NaBloPoMo 2014- Lazy weekend.

 NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Well, internet connection is really horrible, so please excuse this short post, with no photos apparently.

That is one thing I really hate, when your internet doesn’t work well, technology is great when it works.

We are at out holiday place, it’s an on site caravan that stays permanently here at St. Leonards a small sleepy little seas side town.

My in-laws and sister-in-law brought this van many years ago and my Father-in-law did all the cosmetic works, and re painted and fixed and cleaned and I just love it. We were able to stay here a few weekends while the In-law’s owned it and fell in love with it. It’s a pared down life, very limited internet, limited cooking facilities, limited TV channels, and yet its perfect, down here I get caught up on my life, my reading, my pen friend mail, its sit, drop and relax time.

When my Father-in-law died, my Mother-in-law Tanny didn’t feel that she could face coming down here with out him, so she was going to sell us her share, and my Sister-in-law decided to sell her share also because she wanted a van that they could tow and go away. So we juggled money, sold a car and brought ourselves an onsite caravan. We just love it down here, its safe for the kids, its quiet and its less than 4 minutes walk to the beach.

We named our place “Bel Far Niente” because I had read in the book “Eat Pray Love” that it meant  “The Art of doing nothing” art and nothing seemed perfect for us, but as I wrote to my Italian Penpal she told me it is wrong it is “Beautiful doing nothing” stupid me should have known Bel= beautiful and Niente = Nothing. The name is still perfect because when we come here the most strenuous thing we do is drag ourselves across the road to walk along the beach, where we walk, paddle, splash, skip stones and just talk. Great big deep heart to hearts we have at this beach.

This is the place I found out I was going to be a Grandma! This is the place that I have brought my beautiful babies on several occasions. This is the place I get to catch up on my reading and writing letters, and we just relax and unwind from life. Star Son and I usually spend a few weeks down here each year on school holidays, he runs free like a wild child, riding bikes, and playing football or basket ball or riding skateboards, he comes home when he’s hungry and thirsty and when its dark, as long as we know where he is it’s all good. This is the place where art is created and board games and dice games are played. This is my favourite place!

We used to come down most weekends and stay Friday night through to Sunday morning, but since Star Son plays football so most of winter is gone, and I have withdrawals because it is beautiful down here even in winter. As part of our fees we get one hundred days per year, and tonight is only night twenty-one, so that shows how many I’ve been missing out on. Plus now with Grandbaby sitting, its not as easy to escape for a week, his Mum hates me to take him away even if she’s  not there.

So today I was awake at 8:30am but I stayed in bed till 10:30am, reading, doing my bible studies and just catching up on that! Then we did little else all day. I caught up with my Jelly Baby journals, and felt happy about that. I also started working ona Zentangle piece, so some art was done. We also went for a nice beach walk, all the way down to the yacht club and back again, is there anything more perfect than the waves gentle lapping at your ankles while the sun beats down on you, perfect day, no words needed, just deep cleansing relaxing breaths. I love Bel Far Niente!!

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