Art Challenges- Love me a good Challenge!!

29 faces.

Lets talk about challenges. Some challenges are good, and fun, and educational, like Art challenges, or charity challenges or Trivia nights for school fund raising.
Some challenges are just dumb like.. 10 km running marathon, Biking marathons, or for me ANY marathon! I hate sport I am the most NOT sporting person you will ever meet!
Some Challenges are dumb and dangerous, like train surfing and base jumping and those stupid alcohol sculling games.. Bad, dumb, stupid, dangerous!  You won’t find me involved with them.
So on this page I’ll be sharing my ART challenges, if thats boring move on..
Facebook has a lot to answer, I join these groups and they have these challenges, currently I am in a few let’s make a list (I don’t actually know myself!)
* 29 Faces (Joined because my cousin Lee was in it and I wanted to perfect faces, they are actually very technical which is not me at all) in September and I think April, we do a face a day and number then #1 of 29. Preferably with the medium you used. Sometimes the groups owner will give us little challenges like “Frida” it was Frida Kahalo’s birthday so we spent a week drawing Frida’s. You can find out more here..

Gritty Jane’s 40 Portraits.

Over at Jane’s place we have a 40 portrait challenge which I joined for the same reason as above, actually I joined this one first, to practise painting faces. Janes started off with prompts and they included fun things and here are a few:GYPSY
I got the Gypsy done and then went and did my own.
I think I am in the mid 20’s of the 40 I can’t remember now. But you can check out Jane’s group at

A face in the world

Its an offspin of “29 Faces” and each person starts a 6 x 4 inch card with background, and people are put into teams of 4-6 and its a round robin, so I do my starter piece and send it to person A, she does anything to it and posts it to person B, she adds something and sends it to person C who does any finishing touches and send it back to me complete. I am just competing in my first one, I sent my starter piece to Texas and she sends it to somewhere else in the US and the the last person is in Ohio, I know because I got her starter piece, and I drew the face. The Lady who owns this one, her user name is Talulah which reminded me of the 30’s movie start Tallulah Bankhead. So I felt like she needed a Vintage looking Gal. She is now winging her way to Texas for some glamor treatment. You can find out more about the group at
A lot of these groups you will need to request to join.


Sunday Mornings

My first Christian Art class run by the very beautiful Mindy Murphy Lacefield. Even her name is beautiful, everyone made a newbie to Christianity like me feel so welcome and everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful in regards to where to find resources and bible scriptures and music and everything. The course is finished now, but Mindy also has her own website so have a look at her place because Mindy is an awesome teacher!
 The Document your life project.
This has been one of my favourites, again, with the prompt each week and then you do it your own way, I don’t know if I have any photos but this is a HUGE group, lots of fun, very talented people. Its worth having a look at it now to prepare yourself for next year. I couldn’t keep up, but I love the idea, and also I wasn’t happy with the diary/planner/ folder I chose LOL couldn’t decided, had too many and then stopped. Have a look its fun! Oh!! Found some pics!!

2 thoughts on “Art Challenges- Love me a good Challenge!!

  1. Hi, just popped over to see your A to Z post and found your art stuff 🙂 Didn’t comment on your grandhildren post as distracted to here. I very rarely see my grand-children for distance, the youngest is fifteen months and the eldest eight, also three of them, two girls and a boy. My grandson has Duchennes and I miss seeing him now we’re noot living so close and my son has no access, they split up and they have new relationships. Enjoyed seeing your art work 🙂 Best wishes.

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