Day Five- Pre christmas get away.

Day Five and our final day of our “Pre Christmas getaway”

Tomorrow we head home to the real world, where Christmas is awaiting us, where Grand babies need my attention, there are a few more dreaded pressies to wrap, it’s almost over.

Today we went for a drive to Point Lonsdale and there was supposed to be a Giant Christmas tree, since we havent done the usual Christmas photo we thought we’d go look, but we could not find it. So we kept going to Oceangrove, where I needed to buy a new journal, I have got about 2 and 1/4 pages of the current one left, I don’t want to censor myself due to end of book fear! So I did that and this weekend I’ve written so much, I run out of blue and black ink in my 4 colour pen!! Eek!

Back home again Star Son and I went for our usual beach walk and even that was an effort, I have not gotten my 10,000 steps total again *sigh* but it is still only 6:00pm, anything could happen!! But for now it’s time to start thinking about dinner… Salad and chicken kebabs because well, its hot, its summer, its holidays and its easy, minimal fuss and minimal dishes and we LOVE that!!

Here’s a look at what today looked like….


2 thoughts on “Day Five- Pre christmas get away.

  1. Day 5 already? Wow! That was fast. Thanks for taking us along. It looks fabulous as I sit shivering inside…got to turn on the heat! It’s cold and wet here!

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