Tuesdays of texture… Guess what this is??

tuesdays oftexture

So here we are already at week three of “Tuesdays of Textures” I must confess, I am looking at ordinary everyday objects differently now to see what texture they have.

You can find out more about Narami’s challenge at her blog over here: http://narami.wordpress.com/category/tuesdays-of-texture/

this week I went out with my phone to do something else and this one caught my eye!


Now who can guess what this is?

I’ll take your answers in the comment section!!

9 thoughts on “Tuesdays of texture… Guess what this is??

  1. I am assuming this is another macro – especially with the hair and filaments (dirt?) – and also I think this is garden related… so is it the side of a garden pot or trowel?

      • well this sounds corny, But I am looking forward to that. In 2013 I actually started following a “guess what it is blog” (Schelley Cassidy) and she stopped doing it after that year – cos it was only for 2013 – and she still posts, but I sorta missed the guessing – not everyday – but once a week is right up my alley. And I just set your blog to come to my inbox each week so I will hope to be able to check it out on Tuesdays. have a good week (and rubber???? never would have guess that!)

      • I went out to take a photo of something else and the loan volkswagen my husband was driving caught my eye, l think he was the first person to drive on those tires lol

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