cons to that..

actually they are all PROS!!

A- I have been doing detox week.. I’ve spent most of the week in a headachy mess.. and yet I can see by my Fitbit report I have actually been REALLY busy..

Monday home day, arty day, house work day, 7,575 steps.. failed.

Tuesday I walked down town and brought stamps and  easily hit my 10,000 step mark. 10,946 steps. (7.45 kms)

Wednesday Squishy and I walked intentionally… not just the day-to-day stuff we went out of the house and walked.. and yes I have lost my condition because I am now again unfit..10,029 steps 6.8 kilometers.. that’s a long way!

Thursday Again we intentionally walked.. and good timing too we made it home before the weather turned bad.. and I had to force myself to finish my 10,000 steps.. 10,036 steps and I fell into bed exhausted..

Then Suddenly it’s Friday and I’ve not been blogging.. I’ve been doing art, and I’ve been detoxing so I guess it’s all good..Today was the first morning I didn’t wake up with a headache but I have a sore spot between my shoulders and my Star Son is always saying “Let me massage your shoulders” (which I hate!! I’ve always hated my shoulders and neck being massaged maybe I was hung in a previous life?!) and he’s good, so this morning I showed him where it was paining me and he worked his magic.. it’s gone! I do believe my son has found his calling “physio to the stars (And his Mum!)” think of the money I’ll save!!!

I came on here to write a totally different post, and this one unloaded, sometimes that happens… so I guess I’ll be back later to write the one I sat down to write.. about my visit with the Proverbs 31 woman.. this has been an entertaining week!!


This is my art journal with a piece I did last week. I hate it when you do good stuff in your art journal and no one can see it.. so I recreated it onto a board and I think it’s even better, but I prefer the first one for the colours. On the left is the Art journal version, on the right is my first of “50 by 50”


I am super impressed with those praying hands! 


Yesterday’s breakfast, I am a bit over quinoa!

Wednesday already? wow!

This week seems to be flying by or maybe I have just been super busy..

So on Monday I told you about how I am starting detox and getting back into my Daniel Plan, well, when I am focused I become determined and so I am going along well, yes I have a “detox headache” but I am trying to ignore it and remind myself it’s just the crap escaping from my system.

Monday I spent the day in solitude which I LOVE and I got some art done.. oh boy did I ever..

So Monday was a busy day because I got the house work and all the laundry up to date also.

Tuesday- NO COFFEE!! and breakfast is always an issue for me, I’m always starving but I’m basically lazy, but I forced myself and so I had a Green Smoothie and Quinoa with a drizzle of maple syrup. For morning snack I had a banana and for lunch I had a salad and a small can of Tuna.. afternoon snack I had an orange and a few pieces of popcorn and I smashed my water requirement out of the park and because Squish and I had gone down town for a trip to the Post Office (We mailed a letter to Trisha Faye!!) to buy more stamps. So I also got my 10,000 steps done for that day too.

Last Night I had Bible study and normally I would make a plate of something to take but since I couldn’t eat anything anyways I brought a packet of chocolate biscuits to share.. I didn’t eat any I am proud of me, and only drank water! YAY! We are studying the Book of Proverbs, so as usual some great conversations.

Today I had Squish for the half day, Jasmin only works Wednesday mornings so Squishy and I had breakfast I made a fruit salad and sprinkled it with LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond)  and more water.. I’m slowly getting the hang of the water thing. And then we went for a walk, I planned to do a LONG walk but my head was pounding so we did a “blocky” which was almost 2 kilometers so at least we did something.

Today I’ve drunk 2 liters of water and I’m almost up to my 10,000 steps I will have done that by bed time.

I’m tired today but I know it’s all part of the detox so I am not letting it worry me.. I need to go make my smoothies for today and tomorrow morning and take my vitamins, and this morning the scales tell me I’m down 2 kilos. I will recheck on Monday and confirm that, but it’s possible because when you eat bread and then drink water the bread absorbs the water… since I’ve had no bread but plenty of water, the water is actually flushing the crap out of my system! The vegetables help!!

Today I worked on this…


I am re-doing it on a board, since I love the one in my journal so much.

But there are many layers so it’s slower going than a journal page because it needs to dry properly.. This will be the first of 50. I am also working on one a “Secret” for my son’s 21st. That leaves one more board free.. I am trying to slow down a little I have too many ideas of things I want to do.. so I’ll finish these two and then get more done!

This afternoon when Jasmin picked up Squish we went for a drive to a shopping center called “Water gardens” Jasmin’s engagement ring was there being adjusted she has skinny fingers like me. So we went to collect that and had a quick look in some shops and spoke about preliminary “engagement” party stuff. There was also an invite to Jasmin’s and Brett’s next Wednesday night to meet the “in-laws to be” we met them briefly the day she got engaged but she wants us to get to know each other so, we are having dinner.. I fear that my healthy eating plan might go astray that day, but I offered to take some food and that way I can take something I can eat.. I’m going to make Mini Meatloaves and Zucchini chocolate chip muffins, both will be “Daniel Plan” approved.. Zucchini muffin recipe is there.

So that’s me up to date I hope everyone is having a great week..

A- Z Blogging challenge is finished but….

Here are a few neat things I’ve discovered…

  • I miss it already!!
  • I visited 214 of the 1,516 blogs listed (I thought I was doing OK but I think I could have done better)
  • in the 30 days of April, I got myself 33 new blog followers.. fellow A-Z’ers I guess and thank you very much!!
  • I stuck to my predetermined theme and posts (pretty much)


  • I also discovered I suck at writing short blog posts. I think this is because during the day my “job” is as Grandma to two small people 17 and 16 months, and I don’t use up enough words so then I come to blog and they spill out to make up the quota for the day….
  • I guess this means I’ll never be doing a “challenge” where I have to count my words (or at least nothing under say 3,000 words anyways!
  • At the start I doubted myself, about going the distance.. (what’s new I do it ALL the time) but then I found myself loving this new routine and really enjoying introducing my family and super close friends to everyone.

Here is a list of my posts with links, in case you missed any and want to go back and read them…

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I’ve really enjoyed following along with other people’s challenge topics, I learnt all the names for God from one blogger and from another she ate her way through the alphabet, one had a music theme so I learnt some new music. There were many varied and different themes and I’ve learnt something new at each blog, so it’s been a learning curve for me as well. I’ve loved sharing my family with you all and now I have to start thinking about 2016’s theme!!

NaBloPoMo- Day 30…Resolutions…


Friday, January 30, 2015
Are you still keeping the resolutions you made at the beginning of the month? Why or why not?

Ok, I had to go back and read what I’d written, it feels like a life time ago when I wrote that post and yet it’s just a month.. what a busy month it’s been.. so here is what I originally wrote:


How am I going?

I am STILL going Deeper with the Lord. I am loving it too.

I have finished 5 books for the “Aussie reading challenge” and onto my 6th… as well as reading my Christian books as well.

The year of new recipes… I’ve made one new recipe so far, but as things start to calm down a little bit in my house I will revisit this goal and get back to attempting them fortnightly.

The Daniel Plan– has been half-hearted although I am still loosely following it.. I am STILL off coffee and tea. It’s been about 15 weeks. I re-introduced my soy linseed bread, but not to the level I was previously having it. I am still choosing “Gluten free” products when I need to. I have also upped my walking so that I am doing more steps. I am maintaining 70 kgs, I have three to lose to get to my goal weight and I will re-start The REAL Daniel Plan on 1st February. The good thing I’ve been doing through is “Green Smoothies” which I started as a “Green Smoothie Challenge” and found them a nice easy way to eat so much fruit and veg, well drink it really, and since I’ve always struggled with breakfast the Smoothies are great for that hurdle as well.

This prompt has been great to remind me of my goals…



NaBloPoMo January 2015…

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015
What are your resolutions for the new year? Tell us how you picked them.

Yes! as a matter of fact I do make them and 9/10 I do keep them or make them happen. Last year was the exception but we’ve covered that in another post.

This year I made less but they will go “Deeper” which is my 2015 word.

Go Deeper with the Lord– this one has been calling to me for a little while, I don’t know yet how I am going to accomplish this. I don’t go to “Church” and at first it worried me, but then speaking to Pastor Frank and also reading Joyce Meyer’s book “How to hear from God” they both said that going to church is not the ONLY thing to do to have a good relationship with the Lord. So I am going to have a meeting with Pastor Frank when the kids are back at school and work out “How, where, when and what?” I need to do to make this goal happen. All my studies have been great and I have learnt a bunch, made some new like-minded friends, but ALL the information says that unless you have a buddy to discuss this stuff with you are missing out, there in lies my problem, no “real life” Christian buddies.

Aussie Author Challenge– is going to be fun, last count I did of my “Aussie Author” collection was 19 books. I’m happy with that.

The Year of New recipes– Like Reannon said I have a gazillion cook books that look nice on the shelf but are not doing anything for me. So time to start using them, I have also got a few paleo sites that I want to play with and lots of “Grain free, dairy free” recipe sites.

Continue with the Daniel Plan– I feel like I need to go “Deeper” with that and it bloody includes excersize which I HATE! Not very christian of me, but I feel that my progress would be so much better if I did something more than walking, so I am thinking time to crack out the Zumba and other gazillion work out DVDs that I have collected and “Suck it up Princess” if I start now, by the time winter hits I’ll have my metabolism under control enough that I wont gain the usual 5 kilos over winter! When I hibernate!!

So they are my New Years Resolutions and I’m sure you’ll hear more about them as the year goes on. If you want to join any let me know I’d love to have you along.


The end of another year…goodbye 2014…


What a year it’s been! The first half of the year I had my number two daughter and Sweet pea living with us.

The second half of the year I’ve had daughter number one and Squishy living with us.

I love my children and I especially love my Grandchildren, but I miss my art! I am so consumed with babies, and all that they entail that I have not done any art, not much of note, I have so much to do, to finish my “Art Instructors” course and I have just learnt Zentangle so that needs doing, and my penpalling fell off for a little while but happily that is back on track.

In January– We went away camping with long time friends, daughter number one and two grand babies. That was over the “Australia Day” weekend, fun times.

In February, My Husband took me away for a romantic weekend to Brisbane in Queensland, we got a mystery flight so we only found out where we were going a few days before hand, we have been there but we didn’t care it was us flying (I LOVE flying) away to be together. Had a great weekend.

In March– Heralded the Start of “Footy Season” and again I donned my hat as “football tragic mum”

In April– We had an engagement party for one of my nephews and the following weekend we had a roadt trip to Queensland to do some repairs on a friends house. Camping trip loved it.

In May– Nothing special but lots of football matches.

In June– Daughter number two and Sweetpea flew the nest.

In July– I discovered the Lord, we went out for dinner for a friends birthday. Had a date day at the Art Gallery and then lunch

In August– Number one daughter moved home with Squishy, Football Grand-final, we lost by one point!!

In September– My Nephew’s engagement party, great night out.

In October– My Niece had her engagement party, my birthday, Moved Mother-in-law into a nursing home and we went camping.

In November– Still camping for the first whole week.  Zentangle art class, Sweetpea turned one and said farewell to a long time friend. She Who Rambles Salad Challenge

In December– Christmas party at the Nursing home, Squishy turned one, huge birthday party, Christmas and quality time at our holiday place.

November, I started “The Daniel Plan” and to date I have lost 6 kilograms and 12 inches, I am happy about that!


Reading all that it’s been a busy year! Speaking of reading

IMG_0300This is the pile of books I finished,  along with the note books full of notes, and the second bible I brought so I could do bible art in it. This one has the two inch wide margins.



My first piece of Bible art Psalm 139;13 I need to add some colour to it, but I’m scared to ruin it. I since quit that group because it was making me nervous about ruining my beautiful new bible.

IMG_0304This is my “awaiting” to be read pile… sheesh it makes me tired just looking at it, The book about Luther belongs to Pastor Frank, he loans me his personal books, I find that very humbling that he trusts me with his books.

IMG_0306A 90 day devotional study that I want to do, I haven’t booked it in yet, I’m really busy in January. Maybe I’ll pencil it in for April, May and June.



Two more Studies that I just got in the mail, both have 12 lessons.

IMG_0302This is my Bible study folder, which I do my daily studies in with “The Good Morning Girls” group, I am in a Facebook group called “The Heart of Esther” and have just been made Assistant for the group, so already my “deeper” is working! I have different sections in this folder.. the books that concern Men go in one bit, the Books that concern women go in another and the general books which is most of them go into a separate section. This year Good Morning Girls is introducing a different hing we are going to start colour coordinating the scriptures. Monday 5th January “Good Morning Girls” starts back with the Book of Exodus.




So I have a feeling my morning study session is going to get a bit longer.. if I do this I haven’t actually decided yet.



This neat little pile lives by my bed. Each morning and each night, I read the daily devotional in each book and write in my journal. Basically my journal I write in any time, but I always start off with good intentions each morning and do a wrap up of each day before I go to bed, then I know my mind is clear and I am all set for my prayer.

Tonight I am ending the year as I started it, with Sweetpea while her Mum goes out for the night. We did that last year too.. except last year I didn’t feel as tired as I do this year!

Happy New Year to all my friends out there who take time to read my blog, thank- you for reading and I hope you all come back next year for more and I wish you all a very happy 2015!!





Weight loss Wednesday.. update..

weightloss wednesdays

Update on my Diet and health and fitness program “The Daniel Plan” find out more here: www.thedanielplan.com 

This week I felt much happier with what the scales were saying, I am official down to 69 kilos (152 pounds) so I am down 6 kilos (13 pounds) and over all I have lost 12 inches from various parts of my body, so I am happy with that result, in six weeks.

Today I made a batch of “Quinoa breakfast bars” and a batch of “Nut free bran muffins” they have dates in them I want to call them Date muffins. Following the recipe I have worked out enough to last me for 11 days  (two pieces each morning for breakfast) when I am not doing my “Green Smoothies” I was so surprised at how easily they turned out following the recipe in “Paleo Cooking from Elana’s pantry” see her website at: http://elanaspantry.com/

This morning I had a green juice, it contained pear, apple, orange, celery and kale. The first time I’ve used kale it didn’t taste too bad. In January I am starting a 30 days Green Smoothie challenge and I knew Kale was one of the ingredients I needed so I got a head start. I am freezing the muffins and quinoa bars, and then you just zap them into the microwave for 30 seconds and add a drizzle of Maple Syrup.. yum!

Daily Post.. how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

Q- We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

A- I didn’t do so well with my New Years resolutions this year, and normally I would be disappointed about it but I am in a space now where I have taken a different path and so those things don’t seem to bother me as much.. let’s see what I ” thought” I wanted to do for 2014..

  • Learn Embroidery.. (it sounded good at the time, but what will I do with it once I know it? and who had time?)
  • Re-Learn Folk Art- I don’t think it would have been wasted and maybe one day I will re learn it but this year I barely touched my art supplies anyways so it doesn’t matter.
  • The Year of the house.. Hmm… again it didn’t happen, we got Star Son’s room done and he’s happy but there has been some major coming and going in our house this year we just haven’t had time to paint and decorate.. it’ll happen some time. (Part of this “Decorate my bedroom” has been carried over to 2015, it’s overdue!)
  • Maybe there was more but I can’t remember.

So if that’s what I DID NOT do, what have I been doing instead?

  • I spent the first Six months of this year looking after my Sweetpea to allow my Number Two daughter to return to study and find a job. Then they moved out of home to experience life differently and within week Number One daughter and Squishy had moved in, so I spent the second six months of the year watching Squishy so that my daughter could change careers and get herself established in her new work, living here she saved money as well.
  • In July, I decided to try being a Christian, I decided to attempt to read the bible and see “what all the fuss was about” well, that has been the biggest life change for me and I am SO glad that I did find the Lord. I have been studying A LOT to learn as much as I can to have a personal relationship with The Lord. I have been very lucky to have two wonderful penpals who are always willing to help me figure out things and direct me to where I might find an answer or guidance. I met Pastor Frank and he has been wonderful, helping me with questions and worries and loaning me his own books so that I can learn more about being a Christian and also about the Lutheran Church. Which leads into 2015’s Resolution “Get Deeper into God’s word” I also was fortunate enough to do two mini Christian Art Classes and they really kicked things up a notch, suddenly I was able to put words to paintings and it made more sense. I have done various bible studies and other small group studies and loved every minute of it. Let me be perfectly honest when I started reading in July, I wondered if this would be a “thing” that I would get over and give up, but I apparently read the right book first “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren because the questions and answers that come from that made me want to know more, and do more. 2015 I will be exploring more and digging deeper both through my bible studies and also a new Christian Art group which is running a year-long bible study but with Art!
  • I did two Zetangle art classes with my cousin and way back in January I did a live art class with a local artist which I really loved!
  • I spent quality time with Grand babies, this first year when so much changes even daily, and they are learning so many new things and I am truly blessed that I got to sped so much time with them. I spent quality time with my husband and my son on various camping trips, we make a nice little trio of campers. January we went to Alexandria in Victoria, Easter we traveled to Queensland to a family thing but also some great camping as well. November was Wentworth New South Wales, on the banks of the Darling River. And to think 5 years ago when my husband suggested camping I was ready to leave him! Idiot.. imagine how much fun I’ve missed out on.
  • I started doing the “Daniel Plan” another book with Rick Warren and various others, it’s based on the Five F’s- Faith, family, fun, food and fitness, up to now I have lost 6 kilograms and 12 inches from various body parts and given up coffee, sugar, glutens and dairy and don’t miss them at all.

Overall, I think my year has been a great learning year and I don’t miss the resolutions that I didn’t get to do. Next year I am making less resolutions but they will be more involved.

  • 2015- Get Deeper into God’s Word.
  • 2015- Year of Australian Writing
  • 2015- New Recipe a fortnight
  • 2015- Do More Art! (Shouldn’t be hard I did minimal this year!)

So keep watching for updates on this blog!


Day three of our pre christmas getaway!

Today was our lazy day, I got all my mail done and then we walked down to the post office box and mailed it. Today the Bloke walked with us, so we all got an ice cream and walked along the pier, but again the wind was really chilly so we didn’t stay long. We didn’t even take any photos!

I didn’t even make my 10,000 steps target today, I’ve only managed 6,511 steps which is just 4.43 kilometers.. You know what? I don’t really mind too much, I have been eating “Daniel compliant” so it’s all good and I had 4 bottles of water so that’s 2.4 liters of water, more than yesterday it’s all good, I’m on holidays!

Here’s a little bit of what today looked like…

Green Thumb Thursday…

Greenthumb Thursdays


Remember all those challenges… well this isn’t one.. this is my own one.. how original.. but since I am attempting to grow food in my garden to eat cleanly as part of my Daniel Plan it all ties in nicely.. Green thumb Thursday flows after Weight-loss Wednesday..

So this week in the garden I am delighted to announce..

  • I have baby strawberries.. count is up to four.
  • Finally got something happening on the tomato front. I was worried because I gave a tomato plant to my cousin and hers is double the size of mine
  • Purple capsicum.. there were four.. but stupid “Green thumb wanna be” touched it to show my Bloke and it broke off wahhhh… only three purple capsicum now!
  • I’ve extended my garden bed digging and have made over the area around the garden pond, “Prickly Place” where the succulents live.
  • Removed an old rose-bush.
  • Pruned and wedded a new section of garden and laid down sugar cane mulch
  • Garden beds laying empty are awaiting something… maybe some herbs, where they are they can’t take over anything so it would be OK for herbs.

So that is this week’s update on Green Thumb Thursday. I am so glad I was up and in the garden at 5.45 am on Saturday morning when I couldn’t sleep. I spent some lovely quality time chatting to the Lord about the purpose of snails.. and as I sprinkled salt on those that were happily eating my Zucchini, I am not sure I got an answer from the Lord about why I should “not” kill the snails.. so now I’ve laid down pallets. I got some quality digging down, weeding done and pruning, I was up “Before the birds” literally because the Magpie told me off for disturbing him, so I threw him a salted snail!

wpid-imag2938.jpg and here is me after that gardening session, before my shower.. it was raining!