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Tuesdays of Texture.. week three… home made with love!



Week Three of this New Year…

I’m cleaning again, whenever things start getting shaky in my world I clean…I feel like I can work through stuff in my head (after I speak to the Lord about it) and get it out by cleaning. So as I am wiping the dust from the bookshelves I am reminded the hours that my Bloke spent on building them, sanding them, clear lacquering them (because Mrs Fussy Pants didn’t want dark wood, only light colours to brighten the house) And this photo is a little piece of the much larger bookshelf that takes up a whole wall, it has some texture left, not sanded completely smooth and a little gravelly feeling… shh don’t tell my Bloke he’ll sand it and re-do it all!


Tuesdays of texture- I’m back!



Sorry I’ve been away from this challenge, on the holidays when my husband is not working and not in his usual routine the days all seem to roll into each other and so I probably missed a few due to that.

Here is this weeks Texture.


My Broccoli has “flowered” I guess that’s what you’d call it.

Tuesdays of Texture… (Late) Any guesses?

tuesdays oftexture



I am late this week, I apologise, I got a new Iphone 5s and some how the app on that is different from the android one, and I am such a hopeless tech person, I just couldn’t figure out how to load photos from my phone to the WP app, never mind I figured it out somehow..

I took this one today… Guess what it might be….



Tuesdays of texture… Guess what this is??

tuesdays oftexture

So here we are already at week three of “Tuesdays of Textures” I must confess, I am looking at ordinary everyday objects differently now to see what texture they have.

You can find out more about Narami’s challenge at her blog over here: http://narami.wordpress.com/category/tuesdays-of-texture/

this week I went out with my phone to do something else and this one caught my eye!


Now who can guess what this is?

I’ll take your answers in the comment section!!

Tuesdays of Texture… My first post!

I had a message from the organizer of “Tuesdays of texture” and the told me I had all week to post my blog onto her blog with my Texture.. yay!!

So I went to have another look at her blog and “she” is Narami,from Puerto Rico.. OK I’m excited I know nothing at all about that country I might learn something new.. her profile says this:


Puerto Rico

I carry the feel of sand under my feet and the breeze of the mountains in my face.

So I went out my back door looking for “Texture” even though technically it’s Wednesday in Australia.. but oh well let’s start!!


So hands up, anyone know what this is?

It’s a brick and some mortar in my kitchen wall! It kind of looks like a Chocolate chip cookie!

Now I’m off to the beach this weekend, think about the texture I can find there!