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Home again Home again…

Jiggety jig.. Isn’t that how the childrens nursery rhyme goes? Well I’m not “jiggerty jigging” to be back home, I wish we were able to stay away or go further away for longer. Especially now we have Ursula Ultimate and the pack up is so easy, it makes my feet itch to travel more. The trouble is Australia is so big and lets face it we will probably never get to see it all… So each day at home is a day I wish I was travelling.

So lets have a look at the negatives..

The weather- its gotta be said it was miserable. God, or Jehovah or Yewah or Wankan Tankan whatever you chose to call our Creator, HE is the only one who can control the weather, so its no use whining about it, yes! I am a whiner, I try not to, but I really don’t do cold very well. Spring in Australia is typically our rainiest season, so we should probably have expected it, but my rose coloured glasses were firmly in place and denial had set in. 

The first 48 hours of Ursula’s exsistence were drenched, but like a professional she is, she kept us dry and while in NSW warm… Coming into Victoria on the final stretch home however was a different thing. It rained all the way to Lakes Entrance, and it continued to rain while we set up, miserable, I was almost tempted to tell The Bloke to keep driving 400 kilometers to home. Except, my Bestie was setting up with her family and they were already there and already wet, so we had to do it.

It was cold that first night, we all retired early just to keep warm. The next day was still fairly rainy, so we took a day trip to Buchan and went on the cave tours.

This is my bestie! Deanne and I have been friends for almost 28 years. We always have the best fun when we are camping!

Luckily for Deanne and I, our Blokes, Steve and Rob, get on well too, makes life so much easier! Photography credit to Star Son for this ripper pic! 

Saturday we had some nicer kind of weather so we spent the day exploring the streets of Lakes Entrance and then back at camp we did our usual things Deanne and I crocheted and the boys all went fishing! Jordan caught a salmon which was bbq’ed later! Oh and Deanne and I ventured to the beach briefly but in time to see a seal surfing the waves near the shore.

Then Sunday it was pack up time, we just made the pack up before the rain started and then it rained on and off most of the way home.

So the weather was a negative but for sure hands down, the positive of this trip was spending quality time with my bestie and her family. 

Now it’s only approximately 81 days until our Christmas break and we’re off for a month into outback New South Wales up to Queensland and then across to Cameron’s corner which is where NSW and QLD meet SA. Being that it will be early summer hopefully we will travel minus the rain! 


We have arrived!

Last night we drove to Albury New South Wales, about 4 hours from home, its just over the Victorian border. We stayed in a motel for the night, by the time we had unpacked and had dinner, showers and unwound it was bedtime, I’d totally forgotten to write my blog. Yesterday was a long day I was awake at 4:00am, trying to mentally pack everything. Needless to say there are things I’ve forgotten but things that I can buy locally so no dramas.

This morning was another early morning… Up at 7:15am, car packed, dressed and down for breakfast at 7:35am and then back on the road by 8:00am.. On a Sunday morning too!!

Today’s first stop was at the Iconic “Dog on the tuckerbox” its been made famous through a song, we didn’t see the Dog today because it was really crowded with tourists at 9:15am.. Crazy!  We stopped to stretch the legs, use the bathroom and catch a snack, boys are ALWAYS hungry. 

So here is the dog, this is NOT MY PHOTO this I borrowed from Google. 

“Tucker box” is an Aussie thing, “Tucker” meaning food and the box was usually a metal type box, which kept the drovers food safe from weather and insects. There have even been songs written about the dog, Dog sits on the tuckerbox.

After leaving the dog wet and soggy, we drove on, watching as the rain swept across the landscape, there were moments when the sun tried really hard to come through and there were long stretches where it stopped raining, but, like we always say “You can’t control the weather and you can’t wait for the weather to be perfect or you’d never get anything done”  Next stop for us was Braidwood.

**AGAIN NOT MY PHOTO** taken from Google.

Braidwood had a sign which tempted us “World Famous pies” now we’ve been to lots of places in Australia and everytime we see that claim we stop and put it to the test. There was one pie shop in South Australia that claimed it and in my humble opinion they owned it.. Their lamb and rosemary pie was sooo good! Today we decided to put NSW to the test. StarSon had chunky chicken, he didnt really want a pie, but he went along with us. The Bloke had a curried pie and I had Chicken Satay, it was delish! The flaky pastry and the chunks of real chicken, yum! 

Onwards- about 2 hours to go, we were running ahead of schedule. On the way to Bateman’s Bay we went over Clyde Mountain, it was beautiful scenery and a very steep descent, at one point on a hair pin bend, we and all the long line of cars following a truck were down to 10 kilometers an hour, l thought about taking photos but I was crocheting so… Its all about priorities!

All that lovely forest!

Steep descent 

Hair pin bends!

Bateman’s Bay, where we turned from inland to costal, and for me it was love at first sight, I have ear marked that to come back and explore at a later date! 

We were supposed to turn back inland at a specific point, but decided to stay on the coastal route and enjoy the scenery.

Like this tributary that runs from the sea along the road, it was so pretty! No waves,just peaceful and calm. 

At last- 2.00pm we arrived in Moruya and found the caravan park where we are spending the next two nights in a spa cabin, its really beautiful and the best bit is its river front! So I can sit on the verandah and watch the river flow by. Of course fairly soon after we arrived so too did the rain, but at least its not cold.

Look at my view! And the a little while later, these two cruised into sight…

Some of the locals dropped by to say hello.I love pelicans! We had gone for a drive to see the factory that is building our camper trailer, just so we knew where to go on Tuesday, and Star son has seen a stork or Heron, I’ll need to see it to confirm that. 

Somewhere within this building is our new “baby” Ursula, and we are scheduled to meet her 10:30am on Tuesday. We are all excited and can’t wait! 

On Tuesday after we pick up Ursula, we are coming back here to Riverbreeze Caravan Park and we will stay in Ursula for another two nights. We are doing that to make sure we have the “hang” on setting up and dismatling before we leave the area! This is only a short trip for us, but a very important one and we are squeezing in as much as we can!

We went for a quick drive around the afternoon and did some basic grocery shopping, but on a Sunday afternoon most of the shops were closed, so tomorrow, weather allowing, we will walk across the bridge into town to do some shopping and get the important things, like stamps and postcards and presents for the Grand babies!  

Now its evening, and we have cooked a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven and cleaned up and will have a nice relaxing night, I’ve got Amber’s crochet blanket to finish! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos and news!

Tomorrow we leave!

For our trip to Moruya New South Wales, to collect our camper.

I promised to come back yesterday and tell you a bit more about Moruya, I’m sorry I missed out on coming back, I’ve been working flat out on a crochet project, I made a rainbow blanket for my daughter to give as a gift at her friends baby shower tomorrow. So I needed to finish that, so I could wash it and have it dried and wrapped ready for my daughter to collect. I must confess at the start I didn’t like the colour scheme I kept having this internal dialogue about the colours, but then I reminded myself this was “not for me it was a gift, I didn’t have to love it” needless to say by the time I’d come to the end of the blanket (which was 7:30am! This morning!!) l do love it and I will probably end up doing another one similar for my Grand Daughter Sweetpea, she was convinced “It’s mine Grandma” I kept telling her ” No its for a baby” she insisted it was for  “My bed now Grandma” so I guess I’ll be making her a rainbow blanket too! She’s such a funny little thing, she picked up my crochet hook before I could race back and rescue my crochet from her, and she tells me very seriously  “I do sticking” she meant of course my crochet hook, and she tried her best to poke the “stick” into the stitches. Maybe when she’s three I’ll start teaching her to crochet! My Aunt taught me when I was about ten, I started crocheting my own “granny squares” with the left over yarn that she was using to knit sweaters.

So thats why I missed yesterday’s post about “Moruya” 

Let me share some info about what I’ve found out about this little town, I’m so excited we are heading off tomorrow and will arrive mid afternoon Sunday!


Town in New South Wales, Australia

Moruya is a town in New South Wales, Australia, situated on the Moruya River, on the far south coast situated on the Princes Highway 305 kilometres south of Sydney and 175 kilometres from Canberra. At the 2011 census, Moruya had a population of 2,531 people. The town relies predominantly on agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism. Moruya is administered by the Eurobodalla Shire council and the shire chambers are located in the town. Wikipedia.

I know right! I’d never heard of it either. But I am excited to get there and explore. There’s a museum there showcasing the dairy industry in the area, but mostly its poular for its nature based places, Moruya Head and National Park  walks like the Bingi Walking Track.. 

Follow in the footsteps of the Brinja-Yuin people as you walk the Bingi Dreaming track. Traditionally, Dreaming tracks or Song Lines link the places visited by Aboriginal people, the Bingi Dreaming track links campsites, ceremonial and trade sites, fresh water and plentiful coastal food sources. Along the way, you might see stone artefacts or patches of shell middens. The … Visit website for more info

For more information: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

I have a feeling that we won’t see all there is to do there, but thats Ok it just means we will have to go back again! 

So be sure to check back in the next few days where I’ll start posting my photos. 

BigLap WA 2015- Day 9- Madura Pass

Today we were out of camp by 8.50am on the road again, heading for the border. We had been warned by a few different people about crossing the border with fruit and veg and nuts etc. So we made up lunch before we went and threw away the extras and I ate the apples as we drove. By 10.25 am we had hit 2,000 kilometres of travel on the speedo and  we were 30 kilometres from the Nullarbor Plain, (Nullabor means Null- No or nill and Arbor- Trees.. so Nullarbor =Tree less plains.) it was a cold grey over cast day and the temps were sitting at 15 C brrr.. I needed a sweater.

We stopped at the Head of the Bight.. and paid to go in and see if there were any whales.. some people coming out told us “hurry there are some there” we seriously could not get in that door fast enough.. it was $35.00 for a family ticket and we had heard some people talking in Fowlers Bay saying “We refuse to pay that to go to a beach and see a whale” and part of me kind of understands it but the whole part of this leg of the trip was “to see a whale” and so we paid and we were NOT disappointed to see the Mother southern right whale and he baby slapping their fins and singing to us in the shallow waters below.

Even the entrance was impressive

IMG_2991 IMG_2996

Mumma Southern Right whale and her baby playing in the waters of the Bight.


As we were walking in I told Star Son to call to the whales in his mind and see if they would show themselves, he of course insists his “whale calling was what brought them”


Eventually we left the Whales and the cliffs and continued on.. we had no definite plans but a fellow traveller told us about a little place in WA called Madura Pass, At 1.55 pm we crossed the border and they sure were thorough but we had disposed of anything “illegal” anyways so it didn’t matter. We kept on driving, stopped at Eucla for fuel and to stretch our legs and then decided to keep going to Madura Pass for the night… boy what a shock to the system!

My phone had changed time automatically when we crossed the border, so it said one time. my watch said another time and then when we got to the accommodation their clock said a different time. Apparently they were on  Central Western time which meant they were 45 minutes ahead of Adelaide but 45 minutes behind Perth.. I was totally confuzzled and if that wasn’t bad enough their clock stuffed me right up.. it was totally backwards.. the numbers were in the wrong place and it ticked backwards.. really I felt like I was on some other planet! My daughter asked if I wanted to speak to my Grandson so I was asking her “What time is it there?” I was so lost! The Madura Oasis Hotel was a hole.. in the middle of no where. It was clean and it had hot water and a nice bed but it was expensive and I think if we had any other choice we would have kept going, but we had driven a LONG day and we were all stuffed. Rob was not feeling well after having now got my cold and so we stayed. The women there was so rude. We had dinner in the café area, because no cooking in the rooms, and anyways who wanted to cook after that ,long day. The food was the ONLY good thing. It was hot there was heaps of it but like the room it was pricey! I was glad to have a hot shower and an early night and even more glad to pack up and leave this morning. We were out of there by 7.30am… and on the road again this time headed for … well… who knew… supposedly Fraser Station range… then we thought we’d go to Norseman and once there we decided to keep on going to…..Kalgoorlie..

Opps pics with no words…

I upload photos from my phone to my WordPress albums and then I get on my lap top and write my blog.. except apparently this one I uploaded accidentally and didn’t write any words… so now y’all are wondering whats going on right?

Let me explain… in 38 days we are heading off on a two month camping trip across Australia. We had to of course contact the school and “request” permission to remove Star Son from school for so long and put it all in writing.. which we did (On a side note We didn’t really care what they said we’re taking him anyways.) The Last two month trip we took in 2012 Star Son learnt so much, he did maths, science, English and anything else he’s taught in School, except in “our way” So for example we would have him get the map out each morning find where we were going and then attempt to work out using the map grid the distance we needed to travel. Then because HIS MUM is a journal freak I would make notes and at the end of that day’s journey we would compare. He also wrote a blog page on my “other now defunct” blog and he had his own camera to take photos. So I think he learnt more on our trip that he would in a school class room, especially because we also did history, sport and language. He might learn those in school but here he’s more immersed in it one on one. PLUS with all that driving he did a BUNCH of reading! I love to see my Boy reading!

So we contacted the school his main teacher wants him to read and “maybe keep a journal” hence these photos. I’ve designed him a journal to use on the road, and I covered it in clear contact because we like to add “stuff” to our journals.. tickets and fliers and leaves and feathers. Sometimes they come home SUPER FAT! (I’ll share some of my photos in a minute).. Of course he will have school work for Maths and Sciences because the Bloke says if he falls behind he’ll never catch up.. so Oh well… The Principle wasn’t too fussed.. So it’s all official we’re going!!

  I even typed Star Son an Itinerary so he’ll know where we are and where we are going,

and I added some interesting facts as well. I made me a copy too I was so happy with how it turned out.. I have left the DAYS blank, because it’s all open to change, if we feel we are moving too quickly we’ll stay an extra day… So he will number the day as it comes around.
 This is the outside of his book, with photos of some of the places I know for sure we are going to be visiting and so he will also have his own camera to take photos of some of these places and things as well.

This is my Journal from 2012.. as you can see I didn’t use more than HALF the book and yet it’s jam-packed full of stuff..


I love chunky journals and I cannot lie!!


This is an example of one of my pages, I collect all the touristy stuff, then cut it up and re-use it. I AM obsessed with Turtles and this day we were in Cairns QLD and we went to Green Island I was hoping to swim with a turtle I was not lucky enough BUT I swam with a silver tipped reef shark! That was scary!!


Mission Beach.. ahhh… this is my “retirement” place.. It was a Happy Accident.

We didn’t plan to go to Mission Beach, we saw a little sign and I asked the Bloke “Have you been there?” its one of the few places he hadn’t been to in QLD and I commented it made me think of a James Bond movie “Mission Beach!” so he suggested we go and have a look… it was love at first sight! We ended up staying two nights and have been looking at real estate ever since! This is the FIRST place that all three of us agreed “We could live here


On the way home in Parkes New South Wales.

Another interesting tidbit about me I love all things Space.. I don’t want to go to America for Disneyland I want to go to the Kennedy Space center!! It fascinates me no end! So this was a great chance to stretch the legs and learn about how the Aussies helped the Americans with one of the Space launches… the note on the photo says “Great Coffee” good to know!

 I have also asked my Men to co-Blog with me while we are away.. so look for titles like “Will’s words” and “The Bloke Sez” as well as my posts you’ll get to hear their thoughts on stuff we see and do.. it’s good for Will because his teacher will be able to check out what he’s up to.. when we did this is 2012 the teacher didn’t even bother checking, her loss she missed out on his great insights… from holding a baby crocodile to feeding a 5 meter long croc with a fishing rod and then later that night we ate Crocodile burgers.. to complete the cycle.. and he wrote all about it! That was for my birthday in 2012… this year we will be away for my birthday again, so I wonder what my men will surprise me with this time!!

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

For me this is a no brainer… it’s the Desert!

I don’t know where my infatuation with the desert comes from but when we decided on our trip to do “The Big Lap” (what most Aussies fondly call their driving trip around Australia) the first thing to go on the “Must See” list for me was “the Desert and Uluru” I didn’t realize the desert started much closer to home than I knew, I mean I’d never been to Uluru or the Desert before so how would I know. No amount of looking on Google images can actually prepare you for the desert… you’ll either love it or hate it.. for me in was instant love.

True there’s nothing as far as the eye can see.. and sometimes even traffic was far and few between. But to be able to stand there and look in a perfect 360 degree turn and not see anything but red sand and stunted dead looking shrubs, and hear nothing its silent. The wind howled at one stop, a lonely wailing moan..but even that made my heart leap. I wanted to just stop right there and camp in the middle of no where.

When we did eventually camp in the Desert town of Coober Pedy, a huge wind storm blew up and we were coated head to foot in red dirt, the tent still has stains of red dirt, even that did not dispel my love of the desert, we took photos of us with sticking up red crusted hair and laughed a lot!


Coober Pedy opal in the raw!


Red Dirt as we entered the Northern Territory!

One day we did nothing but count dead cows, we got sick of counting them after about 36, so went back to looking for Emu.

I love the beach, it soothes my soul in a whole different way, I love the pattering of the waves lapping the beach.

I love the mountains and forests too, I mean whats not to love, blue skies and all that glorious green, I still think that God was an Artist because if We mere mortals tried to put those colours together they’d make mud.. but when HE did it.. he made perfection, I love the breeze in the trees and the way the old tired pine tree limbs creak and the occasional snap as a pine cone dislodges itself.. so really I love all these “natural” places but if I could choose only one.. it would definitely be the Desert.. maybe it’s to do with my introvert nature.